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JMC – Web Development & Digital Marketing Case Study

JMC – Web Development & Digital Marketing Case Study

Plus Promotions has been working with JMC for a long time, and together they have overcome numerous hurdles and roadblocks.

JMC is the one-stop location for people looking for cost-effective, timely, and reliable logistics solutions in Ireland. They are an award-winning company in the field of delivery business and offer a wide variety of services, like next-day delivery in Ireland, same-day delivery in Dublin, and daily European and UK pallet delivery.

In addition, JMC has also started providing custom clearance services starting in 2021. Remarkably, they have successfully processed 50,000 clearances in the first eight months. JMC has the required authorization, experience, and certifications to provide full customs clearance.

Plus Promotions has been working with JMC for a long time, and together they have overcome numerous hurdles and roadblocks. It helped both companies develop and maintain a good business relationship with each other. However, Plus Promotions had to face some difficulties while developing a new user interface (UI), content and sections, digital marketing, service mapping, etc. So, this case study discusses the challenges that Plus Promotions faced while working with JMC.


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New User Interface (UI)

The most notable challenge we faced while working with JMC was creating a new user interface (UI) for their website. The client felt the previous UI design wasn’t attractive enough to increase user interaction. So, our team had to put in the required effort to develop a new UI. Creating an appealing user interface design is important, but it is not easy. The process requires creativity and a detailed understanding of programming languages, interface design, and developer skills.

Content and Sections

JMC wanted high-quality content for their website to give a clear idea about the business to its customers. So, it was our duty to deliver unique and engaging content for the website. While working on this project, our team had to face the following issues:

  • Providing the required information without making the content too long or short
  • Creating unique and original content
  • Understanding the perspective of the customer

While discussing the website sections, our team understood that the client had a clear vision for their website. They didn’t want to complicate the website sections, as it could confuse customers. So, we had to develop a design through which the client would be able to portray their services easily and effectively.

External and Menu Arrangement Linking

While working with JMC, we had to incorporate some external links based on the client’s requirements. It was basically the client’s plan to add some external links to make the website more unique and stunning. However, while implementing this idea, we had to face some of the biggest roadblocks and hurdles.

If we are talking difficult challenges, then working with the menu arrangement for JMC’s website is certainly up there, among others. We had to face numerous hurdles and roadblocks as we started working on the design process. Some of the main problems we came across were:

  • Developing the initial structure based on the client’s requirements
  • Maintaining the standard of visual designs
  • Avoid making the webpage too slow to work with.
  • Providing all information with clarity

Service Mapping and A Client Guide to Managing the Website from Admin

While working together, JMC decided to improve their service mapping on the website. Our team had to work hard to learn new skills and knowledge to improve service mapping. The task was extremely difficult, and we had to face the following challenges:

  • Understanding the services provided by JMC in order to design individual pages
  • Link to all the individual service pages from the home page, header menu, and service section.

The team had to face the following challenges regarding guiding the client to manage the website from the admin side:

  • Creating an extensive training programme for the employees regarding website operation
  • Maintaining clear communication throughout the procedure
  • Developing easy-to-understand training modules and PDF

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is about creating and establishing an online brand and is a long-term endeavour. So, we faced many roadblocks and hurdles while avoiding short-term thinking. Many companies squandered their opportunities in the hope of instant success.

Many companies go for a digital marketing campaign with a traditional mindset, but our team strictly avoided this approach. The digital world is all about creating a personalized connection. But the implementation process had a lot of issues.

New User Interface (UI)

Based on the client’s requirements, our development team understood that they had to come up with a UI design that was simple yet unique. It will help customers get a quality user experience.

The team already had the required experience to create a responsive user interface that included compelling graphics, clear navigation, and easy-to-read texts. So, we developed the new UI based on the following principles:

  • Creating an intuitive navigation
  • Maintain the hierarchical order of elements.
  • Attractive visuals
  • Taking constant feedback from the client
  • Understanding the target audience

Content and Sections

Solving the challenges related to content was not easy. There were numerous things that we had to consider while working on it. However, we finally overcame this challenge as our team implemented the following principles:

  • All web content should include H1 and H2.
  • Avoiding duplicating content on multiple pages
  • Providing 100% unique and non-plagiarized content
  • Creating the content to help customers understand the business perspective

For the website section issues, our team solved the problem in the following ways:

  • Creating a proper blueprint for developing the sections
  • Maintaining proper communication with the client to avoid any confusion or misunderstanding
  • Structuring the overall layout and getting it approved by the client
  • Adding extra emphasis to some special sections of the website

External and Menu Arrangement Linking

To overcome the challenges we faced during the implementation of the external link idea, our team decided to have a conversation with the client to understand their vision. Then, we provided the download link for Any Desk for support-related queries.

So, if any customer clicks on support, Any Desk will automatically get downloaded for instant support. For all the issues regarding menu arrangement, our developer team came up with the following ideas:

  • Create six different sections of the menu: home, service, about us, contact us, news, and the JMC portal. It will help customers easily navigate around the website.
  • Provide brief information regarding everything related to the business on the home page. For example, it will help users understand the company, company news, the service offered, etc.

Service Mapping and A Client Guide to Managing the Website from Admin

Our team had to take some time to understand the various types of services offered by JMC before designing the individual pages. Then, we moved to the development and design stage. However, the main problem was linking these individual pages with the home page, header menu, and service section. But the team succeeded, all thanks to their hard work and dedication.

To overcome the challenges related to guiding the client to handle the website from the admin side, we prepared some training programs. First, we developed video tutorials and a PDF where we explained everything as clearly as we could. Second, we kept in constant contact with the employees to clear up any confusion.

Digital Marketing

To avoid the mindset of short-term thinking, the team considered the long-term benefits of building the online brand community. Our digital marketing team constantly creates interesting and engaging marketing campaigns to build an online brand. To conquer this challenge, we implemented customer loyalty strategies.

We kept creating ads and stories that the target audience wanted to consume to build an online brand. This helped us overcome the challenge of having a traditional mindset and helped us generate sales for the company.

Our entire team loves to take on difficult challenges. It helps to learn new things and acquire new skills and knowledge. Yes, the above challenges gave us hurdles and roadblocks. And at times, we felt like there was no silver lining to this.

But our fighting spirit helped us conquer every challenge thrown at us. In the end, we successfully implemented all features and functionalities, which helped the client achieve new success and expand their business horizons.


Compared to other web agencies we have worked with in the past, Plus Promotions has been a delight to work with. Our website traffic has drastically improved ever since the web agency included compelling graphics, delivered high-quality content & worked on the navigation as part of the UI design task. The cherry on top was the engaging marketing campaigns implemented by the digital marketing team to build our brand online. We gladly recommend them to interested parties.

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