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Aines Boutique Website Maintenance & Digital Marketing – Case Study

Aines Boutique Website Maintenance & Digital Marketing – Case Study

Aine's Boutique and Plus Promotions have managed to build a mutual understanding despite their few years of working together.

Aine’s Fashion and Lingerie has been serving consumers on Langford’s Main Street for the past 25 years. It is a fashionista’s oasis in the heart of Ireland, selling high-end clothes and top brands such as Marccain, Lusia Cerano, Tommy Hilfiger, Mosh Mosh, Oui, Salsa, Gerry Weber, Guess, Superdry, and many more. Elegance surrounds you from the moment you enter the room.

Aine’s can clothe you from head to toe in the latest designs, from lingerie to outerwear. The store offers not only great brands but also a customised, personalised shopping experience. If shopping confuses you, the in-house personalised shopping specialists and stylists are here to help you look your best. In addition to personal styling assistance, the team offers a discreet bra fitting service with a vast selection of popular brands to pick from.

The business relationship between Aine’s Fashion and Plus Promotions is relatively new. However, within this short period, both companies have managed to build total understanding among their team members. Together, they have worked on quite a few projects and faced some challenges, but they have managed to overcome all of them. But the challenges mentioned in this case study are some of the most noticeable ones that Plus Promotions had to face. For information, read the case study below!


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Web Design & Development

One of the biggest challenges we had to face while working on web design and development was website security. For starters, website security should comply with website security legislation to earn the trust of the customer. This is especially crucial if the website is collecting credit card information, contact information, or sensitive or confidential user data. However, even non-transactional websites can be hacked and used to distribute malware to users. Because of the frequency of hacking, phishing, bugs, and viruses, the team must rise to the challenge of keeping the site up-to-date with the latest security procedures.

Another significant problem was creating a site that was adaptable enough to expand with the company and its audience. Here, the client wanted to develop an online clothing store. But the main issue was how the team could create a scalable website. Growing the client’s user base has an impact on performance and speed. Processing more user transitions makes the website work harder and makes updating data and displaying information in real-time more challenging.

Website Maintenance

404 errors are costly, and uncustomized 404s are expensive. When a web server receives a request for a page that does not exist, the typical response is “Not Found.” Previously, most were caused by users mistyping site URLs in their browsers. However, user error may be a minor cause of 404 errors due to bookmarks and autofill.

In general, 404 errors and broken internal links signal more serious issues. What’s the deal with the missing page? Or why does the client’s navigation system include an incorrect link?

Prospects and consumers will be put off if they realise that we’ve reached our memory limit. The notification for an erroneously set SSL certificate has the same effect. Who wants to give the site their credit card information?

Problems with mod_rewrite, .htaccess, and inappropriate custom URL routing can also result in 404 errors. To fix and prevent these issues, the team must come up with a solution. They erode client trust by instructing Google to remove problematic URLs from their index.

SEO and Google Ads

After setting up the marketing campaign for Google ads, the team noticed some changes. For starters, the client received more calls compared to what was generally expected. But the major disappointment was that these calls were not from customers who were willing to buy the products.

In fact, the client was getting general inquiries about the products or the business. In some cases, the inquiry was regarding something entirely different. In any case, the client was wasting their valuable time addressing simple queries for consumers who never came through the door.

And the main issue we had with SEO was that we were using the wrong tools for the job. The team knew that if the company used the wrong tools for the job, it could lead to false promises from the sales teams. But we also knew that not all tools could potentially undergo the necessary refinements to work seamlessly across multiple groups.

Web Design & Development

To overcome the challenges related to website security, we came up with the following rules:

  • Utilize safe web hosting that includes server-side firewalls, encryption, on-site security systems, SSL certificates, antivirus, CDN availability, and anti-malware software.
  • To protect user accounts, employ two-factor authentication and plugins to limit log-in attempts.
  • Make strong passwords with digits and symbols mandatory.
  • Update the operating system and patch the framework on a regular basis.
  • Make it simple for customers to access the website’s privacy policy, which increases confidence.
To overcome the issues related to website scalability, we decided to incorporate the following steps:
  • When designing the client’s website, keep long-term goals in mind. Do the customers intend to develop additional revenue streams in the future? What aspects of the website would the client require to make that work?
  • To avoid performance difficulties, ensure that the servers can manage multiple concurrent requests.
  • Distribute site traffic over multiple servers to spread the strain during peak hours.

Website Maintenance

To deal with 404 errors and broken links, the first step we took was to redirect the 404 error somewhere else. A redirect, as you can see, instructs the website server to reroute visitors from the error page to a working page on the client’s website. This keeps folks from getting to the error. For example, if customers see a 404 error when visiting the URL “/specials,” the team can inform the server to redirect them from the error URL to a non-error page, such as “/special.”

The most important aspect of establishing the redirect was ensuring that the website we were redirecting to was related to the page users were hoping to find. For example, we wouldn’t want to redirect an error URL of “/specials” to “/contact” because it would mislead customers as to why they are on the contact page when they are expected to be on the “/specials” page.

SEO and Google Ads

The trick with Google ads is to fine-tune the you-know-what out of them so that they shift from general thought to the ones with the best user intent. It assisted us in making the most of our ad budget by bidding on phrases that indicate purchase value, such as “history group tours near me” rather than “tour guide.”

To find the flops, go to Keywords and then Search Terms. Scroll through the list and check the Keyword column if the team discovered any questionable search phrases you’d rather not pay for. And we completely removed that particular keyword from our campaign.

Finding the solution to this SEO problem was considerably easier compared to other issues in this case study. At first, our team decided to perform market research to identify all the tools that could potentially help our client. In fact, we also needed to identify the tools that are holding us back.

Then, we decided to meet with the suppliers to review corporate choices and eliminate products that do not provide the capabilities that businesses require for search engine optimization. The process was very strenuous and hectic, but in the end, we overcame this issue.

We believe that our “never say die” attitude is the ultimate weapon for our team. No matter how hard the problem is, the team always works around it. Yes, sometimes it takes a few hours, and sometimes we may work on the problem for a couple of days.

But consistency plays a key role over here. The team members believe that every challenge has two sides: a positive and a negative one. The negative side is that we have to invest a lot of time in it. But the positive side is that we always learn something new.


Our partnership with Plus Promotions, a web designing, development and digital marketing agency in the UK, has been one of our best decisions ever. Undoubtedly, they were outstanding in taking the website security a notch up. They introduced two-factor authentication and necessary plugins to restrict log-in attempts. They have also eradicated website scalability issues and helped us deal with 404 errors.

Apart from assisting us in gaining our customers' trust through improved website security, design modifications and maintenance, they have worked on the visibility of our online clothing store across a wide audience. Also, they charged reasonably for the services rendered, and we are justifiably grateful for their contribution to our success.

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