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Caymanian Times Website Maintenance & Digital Marketing – Case Study

Caymanian Times Website Maintenance & Digital Marketing – Case Study

Plus Promotions and Caymanian Times have formed an unbreakable friendship in their few years of collaboration.

Lewis (Cayman Islands) Ltd. is the parent company of the Caymanian Times. Ralph Lewis, a skilled and experienced banker, founded this newspaper (previously Employment Weekly) in March 2013 to provide employment advertisements and statistics in the Cayman Islands. Mr. Lewis, a 30-year-old banking veteran, has a baking degree from the Institute of Canadian Bankers and is a Certified Financial Counselor. He has spent the last ten years in senior managerial positions in major Cayman Islands financial institutions.

The newspaper was converted to an international format in September 2016 and is now regarded as a prominent news platform in the Cayman Islands. The company thinks that we have the power to change the course of history. The conduits through which this impact passes are our children. The need for truthful, balanced reporting is becoming increasingly important to our country’s progress. The company is dedicated to generating and sharing positive news with its readers, who have grown to appreciate the company’s approach to news reporting.

Plus Promotions and Caymanian Times have formed an unbreakable friendship in their few years of collaboration. They collaborated on multiple projects and overcame numerous obstacles and obstructions. However, the difficulties outlined in this case study are among the most onerous that Plus Promotions encountered when working with the Caymanian Times. Read the case study below for more information.


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Website Design & Development

Browser and platform compatibility is one of the most difficult challenges for web developers and designers. As a result, you must ensure that the sites run on all internet devices and browsers with varying screen widths. Because legacy browsers do not support new features, security measures, or layouts, this step is critical. Internet Explorer is a well-known example of a legacy browser that is a headache for web developers.

The team had to take some extra steps to make the website run on such browsers, which was a challenge in itself. Maintaining website compatibility across different browsers should be a priority, especially when dealing with legacy browsers. In addition to the inherent challenges of legacy browsers, you will have to deal with several frequent concerns, such as:

  • Doctype Error: A doctype code is one of the core codes that legacy browsers check before rendering. If the code is missing, some browsers will not render the website, resulting in poor performance.
  • HTML/CSS validation: Because different browsers interpret HTML and CSS code differently, website developers have a real issue.
  • Differences in the layout: Different browsers support various design layouts. As a result, websites render differently depending on layout compliance with browsers, resulting in inconsistent UX.

Web Maintenance

The most important website maintenance task we had was to check browser compatibility. Our team knew that no piece of software or operating system could be considered static for an extended period of time. Generally, they adapt to changes and modifications in operating systems, hardware devices, standards, plugins, and other critical applications. Without proper website upkeep, the risk grows with each browser upgrade.

Another major issue we had with website maintenance was related to technology shifts. Mobile phones and other devices are becoming the most popular way for consumers to access websites, although this differs depending on age and niche. Many businesses did not make their websites mobile-friendly until early 2015 when Google announced that mobilegeddon would punish sites that were not accessible via mobile devices.

SEO and Google Ads

Understanding digital trends was a big issue we encountered while working on Google Ads. We were aware of the significance of digital trends in marketing campaign strategy. You must consider the reality that learning new algorithms, government rules, and market rivalries takes time. Another problem was determining the PPC (pay-per-click) for the Google ads.

Most individuals believe that working on SEO is simple and uncomplicated. However, the reality is rather different, since there are other things to consider. As you can see, most firms nowadays face some level of competition.

As a result, the primary goals of developing an SEO strategy were not only to boost search results and exposure but also to outperform market competitors. The following are some of the significant obstacles we encountered when developing our SEO strategy:

  • Creating compelling content that will set you apart from your market competitors.
  • Using the necessary tools and phrases to boost visibility in relevant search results.

Social Media Marketing

Many brands perform admirably in-store but fail spectacularly on social media. The distinction was that people approach brands in brick-and-mortar establishments, whereas brands must seek out customers on social media. Some businesses have no idea how to do this.

Too often, marketers generate content first and then choose the target audience. They believe that great content converts even if it is not targeted. Though outstanding content generates interaction, it may not create leads if it is not suited to the demands of our target audience.

Directionless marketing is based on a spray-and-pray strategy that rarely yields the desired results. In fact, it may jeopardise the brand’s trust. If the marketing team floods individuals with irrelevant stuff, we risk being blocked or reported.

