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Entrance Matting Ireland Website Maintenance & Digital Marketing – Case Study

Entrance Matting Ireland Website Maintenance & Digital Marketing – Case Study

On a supply-only basis, they may also specify and deliver all entry mat systems, goods, and accessories. The organisation is well-versed in offering and installing the best entry matting solutions.

Entrance Matting Ireland, as the industry leader, offers a wide range of entry matting solutions. The company offers a wide range of products, like loose-lay mats, anti-fatigue mats, logo mats, coir mats, and exterior logo mats. They promise to provide the ideal solution based on the needs of the customer.

On a supply-only basis, they may also specify and deliver all entry mat systems, goods, and accessories. The organisation is well-versed in offering and installing the best entry matting solutions. Their combination of experience, skill, and value for money, as well as their attention to detail, guarantees that consumers are always happy.

The partnership between Entrance Matting Ireland and Plus Promotions is still in its early stages. However, in such a short time, both firms have achieved complete understanding among their team members. They have collaborated on several projects and encountered numerous hurdles, but they have surmounted all of them. However, the difficulties outlined in this case study are among the most visible that Plus Promotions had to deal with. Read the case study below for more information!


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Website Design Modification

This was one of the earliest tasks we had to complete for our client, Entrance Matting Ireland. The main issue that the client had with the existing web design was the lack of accessibility and user-friendliness. See, wandering seamlessly on a website is not always a sign to cherish. Our team knew that a good website must continue to be user-friendly. But if the audience appears to be lost after a few clicks, it may be due to a messy sitemap and poor interlinks, which cause a high bounce rate.

Another major concern was that the site was not sufficiently responsive. Reports indicate that 51.11% of all web traffic originates from mobile devices. Although device-specific websites are increasingly popular today, desktop websites are still necessary. As a team, we didn’t want to provide users of mobile devices with a bad experience. Thus, app development became popular, but web presence was still important.

Website Development and Maintenance

During our website maintenance work, the main challenge we encountered was balancing functionality with aesthetics. The team knew that an attentive and effective design could easily keep the users engaged with the client’s website. However, at the same time, the team also knew that if we prioritized only visuals over user needs, the audience would get frustrated.

It would increase the overall bounce rate of the website. We found it extremely difficult to maintain an attractive design while taking care of the client’s business goals and objectives. But the team knew that we had to avoid any design errors that could negatively affect website usability and readability. For example, the team decided to avoid excessive symbols, cursive fonts, and hand-drawn letters.

SEO and Google Ads

SEO is at the mercy of impatience, particularly when it is linked to aggressive sales figures. Look, there is nothing improper about selling. In fact, ineffective SEO strategies will soon go out of business or search for new employment. See, SEO is a lengthy process that may take up to 8 to 10 touch points spread over 4 to 6 months before a potential buyer clicks the “Buy Now” button.

One of the primary issues we faced while working with Google ads was that our marketing campaigns were not getting as many conversions as expected. But the marketing campaigns were not a failure, as they were successful in creating a tonne of clicks.

Payment Gateway Update to 3D Secure 2.0

The new 3D Secure 2.0 protocol has significant advantages, particularly in terms of mobile payments. By being completely interoperable with mobile wallet applications and in-app transactions, the new design significantly improves the user experience on mobile devices.

  • Some of the problems with the existing payment gateway are listed below:
  • Some users’ devices were unable to see the 3DS authentication page.
  • Issues with compatibility when performing authentication on mobile browsers
  • The pace at which the authorization page loads causes problems and irritation.

Users thought the extra step was unnecessary, and it frequently angered them to the point of abandoning the purchase. Users were not always able to determine the legitimacy of the popup window, which often led to scepticism and transaction abandonment.

Website Design Modification

Our team knew all the elements that would make the website accessible and user-friendly. So, the following list contains all the necessary steps taken by our team:

  • We never missed any important panel website pages. Additionally, the team should develop a utility navigation panel if our sitemap grows in size. In addition, we decided that the navigation bar should be positioned at the top or left of the screen. The group agreed to keep the navigation panel visible while users scroll down.
  • Since a company’s logo serves as its public face, we chose to maintain it on the left side of the page, where it will attract the most users’ attention. We also added a link to the default homepage there.
  • The team knew that the search bar was an essential feature of any website. It helps the visitors find the goods or services they’re looking for.
  • The audience should not wait or work hard to get in touch with our client. The contact information should be posted at the footer of every webpage.

