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CityDoc – Web Deign & Development Case Study

CityDoc – Web Deign & Development Case Study

Plus Promotions and CityDoc have managed to create a good relationship in a short period of time.

Founded in 2006 by three doctors, CityDoc is a household name for vaccinations and other health care services in the United Kingdom. The growth of the company was so substantial that it was acquired by the Danish-based European LifeCare group in 2019. Since 1998, the LifeCare group has managed to vaccinate over five million individuals.

Now, CityDoc provides vaccinations to almost 100,000 people every year in the UK. The purpose of the company is to provide customers with the best possible healthcare service and protection against life-threatening diseases. They want to make vaccination convenient, easy, and accessible. CityDoc also provides doctor-led sexual health screening services to users.

Plus Promotions and CityDoc have managed to create a good relationship in a short period of time. Together, they have worked on multiple projects and conquered several roadblocks and hurdles. It helped them develop and intensify their relationship with each other. But the following challenges that Plus Promotions had to face while working for CityDoc were the difficult ones. So, in this case study, we will discuss all the major challenges that Plus Promotions faced and will also learn they overcame them.


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Creating A Covid-19 Test System

One of the biggest challenges that we had to face while working with CityDoc was creating the Covid-19 test system. The client wanted to develop a system where users could order a home testing kit online. Then, users need to upload their test results and based on that they will get permission to travel.

So, our team had to step up and put in the required effort to develop this system. See, creating a digital Covid-19 test system may look simple and straightforward after analysing the initial blueprint. But successfully implementing the system based on client requirements is not at all easy. For starters, the process requires patience, creativity, project clarity, developer skills, and many more.

Digital Reporting For Health Care System

Developing a reporting functionality for the health care system was related to the previous challenge that our team had to face. And just like the previous challenge, our developer team had to face a lot of hurdles and roadblocks while working on this one.

The client’s idea of developing a reporting system for the government is pretty straightforward. They wanted to inform the health care system about Covid-19 reports. The client has collected these reports based on the detailed information and test results provided by the users.

Developing A CityDoc Customer Support System

When we got the project of developing improved CityDoc customer support, there were some problems already. The admins were facing substantial difficulty while performing internal tasks. So, the client wanted us to develop an easy customer support system to make the job easier.

Some of the main challenges that we had to face while working on this project were:
  • Managing the customer problems efficiently
  • Keeping track of order and managing them
  • Improving the response time on easy and quick support
  • Categorizing and prioritizing customer support request

Integrating A Custom-Developed PHP Functionality With WordPress

Another major challenge that we had to face was integrating a custom-developed PHP functionality with the existing WordPress website. During the execution process, we had to be extra careful as one wrong move can adversely affect the whole system. The client wanted us to develop some special features and functionalities.

But the main challenge was that these functionalities required custom PHP development. In simple terms, WordPress doesn’t allow its users with such modifications. So, we had to develop these functionalities separately. Then, we had to perform a seamless integration with the WordPress website.

Developing A Login Function For The Customers

While working with CityDoc, developing customer login function to show all historical data and current tests data was one of the first ones that gave some tough time to our team. We had to gain some knowledge on this matter.

The team already knew what they had to do, but execution process was certainly not easy. Whenever we are working on a functionality for customers, we know that it should be easy to operate.

Creating A Covid-19 Test System

To solve all the issues regarding the creation of the Covid-19 test system, our developers created the following scope.

  • The system will collect all the orders for the home testing kits and separate them under a different module.
  • If a user places an order, he/she will receive an email with a link to upload detailed information and the image of the test. The design of the email template will be based on the client’s specifications.
  • If a user uploads all the information, which includes the test results, the data of each order will be available for the admins under a section. Here, the admin can evaluate the result.
  • The admin will approve or reject the travel permit based on the evaluation. For both cases, users will be informed by email. If travel is permitted, the system will generate a certificate and users will receive a copy. But if rejected, users will get an email the other way.

Digital Reporting For Health Care System

Digitization of reporting system for the health care system was one of the most difficult and challenging tasks that we had to face while working CityDoc. During the process, our team had to maintain a certain level of patience and concentration. We solved the issue by following the procedure listed below:

  • Once a user uploads all the required information, the admin will check them to evaluate the result.
  • Then, the system will send the test report to users and the health care system. This will help the government to track the number of Covid-19 cases.

Developing A CityDoc Customer Support System

To overcome the challenges related to developing a system to improve the CityDoc customer support internally, our team had to communicate with the client to understand the difficulty they were facing. And as we have mentioned, the support panel for the admins already had some prior issues at the time we received the project.

  • To manage customer problems more efficiently, our team developed a ticket system where users can raise a ticket for their problems.
  • For tracking and managing orders, we gave individual order IDs to each order, which allowed the client to improve their support system internally.
  • We implemented a support BOT to improve the quick response time.
  • Our team developed a better support panel to categorize and prioritize customer support.

Integrating A Custom-Developed PHP Functionality With WordPress

We have worked on various projects for CityDoc, and yes there were some difficulties. But on this project was perhaps the most challenging one. There were numerous hurdles and roadblocks that we faced during the execution procedure.

While working on it, the team knew that they would have to develop an API to bridge the gap between the custom PHP functionality and the WordPress website. And after putting in the required hard work and effort, the team finally managed to create an API for seamless integration.

Developing A Login Function For Customers

To overcome this issue, our team had to develop a separate dashboard for the customer login. Some of the main things that we kept in mind during the development stages were:

  • Each customer should have a separate username and password for their login.
  • This username will create a separate storage section in the database to store all the information.
  • All customers can log in using the username and password to check their historical and current test data from the database.
  • In case of a forgotten username or password, the customers need to provide their registered email address to regain access to their account.

Our team, just like any other good team, loves to take on challenges. The entire team thinks that working on challenges as part of their learning process. It helps them to learn new skills and gather new work experiences. Most importantly, challenges help our team to stay grounded and embrace the fact there is still so much to learn.

Yes, working with CityDoc on these above projects gave us some difficult times. At times, we felt a lack of motivation because of all the hurdles and roadblocks, but we never gave up. Finally, we completed all the projects and implemented functionalities as per the client’s requirements.


We are delighted with Plus Promotions for integrating our brand image when designing our business website. They helped us create a digital COVID-19 test system, develop an easy customer support system, integrate a custom-developed PHP functionality with WordPress, and develop customer login function. The way the team completed every project and implemented functionalities as per our requirements has been truly exceptional.

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