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Celtic Horizon Tours – Web Development & Digital Marketing Case Study

Celtic Horizon Tours – Web Development & Digital Marketing Case Study

Plus Promotions and Celtic Horizon Tours have managed to build a strong business relationship with each other.

Celtic Horizon Tour is one of the leading tour organizers in Ireland. Their specialized travel routes and tours are available for both incoming and outbound markets. The company is one of the best Irish brands for organizing sports travel for their outbound clients, which includes motorcycle tours, school tours, and soccer tours.

In addition, they also arrange special interest tours for their clients, including soap opera tours and custom tours. The company has an expert team that can also organize special events through which they can bring performing arts groups and organizations to Ireland. These groups can perform at numerous festivals and venues across the country.

Plus Promotions and Celtic Horizon Tours have managed to build a strong business relationship with each other. Both companies have some similarities when it comes to their business mindset. Perhaps this is the reason behind their strong business relationship. But the challenges listed below are some of the toughest ones that Plus Promotions had to face while working with Celtic Horizon Tours. For more detailed information, read the case study below.


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Website Migration from A Shared Server to A Dedicated Server

Shifting the website from a shared server to a dedicated server gave us many sleepless nights while working with Celtic Horizon Tours. There were numerous challenges that we had to face during the execution process. The following list showcases some of the major issues our team came across while working on it:

  • Risk of data loss during the transfer of the website from a shared server to a dedicated server
  • During the shifting process, the website had to go through a period where it was inaccessible to the users.
  • There was a huge risk of a possible security breach.
  • There was a substantial risk as the website could lose some of its functionalities during the shifting process.

Part Payment System Development

Developing a part-payment system was certainly one of the notable issues we encountered while working with Celtic Horizon Tours. The client wanted to develop a payment system where customers could pay a certain amount after the booking was confirmed. So, the rest of the amount could be divided into “X” number of instalments.

The website will store the customer’s card details and automatically deduct the instalment amount every month. In addition, the client also wanted an automated reminder system where customers would receive a payment link that would allow them to choose a different payment system.

Addressing the Problems with The Payment Gateway and Online Booking System

While working with Celtic Horizon Tours, fixing the booking system was one of the first issues that gave our team tough times. The issue was rather serious because it made it impossible for the customers to book their travel packages, which could lead to the risk of losing customers.

Another major issue we came across was related to the payment gateway itself. According to the client, there was something wrong with the payment gateway, as many customers complained about it. After an in-depth analysis, our team found that the gateway was not properly functional.

Website Maintenance

When compared to the other challenges, website maintenance looks quite simple. In reality, things are not as easy as they look. The client asked us to incorporate certain changes to the website. So, our team had to set up and work according to the client’s requirements. The following list showcases the requirements of the clients:

  • Update the content of the website to make it more engaging and effective.
  • Modify the tour packages according to the client’s specifications.
  • Create new tour packages based on the tours that they are offering.

Digital Marketing

Refraining from the traditional marketing mindset was one of the major issues we faced while working on digital marketing campaigns. Our team knew that traditional marketing strategies don’t work in the online world. But in reality, avoiding such a thought process is not an easy job.

Another major issue we faced was avoiding short-term thinking. With digital marketing campaigns, you cannot simply turn on or off the campaign whenever the customers need more sales. There have been numerous instances where companies squandered their opportunities to create a stable relationship with their audience base.

Website Migration from A Shared Server to A Dedicated Server

Even though shifting a website from a shared server to a dedicated server sounds quite simple, there are a lot of complications, and one small mistake could lead to enormous trouble. To solve all the challenges, our team decided to implement the following rules:

  • We ensure maximum protection of the data to eliminate the risk of any potential data loss.
  • We had to minimize the website’s downtime to eliminate the risk of losing potential customers.
  • We ensured that there was high-level protection to provide ultimate data security.
  • Detailed monitoring to ensure that all functionality is operational

Part Payment System Development

As soon as we started working on a project, we understood that this was one of those trickier ones. So, we decided to set some primary rules to overcome this challenge. The main concern was that the customers would not be able to change the payment term as it would be pre-defined.

This particular challenge gave us many sleepless nights, but at the same time, it also taught us numerous things as a team. While working, we realized that there were numerous sections in our team that required attention and some serious work. In the end, we finally managed to complete the task.

Addressing the Problems with The Payment Gateway and Online Booking System

To fix all issues related to an online booking system and make it functional, our team decided to incorporate the following steps:

  • Communicate with the client to understand the type of problem customers were facing.
  • Analyze the problem to determine the underlying issues.
  • While working on the project, send reports to the client for feedback.
  • Test and monitor the booking system to eliminate any chance of mishaps.

To eliminate issues related to the payment gateway, we decided to incorporate the following changes:

  • We decided to partner with a trusted gateway that supports currencies from various countries and international transactions, like REPAY.
  • The team decided to choose a payment gateway that complained to PCI DSS to provide maximum security.
  • A trusted payment gateway, such as REPAY, can eliminate issues such as slow internet and checkout difficulties.

Website Maintenance

For updating the website’s content, we decided to communicate with the client to understand their vision and the online brand they wanted to create. Based on that, we created engaging and SEO-friendly content for the website.

For package modification and new package creation, we had to communicate with Celtic Horizon Tours to understand what exactly needed to be modified and the type of new touring packages they wanted to offer. Based on their specifications, we successfully modified and added packages.

Digital Marketing

To prevent the challenges related to having a traditional marketing mindset, we considered the digital channels first. We only created marketing campaigns and stories that the target audience wanted to consume. Of course, there was some market research to understand the requirement. It helped us overcome that mindset and keep a customer-centric approach.

To overcome short-term thinking challenges, we considered the long-term benefits of building an online brand. Instead of creating once-and-done campaigns, we tried to capitalize on market opportunities and nurture the prospects of customers. Finally, it helped us build customer loyalty strategies and long-term relationships.

Our team faced numerous challenges and managed to conquer most of them while working with Celtic Horizon Tours. However, the above challenges are definitely the most difficult ones. Just like any good team, we look forward to facing challenges as it helps us grow and learn new things.

Some of these challenges help us acknowledge our roots. Whenever we faced a substantial roadblock, the team used their knowledge, skills, and experience to overcome it. Finally, we managed to complete the above project for our client.


With the passion that Plus Promotions treated our project for website migration, website redesigning, and enhanced online booking system and payment gateway, they inspired us to look past complications. We consistently felt more secure with the team's dedicated support.

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