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Clonakilty – Social Media Promotions Case Study

Clonakilty – Social Media Promotions Case Study

The website of Clonakilty actually represents the town located in County Cork, Ireland.

The website of Clonakilty actually represents the town located in County Cork, Ireland. The main idea behind building the website was to inform all the tourists about current events, things to do, where to stay, and favourite restaurants and bars while visiting Clonakilty.

Clonakilty also feels extremely proud to announce that they are the first Autism friendly town in Ireland. To achieve such a designation, the town had to go through a robust accreditation process. For instance, they had to train and engage 50% of public service, 50% of healthcare professionals, 50% of school communities and many more to develop a three-year Autism friendly plan.

The business relationship between Plus Promotions and Clonakilty has been fairly new. But during this time, they have worked on various projects and conquered numerous challenges. This helped them to build a strong connection, trust, and bond with each other. However, the following challenges are some of the most difficult ones that Plus Promotions had to face while working with Clonakilty. Read the case study below to find out more!


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Social Media Promotions

Social media marketing is more mysterious than what you actually think about it. For anyone who is unfamiliar with the way it works, social media marketing can be his/her worst nightmare.

In addition, competition is fierce over social media as businesses try to capture the majority of the audience present on social media. Some of the major challenges we had to face while working on social media promotions are listed below.

  • Lack of Connection Across Departments
  • Identifying the Right Platform
  • Understanding the Target Audience
  • Declining Organic Engagement
  • Meeting Consumer Expectations

Planning The Scope of Changing the Website

Planning the scope of changing the website was probably the most difficult challenge we had to face while working with Clonakilty. Needless to say, this particular challenge gave us the most sleepless nights. There were numerous roadblocks and hurdles that we encountered during the execution process.

The primary issue we had to face while working on this project was planning the scope of the website content. See, website content is available in various forms and sizes, like PDFs, images, videos, blogs, etc.

So, to understand the scope of changing the website, the team had to determine the requirement of the website’s content. Another major challenge we encountered was understanding the cost of your website. The team knew the importance of the time frame and cost of the website project.

Social Media Promotions

To overcome the challenges related to social media promotions, we decided to incorporate the following rules.
  • The products and services offered by Clonakilty will help the team members to choose a particular platform for social media promotions.
  • Analyze customer base and carry out client interviews to determine the target audience.
  • Maintain strong connections and relations with every team member to overcome the issue of having a lack of connection across departments.
  • Know the audience and work with influencers to solve the problem of declining organic engagement.
  • Understand and know the customer requirement to overcome the issue related to meeting customer expectations.

Planning The Scope of Changing the Website

As we have discussed earlier, working on this project was the most difficult challenge we faced while working with Clonakilty. To overcome all the challenges related to this project, we decided to ask a few questions to the client. The following questions helped us to solve the issues related to website content:

  • Who is your visitor and what type of content do they expect?
  • How to improve the user experience regarding website content?
  • How the website content will determine goals and objectives?
  • Who will update the content? How often will content be updated?
  • What types of content will be on your website?

And to solve the issues related to the time frame and cost of planning the website changes, we decided to have a long discussion with the client. It helped our team members to understand their vision. In fact, the team also understand the possible time frame and budget for the client to implement the website changes.

These two challenges may have given numerous hurdles and roadblocks along the way. But any team with the right attitude and enthusiasm will take all these challenges as an opportunity to learn. And our team has certainly done that.

There were frustrating and difficult moments, but we used our knowledge, experience, and problem-solving skills to overcome all of them. The team finally managed to complete these two projects based on the client’s requirements.


We are grateful to Plus Promotions for developing such consistent social media strategies that have had a big impact on our international business and tourism sectors. Through our social media pages and platforms, we constantly receive queries and comments. And because the plans have been so carefully organised, they are incredibly adaptable and easy to maintain.

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