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IOB – Video Editing Case Study

IOB – Video Editing Case Study

The organization's main goal is to help its members acquire knowledge regarding the theory and practice of banking.

IOB is one of the leading professional education providers in Ireland. The organization’s main goal is to help its members acquire knowledge regarding the theory and practice of banking. They also promote discussion and consideration of matters of interest to the banking profession.

For over a hundred years, the company has continued as a non-profit organization, providing education for the public good. Founded in 1898, IOB is one of the oldest banking institutes in the whole world. From its early stages, the institute’s primary focus was to provide education.

Today, IOB has become a leading professional network with 33,000 active members who are currently working in the banking and international financial services sectors. The institute is also recognized by the University College Dublin (UCD) and is a centre of excellence in the provision of specialist education dedicated to the financial services sector.

Within these few years of working together, IOB and Plus Promotions have managed to create a strong professional bond with each other. They have collaborated and overcome numerous roadblocks and hurdles. The challenges listed below are some of the most memorable ones that Plus Promotions had to face while working with IOB. For more information, read the case study below.


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Creating Animated Videos

Creating animated videos was one of the early challenges we had to encounter while working with IOB. So, our animation team had to acquire certain skills and knowledge to overcome the challenges effectively. The following list showcases some of the major problems we faced while working on the animated videos:

  • Avoid making videos full of features, thus overwhelming the viewers.
  • The content should not lack innovation.
  • The video should have a storyline with an intro, a middle section, and an outro.
  • Telling the story within the given time frame.

Editing Videos

Editing videos was probably one of the major challenges the team came across while working with IOB. The following list showcases some of the most notable problems related to video editing:

  • Maintaining proper video quality even after editing
  • The issues related to dead and stuck pixels on the screen.
  • The computer is getting slowed down during the editing process.
  • The editing software crashed during the execution process.

Voice Editing

Voice editing was something totally new for our team. The team didn’t have any prior experience working with audio or voice editing. None of our team members had any idea where to start in the first place.

The client helped us by providing some edited samples to convey their specific requirements, but still, we had problems. The following list contains some of the issues our audio editing team faced:

  • The overall mix of the audio file required improvement.
  • Incorporating crossfades between the audio transitions.
  • The audio sounded too sweet for the content.

Video Mixing

Video mixing was probably the most memorable challenge the Plus Promotion team had to encounter while working with IOB. Making quality videos becomes the top priority for an organization as significant as IOB. Our team knew that we had to live up to that expectation.

The client clearly mentioned their specific requirements and provided some valuable insights. The team still had to face several roadblocks and hurdles while working on it. Some of the most notable issues are listed below:

  • Our team didn’t know the nuances of video mixing.
  • Managing and maintaining all the audio and video files was trouble.
  • Lack of understanding regarding the multiple camera sequences based on the client’s instructions
  • Issues in cutting and editing several audio and video files to create one video.

Creating Animated Videos

To overcome the challenges related to creating animated videos, the team decided to incorporate the following steps:

  • Let the flow of the video decide the features and functionalities it requires.
  • Creativity should be the primary concern when creating the content of the video.
  • Divide the video story into three sections: the intro (the problem), the middle (the solution), and the outro (the call to action).
  • Only highlight the key points in the video to keep it short and compact.

Editing Videos

We had to make certain structural changes as well as hire some experienced personnel in the field of video editing. Apart from that, the team also took the following decisions to overcome the challenges:

  • Check the original quality of the video to make sure editing was done under the same settings in terms of frame rate, HDV, pixels, video codec, etc.
  • The issues related to dead and stuck pixels mainly occur due to camera problems. So, as soon as the dead pixel occurred, it was time to change the camera.
  • The team had to update their systems and match the requirements to handle the video editing workload.
  • Check the review of the plugin to avoid such issues.

Voice Editing

The team was well aware that audio quality conveys more information than video quality. So, to overcome the challenges related to voice editing, they decided to incorporate the following steps:

  • Adjust the overall volume or gain of the voice tracks to get the levels as equal as possible.
  • Study the samples provided by the client to study crossfades.
  • Take constant feedback from the client to adjust the overall levels of effect and filters.

Video Mixing

To solve all issues related to video mixing, the team implemented the following changes to the system:

  • Create short, smart, and clear project goals based on client requirements to overcome barriers and roadblocks.
  • An extensive training programme was developed for the team to learn new skills to handle a specific task related to video mixing.
  • Arrange regular meetings a few times within a week to avoid miscommunication with the client.
  • Ask the client for samples; so the team has some reference points.
  • Communicate with the client to pick and use multiple camera sequences.

The above challenges gave us some difficult times, but our team takes on these challenges as part of their learning process. The team believes that the main secret to overcoming these issues is to go deep to find the underlying issue. In addition, we take inspiration from challenges to work even harder. It motivates us to gather the required experience and skills to overcome it.

There were certainly times when the entire team felt de-motivated and frustrated, but we never gave up. The team used their knowledge, experience, and problem-solving skills to conquer every challenge thrown at them. Finally, we successfully overcame the challenges as per the client’s requirements.


We are completely satisfied with Plus Promotions' for creating videos, animations, and creatives for us. All the content is very crisp and of high quality. The way the designers integrated our brand image and ethos into the content was exceptional.

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