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Alternative Energy – Web Development & Digital Marketing Case Study

Alternative Energy – Web Development & Digital Marketing Case Study

Plus Promotions and Alternative Energy have been working together for some time now. They have managed to build a good relationship with each other.

Alternative Energy is one of the most reputable companies in Ireland offering solar panels and solar batteries. With the rising cost of electricity, they offer a cost-effective solution through which customers can reduce their dependency on grid power. The company is doing noble work for the environment by inspiring people to adopt renewable energy.

They had worked in the solar PV sector for more than three years before starting the company under the name “Alternative Energy”. But soon after, they decided to rebrand the company with its current name and facilitate other services.

Plus Promotions and Alternative Energy have been working together for some time now. They have managed to build a good relationship with each other. Over the years, both companies have worked together on numerous projects and have conquered many challenges. Let’s dig deeper into the challenges faced by the teams:


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Changing the Layout to Make It More User-Friendly

The navigation menu is more like a website’s map, providing directions throughout the web page. Responsive navigation should have the proper scalability for the relative screen size. However, our team knew that changing the navigation structure for each device could confuse and irritate people.

Another big problem we faced while changing the layout was slow loading. Nowadays, everyone knows the importance of page speed. In most cases, a responsive layout is one of the primary reasons for the slow loading of web pages. So, our team had to find a way to improve the layout without hampering the page speed.

Referral System Development

When we are discussing difficult challenges, developing and implementing the referral system deserves an honourable mention. There were various roadblocks and hurdles we had to face while working on it.

Alternative Energy wanted to develop a referral system through which they could attract more customers and generate leads. So, the development team had to develop a system through which a client who brings another successful client must be rewarded.

The major challenge that we came across was to make people aware of this referral system. The team knew that without any website traffic, this referral system would fail to make an impact.

Project Management System Development

Alternative Energy wanted to implement a project management system because it was cost-effective and saved time. Our team had to learn new skills and knowledge. Some of the notable problems our team encountered during the execution process were:

  • Creating a project plan based on the documentation provided by the client
  • Maintaining proper communication throughout the designing stages
  • Developing the employee listing page with adequate details
  • Designing the admin task page and service listing page

Invoice Management System Development

Another challenge that we came across while working with Alternative Energy was developing the invoice management system. The client provided us with their requirements. Based on that, our team had to develop and design an invoice module.

In this module, the admin or client should have access to generate invoices, send the invoice directly to customers via email, edit invoices, add new invoices, and download invoices. The team had to encounter challenges during the execution process, like:

  • Design an invoice module based on client requirements.
  • Adding all the features and functionalities mentioned by the client

SEO and Google Ads

The popularity of using sustainable energy has substantially increased over the years. People are aware of climate change and the importance of reducing carbon footprints. So, when a particular industry gains popularity, it means there will be competition.

Therefore, while setting up Google ads and optimizing SEO to generate leads for solar PV and solar batteries, we had to face the following issues:

  • Standing out from other competitors in the market
  • Developing personalized connections with the customers

Changing the Layout to Make It More User-Friendly

Our team’s primary aim was to make the navigation menu more self-explanatory and intuitive for both small and big screens. The team used the website’s data and information architecture to come up with a good navigation decision. In addition, testing the layout on multiple devices also helped overcome the challenge.

The best solution to the slow loading issue is conditional loading, which means loading only those elements that an end user needs. This is what our team has implemented. In addition, we avoided flooding the website with unnecessary text, pictures, documents, and videos.

Referral System Development

Our team created and implemented a form on the website to develop an effective referral system. Here, the customers have to fill up the form by providing details such as their name, email address, and phone number. It helps the admin to maintain a journal of all the successful referrals.

For the promotion of this referral system, we mainly used two methods to attract more and more customers and make it a success:

  • We introduced coupons for everyone who could manage to make a successful referral. It encouraged our existing customers to bring in new leads.
  • Secondly, we started promoting the referral system through Google ads and social media advertising to reach more people.

Project Management System Development

To solve all issues related to the development of the project management system, our team implemented the following changes to the system:

  • Creating smart and clear project goals based on client requirements to overcome the barriers and roadblocks
  • An extensive training programme to learn new skills to handle a specific task within the system
  • Using appropriate technologies, techniques, and tools to support the development, analysis, design, maintenance of the tool, and implementation
  • Arranging regular meetings a few times within a week to avoid miscommunication with the client

Invoice Management System Development

The process of overcoming all the challenges related to developing an invoice management system was one of the memorable tasks. The team managed to achieve success through various changes, discussions, and innovations.

For the module design, we went back to the basics by creating a blueprint based on the client’s requirements. Structuring our short-term and long-term goals helped the team understand what was needed to be done.

For various features and functionalities like adding new invoices, generating invoices, sending invoices via mail, etc., our development team had to spend long hours discussing the design features with the client. It helped us to understand what exactly the client wants.

SEO and Google Ads

To stand out from all the competitors in the market, our team focused on creating original and unique content to attract customers. The team also developed a unique strategy for SEO for maximum impact. They also used adequate tools, targeted keywords, engaging meta descriptions, and more to generate leads.

Our marketing team managed to create a personalized connection through the following ways:

  • Responding to concerns
  • Keeping in touch with existing customers with follow-ups
  • Maintaining a personal relationship instead of keeping it transactional or professional
  • Staying active on social media through posts and other engagements

For any good team, challenges and hurdles are part of the learning process. The main secret to overcoming any roadblocks is to go deep and find out the underlying issue. Our team takes inspiration from challenges to work even harder. It motivates them to gather the required experience and skills to overcome it.

Yes, there were times when we felt demotivated and frustrated, but we never gave up. The team used their problem-solving skills, knowledge, and experience to conquer every challenge thrown at them. Finally, we successfully implemented the features and functionalities as per the client’s requirements.


Ever since we partnered with Plus Promotions, our online visibility has improved and today we enjoy a strong online presence. The team focused on developing original, unique, and high-quality content to grab the attention of target audience, thus helping us stand out from our competitors in the market. What sets apart this team of experts is that they never give up and instead take motivation from challenges to work harder.

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