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Boxed Storage Website Design & Development – Case Study

Boxed Storage Website Design & Development – Case Study

Plus Promotions and Boxed Storage have established a great business partnership in a short amount of time.

Boxed Storage is the leading self-storage service in Cork, offering customers modern, secure, and clean storage options. The company’s storage team is dedicated to making the process as easy and painless as possible by answering any questions and ensuring complete clarity.

They offer expert advice and assistance to meet all clients’ storage needs and have a reputation for providing top-notch storage solutions. Customers can rest assured that their valuables are secure, thanks to 24-hour CCTV surveillance at the facility.

Boxed Storage and Plus Promotions have established a great business partnership in a short amount of time. Together, they have managed to overcome countless obstacles. The primary factor contributing to this excellent partnership is that both entities possess a congruent outlook regarding their business mindset. The challenges listed below are some of the most difficult challenges that Plus Promotions faced while working with Boxed Storage. Read the case study below for more information!


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New Website Design

When designing a new website, one of our most significant challenges was assembling a team of developers. We recognized that the project’s success depended heavily on selecting the right personnel with diverse skill sets. We invested considerable time in identifying and hiring individuals who were the best fit for the job. In addition, we had to determine the appropriate technology stack and decide whether to utilize existing frameworks or create everything from scratch.

Another challenge we encountered was finding the right balance between aesthetics and functionality. While a visually stunning design can attract customers to the website, it must not come at the cost of usability. We were determined to create a website aligned with the client’s objectives and brand while prioritizing customer needs. This meant avoiding design decisions that could negatively impact website readability and usability, such as cursive typefaces, hand-drawn letters, or overly complex symbols.

Website Development

One of the most challenging difficulties for web designers is the browser and platform compatibility. The team had to verify that the client’s website was compatible with all browsers and online devices with varied screen sizes. This step was crucial since outdated browsers do not support the new features, security procedures, or layouts. Internet Explorer is an example of a legacy browser that causes web developers problems.

To ensure that the website worked on such browsers, the team had to implement additional measures, which was a difficulty in and of itself. Maintaining cross-browser compatibility should be a top priority, especially when working with outdated browsers. Apart from the challenges posed by older browsers, we had to address several other common issues, including:

  • Layout variations: Different browsers support different design layouts, which can result in unpredictable user experiences depending on the browser’s compatibility with the layout.
  • HTML/CSS validation: Website developers often face issues with HTML and CSS validation because different browsers interpret the code differently.
  • Doctype Error: Outdated browsers typically verify the doctype code before rendering a page. If the code is missing, some browsers may not render the page correctly, leading to poor website performance.

Web hosting companies should always avoid all the flaws related to security. Our team is acutely aware that cyberattacks have become increasingly common. The cost of a data breach also includes the loss of confidential material, hefty fines from authorities, reputational harm, and other expenses.

URL access is commonly uncontrolled by web hosting companies. Unauthorized persons may gain access to and view sites they do not need to see if these safeguards are not in place. Attackers might easily create bogus URLs to get access to restricted pages.

Web hosting companies offer a popular and affordable hosting solution known as “shared hosting.” Connecting multiple domains to a single server necessitates clients sharing a common IP address.

Creating Website Content 

One of the biggest challenges we faced while creating content for our client’s website was understanding the target audience. Targeting a specific audience base may appear exclusive, but this does not imply that we would exclude those who do not meet your requirements.

Identifying the audience enables the team to concentrate marketing efforts and money on the groups most likely to acquire or use our client’s services. In this fashion, we would produce leads and sales in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

The team encountered issues while identifying the target audience. The primary reason for our challenges was a lack of understanding and knowledge regarding the client’s business.

New Website Design

When devising the strategy for website development, our team had to consider the essential expertise in programming, web-building tools, and server management. One critical aspect was ensuring we had the right team members with the appropriate skills.

In cases where we lacked the necessary expertise, we deliberated whether to hire someone permanently or on a contractual basis. We also had to weigh the benefits of working with individuals versus an agency. The team’s decision ultimately came down to cost-effectiveness, as we knew hiring a separate agency would be more expensive. Therefore, we chose to hire individuals based on the specific project requirements.

