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Crann Darach Montenottey Website Design & Development – Case Study

Crann Darach Montenottey Website Design & Development – Case Study

Plus Promotions and Crann Darach Montenottey have established and maintained positive business connections.

The Cork City Council has recently launched an affordable housing initiative at Crann Darach, located in Montenotte, Cork. The development consists of 54 housing units, including a mix of affordable and social housing options. As part of this initiative, the council has sold 27 affordable homes through the Affordable Housing Act of 2021 and its associated Affordable Housing Regulations. These affordable dwelling purchase arrangements include 5 two-bedroom houses, 19 three-bedroom units, and 3 four-bedroom houses, offering a range of choices for potential homeowners.

The Crann Darach Montenotte development offers a complete living solution for Cork City Council residents. It is designed to provide affordable housing options for those seeking to buy their own homes while also supporting the council’s efforts to increase access to social housing. The development offers a mix of 3- and 4-bedroom townhouse units, providing comfortable and spacious living options for families of different sizes.

Plus Promotions and Crann Darach Montenottey have established and maintained positive business connections. In terms of business philosophy, they are quite similar. Both organizations had collaborated on multiple projects and had overcome countless obstacles and obstructions. However, the following are some of the toughest obstacles Plus Promotions had to face when working with Crann Darach Montenottey. So, in this case study, we will learn about all of the difficulties that Plus Promotions encountered and how they overcame them.


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New Website Design

Colours used in web design have an influence on user psychology, which can be subtle or noticeable. Using obnoxious colours and a tacky logo makes a homepage appear horrible.

Things are moving at a breakneck pace in our digital age. We all know that good websites are expensive, but do you ever wonder how much money you’ll lose because of a bad website? Take a look at it! Cutting corners isn’t going to help. What you require is the best answer.

Among all the challenges we faced during web design, imbalanced colours were one of the biggest issues. The team had to go through a lot of trials and errors. The main problem was that we underestimated the issue.

Website Development

One of the major challenges we had to face while working on the new website’s development was regarding the tech stack. The problem was quite deep-rooted, and we had to go through a structural overhaul to understand the underlying problem.

A technology stack is a series of tools that are necessary to design and develop a web application. These tools include web-based technologies, independent applications, platforms, servers, frameworks, APIs, IDEs, SDKs, programming languages, and more. As a result, our team expected our chosen stack to have a direct.

We also knew that it might either help the project succeed or bring it close enough to a breakpoint. There are various tools and technologies available that developers can use. However, this overwhelming number of options makes it difficult for developers and business owners to pick the right ones. Many times, they make poor decisions that lead to major technological glitches.

Website Hosting Setup

Web hosting firms must always be cautious about security vulnerabilities. Cyberattacks are the standard these days, and our staff is well aware of this. Breach expenses also include the loss of sensitive information, significant fines from the authorities, reputational damage, and more.

Web hosting firms frequently fail to control URL access. Unauthorized individuals may gain access to and view pages they do not need to see if these safeguards are not in place. Attackers might easily construct fake URLs to access secret pages with such access authorized.

Shared hosting is indeed a popular, low-cost option offered by web hosting businesses. However, linking many domains with a single server necessitates clients that share one IP address.

Google Analytics & Search Console Setup

The main issue we had with Google Analytics was regarding bounce rates. It is one of the most essential aspects to consider when analysing a website’s performance. Generally, companies want their bounce rate to be as low as possible.

Bounce rate is the proportion of all sessions on our site in which people viewed only a single page and prompted only a request towards the Analytics server, divided by all sessions. When it is excessively low or dips abruptly, it indicates an issue with your analytics. For most sites, the bounce rate will remain relatively steady and range between 40% and 80%.

One of the major challenges we had to face with the search console setup was the 404 error. A “404 error” indicates that Googlebot was unable to locate a page. Typically, it no longer exists at a location accessible to the bot, or the page has become blank.

Because websites develop and evolve, 404 errors are common, but they are not necessarily an issue. Here are some distinctions between when this issue will occur and what you will need to do (if anything) to correct it. The following are the two reasons that showcase why we faced the issue:

  • At some point, the team submitted this page for indexing. However, the server is presently delivering a blank or almost blank page.
  • A URL in our sitemap is no longer valid. It is quite fine to delete a page (generating a 404) on occasion. For example, we might remove a discontinued product that has no similar replacement or delete old blog entries that have gotten no traffic, no links, and are not ranking for any keywords.

