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Canary Diving – Web Development & Digital Marketing Case Study

Canary Diving – Web Development & Digital Marketing Case Study

Both Canary Diving and Plus Promotions have managed to build strong business relationships with each other.

Canary Diving Adventures was founded in 1998 by Jerry O’Connor and David O’Connor. Both Jerry and David are certified scuba diving instructors from PADI (the Professional Association of Diving Instructors) with more than 28 years of experience in the diving industry. The company primarily focuses on providing top-quality service and safety on their daily diving trips.

The employees are highly qualified professionals who always work hard to make diving an enjoyable and memorable experience for their customers. The diving centre is based in the Taurito Princess Hotel, and the location is just minutes away from the southern diving sites.

Both Canary Diving and Plus Promotions have managed to build strong business relationships with each other. While working together, they have managed to overcome numerous hurdles and roadblocks. The development team at Plus Promotions had to face significant issues while working on the following challenges. For more information, read the case study below.


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Changing the Website’s UI

One of the biggest challenges we had to face while with Canary Diving was changing the UI of the website to make it more user-friendly. The client was not happy with the previous UI design. In addition, they thought that the UI was not good enough to boost traffic and user interaction.

So, our developer team had to step up their game to make the necessary changes to make the UI user-friendly and attractive. Creating appealing designs is critical, but it is not easy. The process requires creativity and knowledge regarding developement skills, programming languages, and interactive skills.

Website Redesign

While working on the website redesign, we faced numerous hurdles and roadblocks. In fact, we are still facing some issues as the project is ongoing. The clarity that we had while working on it was that the redesign should be entirely information-based instead of design-based.

There are websites available on the internet with numerous pages, but most of these pages contain links that take you to some other section of that same page. For this reason, the audience gets confused. As a result, we were determined to avoid it at all costs.

Another issue we faced was identifying the faults present in the previous design. The client had given us an overall idea, but we had to put in the required effort to understand the core of the problem. Our team knew that if we knew the faults in the design, it would help us identify the purpose of a redesign.

Digital Marketing

While working on digital marketing to generate more leads, keeping a customer-centric approach was the biggest issue that we had to face. The major concerning factor over here was customer requirements and expectations, as they were always changing.

Another big issue was developing unique and engaging content, which should also be engaging. It is one of the fundamental principles of developing digital marketing campaigns, and putting this strategy into action was far from simple.

Changing the Website’s UI

The client gave us an overall idea of their design requirement. Based on that, our developer team had to create a design. The development team knew they had to take a simple yet unique approach to the user interface design.

Our team had already worked on similar projects. So, we had the required experience to create an interactive user interface that included easy-to-read texts, attractive graphics, and clear navigation. While working on this project, we completed it by creating the following principles:

  • Identify the flaws in the previous user interface.
  • Understand and acknowledge the requirements of the target audience.
  • Create intuitive navigation and attractive visuals.
  • Consider constant client feedback.

Website Redesign

Working on a website redesign is generally quite challenging, as there are numerous factors we have to consider. While working on this project, we came across some unique problems. To avoid creating too many pages, we had to take a minimalistic approach, i.e., create web pages based on content.

Our team had to analyze the website to understand the issues with the previous design. It helped us plan our design in an effective way. We also had an in-depth discussion with the client to understand their vision and requirements.

Digital Marketing

To solve the issues related to maintaining a customer-centric approach, our team took the following steps:

  • Analyze the market to understand customer demand.
  • Collect data based on market research.
  • Create marketing campaigns based on the collected data.

To solve issues related to creating unique and engaging content, the team incorporated the following rules:

  • Use the quality-over-quantity approach.
  • Keep a high-quality content filter in place to eliminate mediocrity.
  • Create content entirely based on trends and hot topics.
  • Take a creative route to structure the content.

From the start, we kept a positive mindset while handling these hurdles and roadblocks. Our team knew that if we could overcome these issues, it would help us acquire new skills, knowledge, and experience. We benefited a lot while working on these challenges. For starters, the bond between our team improved noticeably.

There were times when some of us felt a little lost or depressed, but the team always managed to find its way aroundwith sheer determination. In the end, we solved the issues and completed the tasks according to our client’s specifications.


We are extremely pleased with the UI and new design of our website. We couldn’t have imagined them to be any better. The team is prompt, knowledgeable & works with a positive mindset. If there is anything more that we are impressed with, it’s their creative route to structure our website content. Highly recommended for web design, development & digital marketing services.

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