The team chose to concentrate on three aspects of a responsive design to ensure that the website was accessible to everyone:

  • Fluid Grid: Unlike in the past, when websites were created using fixed pixels, fixed percentages are now the norm, enabling users to access websites on a variety of devices.
  • Adaptive Text and Images: Since the image and font sizes can’t be the same for all devices, we must make some code changes.
  • Media Query: Once the above two codes have been properly implemented, it is time to put them together. Therefore, a media query specifies what should particularly appear on a mobile device, tablet, or desktop.

Website Development and Maintenance

To overcome the challenges related to website maintenance, the team decided to make the following changes:

  • We picked images that complemented the client’s knowledge and used them with a logical narrative. The idea was to keep everything simple while considering the brand story we wanted to create.
  • Put usability first by choosing the proper page style for our industry: online shoppers expect products to be organized into categories and shown in a grid. Users could simply find the information they require if such design principles are followed.
  • Use legible typefaces and leave enough white space between paragraphs, images, and text to allow the design to “relax.”

SEO and Google Ads

To overcome all the hurdles related to SEO, the team decided to implement the following rules:

  • Be patient with the SEO strategy to determine its effect. And make adjustments to the current market changes.
  • Instead of focusing on sales, the SEO strategy should focus on what the audience wants.
  • Improve the website’s SEO by using high-quality, effective, and SEO-friendly content to achieve rankings in relevant search results.
  • Improve the website’s load time by optimizing the images and videos, enabling browser caching, using a CDN, and optimizing CSS.
  • Manage customer reviews by responding to all reviews and selecting the ideal platform for customer reviews.

After several discussions, the team finally found that the main problem was with the landing page experience. We checked all the landing pages on mobile and desktop and followed the entire path of purchasing a product. Here, the problem we faced was communicating the issue within the team. In the end, we improved the landing page, which reduced the bounce rate, and saw the results from Google Ads marketing campaigns.

Payment Gateway Update to 3D Secure 2.0

The following reasons showcase why we decided to update our payment gateway to 3D Secure 2.0:

Frictionless flow is possibly the most significant advancement made to this 16-year-old procedure. Issuers can now accept transactions without the cardholder’s involvement by using risk-based verification in the access control server (ACS). This means no more unpleasant pop-up windows or remembering static passwords, reducing friction from the checkout process; therefore, “frictionless flow.”

3D Secure 2.0 applies to more than just online transactions. The inclusion of “non-payment authentication” allows the cardholder to be authenticated even if they do not make a transaction. This is particularly handy for linking credit cards to e-wallets (the $1 charge for merely validating your credit card is gone!).

Clients are gradually shopping on their mobile devices, which have become an integral part of life. 3D Secure 2 now includes a mobile SDK component, allowing sellers to natively incorporate the 3D Secure procedure into their mobile applications, resulting in a fast and seamless mobile checkout experience.

We feel that our “never say die” mentality is our team’s best weapon. The group always works around the difficulty, no matter how difficult it is. Yes, sometimes a few hours are required, and other times we may need to work on the issue for several days.

However, consistency is essential over here. Every task, the team members feel, has two sides: positive and negative. The disadvantage is that we must devote a significant amount of time to it. On the plus side, we are always learning new things.


When we approached Plus Promotions for web design, development and maintenance solutions, we were on the brink of losing customers due to our messy sitemap, poor interlinks, ineffective SEO strategies and insufficient responsiveness. Things took a sharp turn when we partnered with the web agency.

From working on the website’s accessibility across various devices and lowering the bounce rate to ensuring a frictionless flow during the checkout process, they have done it all. Today, Entrance Matting Ireland has achieved a distinctive reputation for offering a wide variety of matting products. This would not have been possible without the team’s “never say die” mentality and consistency. Kudos to their spirit! We have achieved more than we had expected in the last few months, and I look forward to this ongoing relationship.

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