New Website Design

We realized that if we chose to give the client’s website a modern touch, we had to understand what the target audience required. Otherwise, we would fail horribly. One of the most prevalent issues in website design that leads to inefficient web design is a lack of appropriate colour balance.

As a result, we made certain that the colours used did not interfere with the reading of the website. Furthermore, we ensured that the choice of colours was consistent and in keeping with the general motif. The staff made certain that no rainbows ended up on the webpage.

Finally, we settled on a colour palette of three to five shades and stuck to it. Customize and design the client’s website based on the intended audience.

Website Development

We set the following rules to overcome the challenge:

  • Be Specific About Your Project Criteria: We established the project requirements ahead of time. We knew that we should have a firm grasp on the sort of product the team wanted to create, the target audience and pain points to be addressed, the goal and project complexity, the timetable, features, functions, and total budget.
  • Finalize Features and Functionalities: By creating a list of features and functionalities to include, we might quickly solve such web development issues. We decided to concentrate on integrating the ones that will provide value to our application first, and then finish the appropriate tech stacks.
  • Structure of Your Tech Stack: The team decided to have a clear grasp of the structure of the tech stack, which is divided into two major components known as client-side and server-side (frontend and backend). We knew this would help us make better tool choices.
  • Emerging Technologies: We knew that we must understand the significance of popular technologies in use and how they might improve project outcomes. Always keep an eye out for updates, new releases, and changes to the same.

Website Hosting Setup

The team overcame all of the security problems of the web hosting configuration by:

  • The team used cutting-edge security architecture such as firewalls, networking monitoring equipment, and others.
  • To fill gaps, use Secure File Transfer Protocol (STFP).
  • Blocked all file types that the programme does not support.
  • Create a user access matrix to prevent unauthorized people from reading stuff.
  • In the data centre, strict access control mechanisms are in place to prevent unauthorized intruders and rogue insiders from physically acquiring physical control of critical online assets.

Google Analytics & Search Console Setup

There are three major factors that might cause a dramatic decline in bounce rate:

  • Duplicate Code Snippets: The site has two occurrences of identical code snippets for the same property. As a result, there are several triggers when there should be one. If this occurs, you must locate the copied snippets and eliminate one.
  • Crossover of GTM and Google Analytics: The team deployed GTM alongside a solo instance of Google Analytics code. Both would then be registered with the same trigger. We should pick which platform the client prefers and disable the other.
  • Non-Interaction Situations: Popups, chat windows, and other events on the pages are not considered non-interaction events. Along with the initial page view hit, they could then send another trigger to Analytics. This could also be an issue when tracking videos with Google Analytics.

To overcome the challenges related to the search console setup, we decided to make the following changes:

  • We configured the server to deliver a 404 (not found) or 410 (gone) response code if the page was no longer accessible and had no obvious replacement. We decided to set up the proper 301 redirects if the page had been relocated or had a clear replacement (permanent redirect).
  • The team knew that they had to address only a few 404s. So, if a URL existed but had been relocated, we decided to add a 301 redirect.
  • Similarly, if a discontinued product had a good successor version (such as a newer model), we would buy it. In addition, we ignored the 404 error if the URL was unknown or if the team wished to permanently erase the material. Googlebot would eventually cease looking for these pages.

We maintained a good attitude throughout the process, despite the obstacles and hurdles. Our team realized that overcoming these obstacles would allow us to gain new skills, knowledge, and experience. Most significantly, we gained much from working on the mentioned problems. For starters, our team’s relationship increased dramatically.

Many of us experience a little disorientation or melancholy at times. However, through sheer tenacity, the crew was always able to find its way around. Finally, we managed to solve the challenges and finish the jobs according to our client’s specifications.


Crann Darach Montenottey

We partnered with Plus Promotions for our website design and development. Their diligent team clearly understood what we were looking for and created a visually appealing, easy-to-navigate, responsive website. What sets them apart from others is that they are helpful, knowledgeable, and quick to respond. We would gladly recommend Plus Promotions to others.

Crann Darach Montenottey

Technology Stack

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