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Champagne And Gifts – Magento 2 Ecommerce Website – Case Study

Champagne And Gifts – Magento 2 Ecommerce Website – Case Study

The business relationship between Plus Promotions and Champagne & Gifts has been fairly new.

Champagne & Gifts is one of the leading companies that offer crafted gifts with customized labels on the bottles. They are an environmentally friendly company as they believe that small things can make a huge difference, which can help mother nature. From personal and corporate gifts to bespoke, the company has the required experience in the world of champagne, and they are very passionate about it.

The company is basically family-owned that started its business offering personalized and high-quality gifts. But due to rising demand and popularity, they have become one of the best in the current market. Along with champagnes, they also offer branded candles and mouth-watering dark chocolate gifts. They have added many products to the arsenal that were previously suggested by their customers.

The business relationship between Plus Promotions and Champagne & Gifts has been fairly new. But during this time, they have worked on various projects and conquered numerous challenges. This helped them to build a strong connection, trust, and bond with each other. However, the following challenges are some of the most difficult ones that Plus Promotions had to face while working with Champagne & Gifts. Read the case study below to find out more!


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Migrating From Magento 1 To Magento 2

Design Challenges

The primary challenge that we had to face during the migration process from Magento 1 to Magento 2 was designing related issues. See, the stock user experience of M2 is usually quite average and requires a lot of work. In addition, “Luma” – The default theme of Magento 2 is also not personalized or attractive.

Moreover, the theme is supposed to be mobile-friendly but lacks some essential features. So, our developer team had to incorporate unique techniques to give M2 personalized touch and make it conversive, user-friendly and attractive.

The easy way of improving UI/UX and navigation is to buy new layouts and modules for Magento 2. But then again, buying them won’t guarantee a better UI/UX.

Development ChallengesThe major issue that most people face while migrating from M1 to M2 is performance-related issues. And our team also faced similar issues during the development stages. Magento 2 comes with its own set of quirks and unclear mechanics. The following list contains some of the major problems that the team faced were:

  • The search speed was insufficient
  • Cache configurations needed to be optimized
  • Inadequate speed in M2 admin departments
  • Database setup required modification
  • Stock reliability was quite low

The out of the box setup of Magento 2 offers some of the best levels of security as it provides all the advanced security features. So, developers don’t need to configure M2 in order to optimize security levels. And our developer team already knew about this handy feature of Magento 2.

However, there can be a big problem. The third-party modules are the biggest security threats for Magento 2 websites. And our team were not aware of these challenges. After incorporating some custom 3rd party modules, it created security and performance issues for the web page.

Digital Marketing & SEO

Our digital marketing and the SEO team had to put in the required effort as they faced a lot of hard work while working on it. It was one of the difficult challenges while switching from Magento 1 to Magento 2. The following are some of the noticeable points that we had overcome:

  • Create an original and unique marketing strategy
  • Loss of PageRank in search results due to redesign and changed URLs
  • Build a personalized connection with the target audience
  • Localization and multi-store SEO issues
  • Create duplicate content for bad robot.txt screening (categories, soring, filers, etc.)
  • Not getting any redirect from old to new pages

Design Solutions

As we have discussed above, the default theme of Magento 2 lacks personal touch, and we already knew this. So, the thought of customizing the user interface was already there during the migration process.

The team decided to design and develop a customized design based on the client’s requirements. We also had to put in the required efforts to improve navigation, customer checkout, and site navigation to enhance the user experience. In the end, an improved UI/UX help the client to increase their conversion rate.

Development Solutions

Performance roadblocks are one of the most common phenomena that people face while migrating from Magento 1 to Magento 2. But thankfully, our team had the required knowledge, skills, and understanding to solve these issues and complete the task for the client, i.e., Champagne And Gifts. So, to overcome the challenges, the team incorporated the following rules:

  • Avoid the usage of JS Bundling.
  • Augmenting the CSS delivery.
  • Improve the time to the first byte.
  • To improve the speed of media delivery and content, we used CDN.

To deal with security issues for M2, we mainly had two options:

  • Listing down the names of all trustworthy vendors for acquiring third-party modules. It helped our team to reduce and eliminate any risk that could possibly create security breaches and loopholes.
  • Developing custom modules to give the website a unique touch. Here, our developers can create their own custom modules to eliminate all the chances of creating security issues or installing unoptimized extensions.

In addition, the testing department of our team used debugging tools to identify any possible loopholes or critical issues that were previously overlooked by developers.

Digital Marketing & SEO

Our team already knew that digital marketing and SEO were affected during the migration process. Generally, websites lose their search position in Google search results after migrating from Magento 1 to Magento 2.

So, the primary target of our team was to improve and rebuild the damage as quickly as possible. Moreover, we used different marketing strategies to improve the website to get web vitals and page insights.

The process of migrating from Magento 1 to Magento 2 is one of the most difficult challenges that we had to face. However, just like any other good team, our team also had the required knowledge, skills, and understanding to solve these issues.

Of course, we had to put in a lot of hard work and dedication. After numerous discussions, arguments, and conversations among team members, the migration process of switching from M1 to M2 was executed successfully.


Plus Promotions has the best Magento developers in the UK, because of the humane approach they maintain while handling complexities. Our project was about Migrating From Magento 1 To Magento 2 and it is impressive how the Plus Promotions Magento team handled the design issues at par with the new SEO guidelines, they were so responsible and patient throughout the project and also saved the site from downtimes or design glitches. Good work!

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