We also used industry forums to communicate with site designers or individuals who have completed similar projects to see what technology, expertise, or templates they need. Our team implemented the regulations to overcome the challenges related to maintaining a balance between appearance and functionality.

  • We choose illustrations that highlight the client’s skills and arrange them logically. Consider what consumers need to understand from the website’s story, and make it as simple as possible..
  • The team collectively selected a website layout that fits the specific industry to prioritize usability. The clients from the e-commerce industry want to see items presented in a grid and sorted by category, as on other e-commerce websites
  • We followed design rules such as these to guarantee that customers may find what they need in a straightforward way.
  • The team used legible typefaces and provided enough white space between paragraphs, text, and images so that the design could “breathe.”

Website Development

The team discovered a solution for browser support:

  • Addressing doctype errors by adding DOCTYPE HTML.
  • CSS/HTML Validation: Clear the stylesheet to help the website transition to the default browser style.
  • CSS grids, floats, and Flexbox could be used as solutions to layout inconsistencies.
  • Cross-browser compatibility needs extensive testing, and reviewing the client’s website across multiple browsers can take a significant amount of time from your staff.

So, here are a few suggestions from our team:

  • Ignore testing the page simultaneously in several browsers. On the contrary, changing browsers every three or four days would assist in yielding more accurate results.
  • Ignore developing browser-specific native code since it can lead to significant cross-browser compatibility issues.
  • These strategies undoubtedly improved our website’s browser compatibility. Our team knew that neglecting to improve the user interface would hurt the overall customer experience. We anticipated that website visitors would engage with the UI, so having a well-designed UI was critical.

Web Hosting Setup

To address security concerns related to website hosting configuration, our team implemented several measures, including:

  • Deploy advanced cybersecurity strategies, such as network monitoring devices and firewalls.
  • Use the Secure Data Transfer Protocol to address any security gaps.
  • Restrict access to file formats that are not supported by the software.
  • Create a user access matrix to limit registration to eligible individuals and prevent unauthorized access to information.
  • Implement strict access control measures in the data centre to prevent external and internal threats from compromising critical online assets.

Creating Website Content

To overcome the challenges related to understanding the target audience, we came up with the following ideas:

  • The team knew that the use of social media could help inform the process of determining the audience. Social media analytics helped us understand the demographics of the accounts and whether or not they were existing clients. The team also used social media to monitor market competitors, not just corporate accounts.
  • As with any marketing plan, reviewing the approach and target consumers is critical as changes take place over time. After defining the target clients, evaluating this demographic to stay relevant in the market and among rivals is critical to sustained sales and a successful return on investment (ROI).

Our team prides itself on possessing a “never give up” attitude, which we believe is our most potent weapon. No matter the challenge, we always find ways to work through it, whether it takes a few hours or several days of effort. Consistency is key, and our team members recognize that every task has pros and cons. While it may require a significant investment of time, we view this as an opportunity to learn and discover new things.


It’s a distinct pleasure for us to recommend Plus Promotions as the go-to web designing and developing company for all interested parties. They have been very professional yet personable from the moment they went on board with our project. From forming a team of personnel with varied skill sets, choosing the appropriate technology stack and striking a balance between appearance and functionality to taking key decision of whether to create from scratch or utilise existing frameworks, they have done all.
Apart from helping us with their design aids, they have also worked on the platform and browser compatibility to ensure that our site works on all online devices of varied screen sizes. The team was equally enthusiastic in overcoming all website hosting configuration's security issues and delivered with catchy web content. We cannot be grateful enough for their amazing work. Thanks to Plus Promotions and the team for all their hard work and support!

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Plus Promotions can be a valuable partner to your business. From digital marketing to mobile application development to graphic designing, we can help your business grow and thrive. We strive to generate a productive online presence for you. As an all-encompassing website design and digital marketing agency, we have a range of services to offer. Some of our high-quality services include SEO, SMO, web design, web development, mobile app development, third-party integrations, and eCommerce platform services.

We can create bespoke solutions that give your business an edge over your competitors. Our skilled team of experts can build you the website you want. We set realistic expectations – for our clients and ourselves – and leave no stone unturned to stick to them. Our team constantly gives you updates as we progress and ensure to deliver the project on time. We take immense pride in our customer support capabilities. Whether it’s something persistent or urgent, we provide round-the-clock assistance.

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