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Dosbrak – Shopify Website & Use Of Art Images Case Study

Dosbrak – Shopify Website & Use Of Art Images Case Study

It has not been too long since Dosbrak and Plus Promotions started working together. But looking at their relationship now, it seems they have been working together for years.

Dosbrak is an Irish artist who creates his artwork digitally and also paints original works. Originating from Cork, he has collaborated with some of the biggest names in the sports industry. His artwork has been used to promote some of the biggest fights and events in combat sports history.

Some of the most famous celebrities Dosbrak has collaborated with are Mike Tyson, Tyson Fury, Joe Regan, Jon Jones, Conor McGregor, and many more. Dosbrak has also collaborated with the UFC on some limited edition artworks to promote the biggest sports event to date. The most recent collaboration celebrates the return of Conor McGregor.

It has not been too long since Dosbrak and Plus Promotions started working together. But looking at their relationship now, it seems they have been working together for years. The partnership between these 2 entities isn’t devoid of hardships and huddles. This case study takes a deep dive and looks at what issues Plus Promotions faced while working with Dosbrak and how they overcame them.


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Implementing Shopify’s New Theme and Design

While working with Dosbrak, we developed a strong business relationship with each other. So, when they decided to change the overall look and feel of the user interface (UI), our Shopify team got into action to handle the job.

In the process of selecting the new theme, we had to face numerous roadblocks. For the website design, the client mentioned their idea of creating a simple yet unique website.

Proper Use of Art Images

One of the most memorable challenges we came across while working with Dosbrak was implementing the proper usage of art images. There is a significant difference when it comes to selling art images online and offline. So, our team had to deal with the following problems while working on this project:

  • Convince visitors to appreciate art online. It is quite difficult when they cannot touch it or see how the colours interact with each other under natural light.
  • Provide enough evidence to convince buyers that they are not buying any fake products.
  • Categorize the images based on the client’s requirements.

Creating Banner Sliders and Making It Mobile-Responsive

Generally, when we use a banner slider design for a website, we have to use high-quality images, videos, or text. But there is a major problem, as high-quality images increase the website’s load time.

So, while implementing the banner slider design, this was one of the significant challenges we had to overcome. In addition, switching between two banner sliders was also difficult.

The process of making the website mobile-responsive is perhaps the most notable challenge we faced while working with Dosbrak. The following list contains some of the issues that we came across:

  • Poor website navigation for mobile
  • Slow pages
  • The website was not touch-optimized.

Payment Gateway and Worldwide Shipping Development

There were already some major problems related to the payment gateway. So, when we started working with the client, we had to fix that and improve the features. The following are some of the notable issues we faced:

  • Payment Security
  • Possible internet problems
  • Multi-currency transaction
  • Checkout challenges

The following are mainly three issues we faced while developing worldwide shipping:

  • Problems regarding tax codes and compliance
  • Risks and issues regarding the supply chain
  • Language and cultural roadblocks

Implementing Shopify’s New Theme and Design

During the theme selection process, the team kept communicating with the client for feedback. The development team also kept certain things in mind while choosing, like image formatting, SEO compatibility, mobile responsiveness, menu architecture, navigation, and UX.

These factors aided us in selecting the best option available in the market. For design implementation, we kept the following things in mind:

  • Company goals and objectives
  • Seamless Navigation
  • Product visibility
  • Using high-quality images
  • Performance and speed

Proper Use of Art Images

To overcome the challenge of implementing proper usage of art images, our expert team came up with the following ideas:

  • Upload high-quality art images to help customers see every minute detail. We also implemented a zoom-in option. So, customers will get a high-quality, detailed view by clicking on the image.
  • Providing clarity in every detail to create a sense of authenticity among buyers
  • Creating separate categories for art images to provide a seamless user experience

Creating Banner Sliders and Making It Mobile-Responsive

To prevent the page from slowing down, the team implemented effective ways such as compressing and optimizing the images, reducing redirects, etc. We used a seamless animation for switching between two banner sliders.

Solving the issues while making the website mobile-responsive was certainly not easy. However, the team achieved success after implementing the following changes:

  • Minimize the number of clicks.
  • Clickable elements should be clearly visible.
  • Re-adjusting the navigation menu based on mobile
  • Optimize all the images to increase the load time.

Payment Gateway and Worldwide Shipping Development

To solve all issues and challenges regarding the payment gateway, our team decided to incorporate the following changes:

  • Partnering with a trusted gateway that supports international transactions and multi-currencies, like PayPal
  • Regarding security, we chose a payment gateway that complained to PCI DSS.
  • We chose a payment gateway that could function with slow internet.

The team faced some substantial challenges while developing worldwide shipping functionality. Moreover, there were numerous factors we had to consider before developing a plan. However, we overcame the challenge in the following ways:

  • Understanding the tax laws of various countries around the world
  • To avoid the risks of the supply chain, work with a logistics company that can deliver worldwide.
  • Training facility for employees to interact with people across cultures and traditions.

The facts mentioned above are some of the most memorable challenges that we came across while working with Dosbrak. But just like any good team, we look forward to facing these challenges. It helps us learn new things and gather knowledge and skills.

The main principle of our team is not to make the same mistake twice. Our members believe that making a mistake is not a problem, but repeating the same mistake is. We also believe in finding the root cause of the problem, as it gives us fresh perspectives to think about.


Highly cost-competitive, dynamic and transparent - those are the best features we’d recommend Plus Promotions Shopify agency for. We have been told several times how working with artists is so difficult but there wasn't one awkward moment with Plus Promotions. As true professionals, they had a thorough understanding of our brand image, and how we wanted our website to interact with art lovers, our targetted audience. We got what we needed, all in one place.

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