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DL Supplies Website Design & Development – Case Study

DL Supplies Website Design & Development – Case Study

In the short time that Plus Promotions and DL Supplies have been working together, they have been able to forge a solid relationship.

DL Supplies & Equipment has emerged as the leading company for supplying safety equipment in Ireland. The company ensures that quality reaches everyone on a constant basis by providing first-rate customer service at reasonable prices.

The company strives to provide a positive experience for all of its customers, and they are happy to answer any questions the customers might have. If any customer requires additional information or has a question, they can contact DL Supplies Ltd.

In the short time that Plus Promotions and DL Supplies have been working together, they have been able to forge a solid relationship. They have collaborated on several projects and overcome numerous challenges. However, the difficulties Plus Promotions had to deal with when working with DL Supplies are some of the toughest ones that were addressed in this case study. Take a look at the case study below for additional details.


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Animated Logo Design

One of the most difficult issues we had to face with the animated logo was branding. The team knew that we could not move forward unless we examined and analysed the past. No, there is nothing cryptic or philosophical here. By analysing the past, our team meant investigating the existential logo style, such as lines, fonts, colours, works, and so on.

In this case, the client had some blueprints for an animated logo design. They provided us with that when we took charge of this project. But most of the hard work was yet to be done. For starters, the team had to come up with a solid design that would suit the client’s business goals and objectives.

Website Design & Development

Browser and platform compatibility is one of the most critical and challenging problems in website design and development. However, the team had to ensure that the website was functional across all popular platforms, browsers, and screen sizes.

As legacy browsers are unable to provide the necessary support for contemporary layouts, functionality, and security measures, these problems get more complicated. In addition, it was quite difficult to design a website that works on various operating systems and devices.

“Get A Quote” Functionality for B2B Customers

Along with selling safety products and equipment to normal customers, the client also wanted to implement functionality for B2B customers. But they had an idea that instead of developing a separate functionality for B2B customers just like B2C buyers, the client wanted a separate feature where all B2B buyers could ask for a quotation.

So, our team had to develop a separate functionality called “Get a Quote.” But the main issue we had here was that, apart from the client’s idea, we had little to no information. So, completing the task was quite difficult, as there were things we had to consider during the execution process.

Product Upload and Management

The team was fully aware that manually managing such a massive product catalogue would be challenging if the client sold a lot of things. As a team, we had to manage the various demands of numerous sales, a wide variety of items, and several vendors.

Maintaining and updating the consistency of data on the store website becomes difficult. You eventually create a complicated inventory that is challenging to maintain.

Since our client offered a wide variety of products, we had to manage a huge amount of product-related content. In addition to managing product data, we also had to deal with data from numerous sales channels, dispersed vendors and suppliers, numerous devices, and many other specifics that firms must handle to provide a better customer experience.

The team understood that manually managing such vast amounts of data would make it difficult to find information.

Website Hosting Setup

Web hosting companies always need to be careful regarding security breaches. Cyberattacks are the norm today, and our team knew this. Breach costs include the loss of private information, severe fines from the government, loss of reputation, and more.

Failure to limit URL access by web hosting companies is a typical mistake. Without these safeguards, unauthorised individuals could gain access to and view pages they should not. Attackers might easily create forged URLs to access hidden pages with such access enabled.

Shared hosting is a common, low-cost option provided by web hosting companies. However, connecting various domains using a single server requires clients who share an IP address. All clients with the same IP address end up being blacklisted when one of them is flagged as a spammer.

Animated Logo Design

At first, our team had little knowledge about the specific brand guidelines, like colour and font, which were extremely important for designing an animated logo. So, some of our team members had a meeting with the client to understand all their requirements regarding the logo design.

  • Most importantly, we had to consider the audience and tone of the company. The team created some principles, which we followed throughout the design process.
  • Let creativity decide the way to design the animated logo. Don’t let the rules and regulations ruin the creative route.
  • The design should perfectly complement the products and services that the client offers.

Website Design & Development

Conduct proper automatic and manual website testing. To ensure cross-browser compatibility, the team developed a doc-type, used a CSS reset, checked for support for CSS properties, concentrated on fall-back solutions, and took advantage of cloud-based browser testing. In addition, we also practised evaluating performance in platform-specific circumstances using simulations or actual equipment.

We avoided writing native code that is browser-specific by using code validation. The group made use of tools that are platform-independent and promote code reuse. In fact, we built cross-platform or hybrid applications by utilising frameworks and libraries like Flutter, React Native, Xamarin, Ionic, and others.
The team actually complies with these best practices to make sure that the website code is compatible with current platforms and devices.

“Get A Quote” Functionality for B2B Customers

For starters, we tried to create a proper blueprint for the project to make sure that all team members had a clear understanding of their job. Then, we set up a meeting with the client to understand exactly how they want to sell products to B2B buyers.

In most cases, whenever there is no fixed price for products or services, the overall price actually depends on the quantity. Finally, we followed the principles listed below to complete the project.

After visiting the quotation page, the business owner has to type their name, email address, and the type of products they want to buy in bulk.

Product Upload and Management

The group collected the district-based data and standardized the product information. Most importantly, the team decided to provide centralized control to handle product management and upload efficiently and effectively. Therefore, creating a product management system enabled us to easily manipulate and manage any volume of product data.

We decided to have a lengthy conversation with the client in order to manage the massive amount of product-related content. It helped us collect all the necessary product-related information, like high-quality stock images, prices, descriptions, and many more. This also helped us manage and upload various products.

Website Hosting Setup

The team managed to overcome all the security-related challenges of web hosting setup by:

  • Utilizing the most recent and cutting-edge security architecture, such as firewalls, networking monitoring systems, and others
  • To close gaps, use Secure File Transfer Protocol (STFP).
  • Block all file formats that are not supported by the application.
  • Make an access control matrix to keep unauthorized individuals from reading content.
  • Strict access control measures are being implemented in the data centre to prevent unauthorized intruders and rogue insiders from seizing physical control of critical web assets.

The above difficulties caused us considerable difficulty. But our team views these difficulties as opportunities to grow. The group thinks that digging deep to identify the root of the problem is the key to solving it. Additionally, problems serve as motivation for our staff to strive even harder. It encourages them to acquire the necessary knowledge and abilities to deal with it.

The entire team did experience demotivation and frustration at times, but we never gave up. The team overcame each hurdle by applying their knowledge, expertise, and problem-solving abilities. Finally, we successfully implemented all the features and functionalities requested by the client.


Ever since DL Supplies & Equipment has partnered with Plus Promotions, we have been enjoying a strong web presence. They offer excellent customer services and are always available for any queries you have. Also, the team keeps us updated with monthly reports to give us a clear idea of how our website is performing. We are immensely proud of the work they have done for us and highly recommend them to everyone looking for website development services.

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