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Cluain Chaoin – Web Deigning Case Study

Cluain Chaoin – Web Deigning Case Study

To overcome the issues related to slow-loading websites, we managed to implement conditional loading. It only loads those page elements that end users require.

Home is where the heart is, and whenever it comes to finding the best abode for a lifetime stay, the Cluain Chaoin housing scheme offers perfectly affordable housing solutions. It is a leading housing project based in Kerry Road, Tower Cork, and was launched by the Cork City Council.

The project includes 36 affordable residential developments, which include six 2-bedroom bungalows, four 4-bedroom semi-detached houses, and 26 3-bedroom townhouses. These are going to be available for sale within affordable dwelling purchase arrangements through the Affordable Housing Act of 2021 and associated Affordable Housing Regulations.

The housing properties are available for first-time purchasers, and the purchase prices for 2-bedroom houses, 3-bedroom houses, and 4-bedroom houses are going to start from €241,000, €280,000, and €305,000, respectively.

In a few years, Cluain Chaoin and Plus Promotions have been able to establish a positive working relationship. From a business perspective, they are very similar. Both businesses have collaborated and successfully navigated several obstacles. This case study discusses all the challenges that Plus Promotions faced while working with Cluain Chaoin and how they overcame them.


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Layout Design

One of the major issues we had while working on the layout design was slow loading. Our team knew the importance of website load speed. Individuals may be browsing a lovely website, but if it loads too slowly, they will abandon it without hesitation. Responsive design is the primary reason behind slow-loading sites.

Another major issue we had was dismissing touch. The primary goal is to give mobile devices the best possible experience. Developers occasionally overlook or misuse touch. In addition, the scroll is frequently a little disorganized, which detracts from the overall experience. So, our team had to keep this in mind while working on it.

Document Linking

Some of the major challenges we had to face while working on document linking are listed below:

  • Broken links: Links may break or become outdated over time. It can lead to a poor user experience and have a negative impact on SEO.
  • Poor organization: If links are not organized in a logical and intuitive way, customers may have difficulty finding the information they need.
  • Accessibility issues: Some customers, such as those with visual impairments, may have difficulty accessing and using links on the website.
  • Overuse of links: Too many links on a page can be overwhelming and make it difficult for users to focus on important content.
  • Inconsistent linking: Links that are inconsistent or do not follow a consistent format can be confusing for users and make the website feel unprofessional.

Server Setup

Server setup was possibly one of the earliest projects we had to complete while working with Cluain Chaoin. Before we started working on this, the client was experiencing major challenges with website traffic. In fact, websites faced a lot of downtime as the servers failed to handle such large volumes of web traffic.

For these reasons, the client also lost some of their valuable customers. Hence, our team had to step in to fix this issue as soon as possible in order to minimize website downtime and set up the server to handle web traffic.

Linking the Application Portal

Linking the application portal was one of the significant issues we had when working with Cluain Chaoin. The client wanted to develop functionality where customers could directly apply for an affordable housing application from the website.

The application form was on a different website, which was the main problem in this case. So, to implement the functionality where customers can directly apply for housing applications, we had to link the application website with the client’s website.

Layout Design

We managed to develop conditional loading to solve the problem of slow-loading webpages. Instead of cluttering the website with photos, text, videos, documents, downloads, and other material, it only loads the page components that end users demand. We needed to ensure that the most crucial elements for customers to comprehend what clients were giving them loaded rapidly.

To prevent all these issues associated with dismissing touch, we ensured that every button, slider, and navigational element was large and straightforward enough for people to use. Visitors can use the smooth scroll option to improve the scrolling experience and ensure seamless website navigation. Further, we used scroll snaps to ensure that the scroll snaps were in the precise locations every time.

Document Linking

To overcome the challenges related to document linking, the team had to incorporate the following rules:

  • Regularly check and update links on the website to ensure they are functioning properly. Consider using tools like broken link checkers to automate this process.
  • Develop a clear and consistent site structure that makes it easy for users to navigate and find information. Use descriptive link text to help users understand where the link will take them.
  • Ensure that links are accessible to all customers by using descriptive link text, providing alternative text for images used as links, and ensuring that links are keyboard accessible.
  • Use links strategically and sparingly, only linking to relevant and important content. Use formatting (such as bold text) to highlight important information instead of relying solely on links.
  • Develop a consistent style guide for links, including link text, formatting, and placement guidelines. Train all website contributors on these guidelines to ensure consistency across the site.

Server Setup

The client claimed that the server configuration was unable to manage high levels of web traffic. The team found that in order to manage substantial web traffic, the server needed to be updated. To address all the concerns with server configuration, the team decided to implement the improvements listed below:

  • Communicate with the client to document the actual issues they were facing.
  • Provide constant feedback to the client in order to avoid any mishaps.
  • Identify the project goals and objectives among the team members.
  • Analyze the previous server setup to determine the flaws.

Linking the Application Portal

Even though linking the application portal with our client’s website may look quite simple, things are much more complex in reality. There were numerous underlying issues that our team encountered while working on this project.

In fact, the entire team had to learn new skills and acquire knowledge as we didn’t have any past experience. For reference, we performed our research to find some similar websites. Finally, we successfully linked the application portal with the website.

Without difficulties, working life would be dull. Most crucially, the difficulty lies in learning new abilities and gaining experience, which are benefits of acquiring knowledge. Even if it appears like there is no way out at times, with the necessary commitment and abilities, any issue can be resolved.

Our team enjoys taking on various challenges. They believe it to be a necessary component of their education. This upbeat outlook on every challenge and obstacle aid in our ability to go through them. Finally, we succeeded in completing every task given to us by the client, which ultimately enabled them to reach new heights.


Cluain Chaoin

We would gladly recommend Plus Promotions to every company for website layout. Over the years, we have been able to establish a positive relationship with them as our business perspective makes us very similar. What sets apart this web designing company is that they succeeded in completing every task with proficiency and helped us reach new heights.

Cluain Chaoin

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