Website Design & Development

The team found the solution for browser compatibility through:

  • Taking care of doctype errors: Add! HTML DOCTYPE
  • HTML/CSS Validation: Reset the stylesheet to assist the website in switching to the basic browser style.
  • Making up for layout differences: Make use of floats, CSS grids, and Flexbox.
Cross-browser compatibility necessitates thorough testing, and evaluating your website across many browsers can be extremely time-consuming for your employees.
So, here are some pointers that our team kept in mind:
  • Avoid testing the website in multiple browsers at the same time. Switching between different browsers every two or three days, on the other hand, will help produce more accurate findings.
  • Avoid writing browser-specific native code because it can cause major cross-browser compatibility problems.
These techniques undoubtedly improved our website’s browser compatibility. But the team knew that if the user interface (UI) was not optimised, the user experience (UX) would suffer. In fact, we also knew that visitors to the website would interact with the interface, which is why a well-designed UI was essential.

Web Maintenance

To overcome the browser compatibility issues, we had to examine how our site looked on all of the major browsers on a regular basis: Internet Explorer (until it disappeared), Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Edge. Many web browser upgrades are patches designed to improve security. As a result, if the site was incompatible with those, visitors would feel hesitant to do business out of fear. There were concerns that the site was vulnerable to internet thieves.

Some websites have yet to be updated to support mobile devices. They are losing out on all mobile phone users and everyone else Google could send them. “If you snooze, you lose” when it comes to technological advances. It is more relevant than ever before. “Retrospective and adapt or fall behind,” says our COO (Chief Operating Officer).

SEO and Google Ads

We decided to boost the entire budget for online marketing in order to overcome the obstacles associated with PPC (pay-per-click). Furthermore, the team members opted to grasp keyword match patterns and include negative keywords to avoid problems such as using too many keywords. To combat the obstacles of digital trends, the team agreed to adhere to the guidelines outlined below.

  • To obtain information, read internet blogs and other digital marketing news sources.
  • Analyse your competitors’ markets to obtain a sense of digital trends.
  • Share the information you’ve acquired with the rest of your team.
  • Inform Google Alerts about relevant topics.
To improve the website’s SEO, we chose to make the following changes:
  • Because high-volume keywords are often pricey, the entire team agreed to eliminate them. Furthermore, the success rate of these terms is subpar.
  • Maintain contact with the client regarding the SEO budget.
  • Create distinctive, interesting, and interactive website content. Evaluate the impact of SEO and make modifications as needed.

Social Media Marketing

To overcome the challenges related to social media marketing, the team decided to reflect on the following question:

  • Do we know who the client’s ideal customer was?
  • Have we developed a specific buyer persona based on market research?
If not, we chose to look at our current consumer base, email subscriber list, and ad analytics. Create a fictitious customer avatar using the collected data.

In fact, we decided to make the data more personal. For example, how many children does a certain customer have? What do they do on their weekends? What type of music do they enjoy? We gathered as many insights as we could about our client’s industry. To collect insights, we employed social listening technologies. The investigation focused on customer dialogues about the brand, product, and niche. Most importantly, we analysed consumer mood and pain concerns in order to develop campaign objectives and content.

Social listening also assisted us in comprehending the “why” underlying client actions. Why are they interested in a particular platform? Why did people stop following your brand? Why are there so few mentions of our client’s brand? We used the information acquired to create a more personal connection with clients and more appealing content.

We had some difficult periods as a result of the above challenges. However, our team views these difficulties as part of the learning process. The team feels that going deep to uncover the underlying issue is the key to overcoming these issues. Furthermore, obstacles motivate our team to strive even harder. It encourages them to gain the necessary experience and abilities to overcome it.

Although there were times when the entire squad felt demotivated and frustrated, we never gave up. Every hurdle was overcome by the team’s expertise, experience, and problem-solving abilities. Finally, we effectively applied the functionalities and features requested by the client.


Ever since we begun working with Plus Promotions for website maintenance and digital marketing, we have been very impressed by their work. The team is exceptionally knowledgeable at everything they do and has met every goal that we set for them. They are always transparent and open to feedback. We would highly recommend Plus Promotions to any business looking for a website overhaul or SEO work.

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Plus Promotions can be a valuable partner to your business. From digital marketing to mobile application development to graphic designing, we can help your business grow and thrive. We strive to generate a productive online presence for you. As an all-encompassing website design and digital marketing agency, we have a range of services to offer. Some of our high-quality services include SEO, SMO, web design, web development, mobile app development, third-party integrations, and eCommerce platform services.

We can create bespoke solutions that give your business an edge over your competitors. Our skilled team of experts can build you the website you want. We set realistic expectations – for our clients and ourselves – and leave no stone unturned to stick to them. Our team constantly gives you updates as we progress and ensure to deliver the project on time. We take immense pride in our customer support capabilities. Whether it’s something persistent or urgent, we provide round-the-clock assistance.

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