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Breen Walsh Solicitors – Web Development & Digital Marketing Case Study

Breen Walsh Solicitors – Web Development & Digital Marketing Case Study

The business relationship between Breen Walsh Solicitors and Promotions has been quite good over the years.

Breen Walsh Solicitors LLP is the leading company for all legal concerns in Cork, Ireland. The unique partnership business of mother and daughter has accumulated over 30 years of experience in the field of law in Cork City. They have the required knowledge, compassion, skill, and empathy to solve any legal issues.

The company ensures that its clients get a professional approach to their legal concerns. Fionnuala Breen-Walsh, one of the partners, is a graduate of UCC. She has been a qualified solicitor since 1984. Aoife Walsh is the other partner, who is also a graduate of UCC. Aoife qualified as a general practice solicitor in 2014.

Over the years, the business relationship between Breen Walsh Solicitors and Plus Promotions has been quite good. They have worked on many challenges with sheer determination. Both companies have some similarities when it comes to business mindsets. The development team at Plus Promotions had to face numerous hurdles and roadblocks while working with Breen Walsh Solicitors. Read the case study below to find out more.


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Creating a User-Friendly Interface

While working with Breen Walsh Solicitors, one of the primary challenges we faced was changing the website’s user interface to make it more user-friendly. The first roadblock we faced during the work process was slow loading speed.

The main problem with loading speed was that users nowadays generally have a short attention span. This essentially means we are competing with every ongoing second. Remember, an online user won’t wait for more than two seconds for the page to load.

Our developers also noticed that the website was not as responsive as it should be. Nowadays, the majority of website traffic comes from mobile devices, so the team had to work on this.

Website Maintenance

In general, website maintenance is a continuous process. So, while with Breen Walsh Solicitors, we had to perform some maintenance work according to the client’s requirements. Some of the major maintenance tasks we had to perform are listed below:

  • Changing the landing page of the website based on the client’s requirement
  • Making the website banner more interesting and intriguing
  • Changing the content of the website to make it more user-friendly
  • Implementing some design changes in the website footer

Digital Marketing

One of the primary challenges we encountered while working on digital marketing was maintaining a customer-centric approach. On the surface level, this may look quite simple, but things are much more complicated in reality, especially when customer expectations and requirements are constantly evolving.

Another big challenge we came across was complying with data-sharing and privacy regulations. Reports suggest that only 25% of customers understand how companies use their personal information, but the remaining people want more transparency.

Creating a User-Friendly Interface

To solve the issue regarding slow loading speed, our developer team decided to make the following changes:

  • To make the website faster, we decide to compress the entire website, including media files such as images and videos.
  • We used several short pages to improve the loading speed instead of squeezing all the available information into a single page.
  • We maintained a clean coding structure to avoid any confusion with search engines.

To overcome the issues regarding creating a responsive website, we incorporated the following methods:

  • We used adaptive images and text to keep it fully optimized for different devices. For this, we had to make careful adjustments to the website code, like the CSS file.
  • Our team also used fluid grids to allow users with different screen devices and resolutions to view the same screen.

Website Maintenance

The website maintenance work for Breen Walsh Solicitors had to be one of the most difficult challenges we have ever faced. Our team had to acquire special skills and knowledge for this job to solve its issues. We implemented the following rules to perform website maintenance based on the client’s requirements:

  • Maintain proper communication with the client to understand their exact requirements.
  • Keeping the client informed regarding all the subtle changes for constant feedback.
  • Our developer team and the designer team maintained communication to avoid any confusion.

Digital Marketing

To maintain a customer-centric approach, our research team had to perform a thorough market analysis to understand customer demand. Based on the collected data, we planned our digital marketing campaign accordingly. It took some time, but in the end, we got the results we wanted.

To comply with data-sharing and privacy regulations, our team had to ensure our marketing methods abide by them. In fact, the team also had to evolve with the constantly changing terms and conditions of the privacy regulations. Till now, our marketing campaigns have been compliant with the laws.

The above challenges were extremely difficult and gave us many sleepless nights. The team had to spend countless hours coming up with a possible solution. On the flip side, we have learned new things while working on these challenges.

Moreover, these challenges helped the team push their limits to find the silver lining among the dark clouds. Just like any other team, we also faced moments of disappointment and disagreement and felt demotivated. The team’s urge to learn new skills helped us overcome all the hurdles and roadblocks.


We just want to let your guys know how grateful we are for going the extra mile to maintain our website. The team upskilled themselves to overcome the challenges while maintaining our website & now, it’s running seamlessly on all devices. Ever since we engaged them, our website has only improved. From loading speed to ensuring compliance of marketing campaigns with the Irish laws, they have outperformed on every front. Thank you for being so adaptable to our requirements.

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