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Mackin – Web Development & Digital Marketing Case Study

Mackin – Web Development & Digital Marketing Case Study

Plus Promotions and Mackin have managed to create and maintain good business relationships with each other.

When it comes to business services companies, the name “Mackin” speaks for itself. They are an award-winning company that has gathered extensive experience helping businesses of all sizes across the world. Their services can be further classified into two segments: Mackin Talent and Mackin EHS.

Mackin Talent provides custom talent management solutions to businesses in terms of recruitment, staff augmentation, or RPO services. Mackin EHS provides a variety of health, safety, and environmental services, which include safety courses, helping numerous companies maintain and achieve health, safety, and environmental certification goals, and performing risk assessments.

The company’s current CEO, Mr. Andy Mackin, has had professional experience in the field of environmental safety and health for over 20 years. Earlier, he served as a member of the Irish Naval Forces for 21 years. During this period, he qualified as an electrician.

Plus Promotions and Mackin have managed to create and maintain good business relationships with each other. They have many similarities in terms of a business mindset. Both companies had worked together on numerous challenges and overcame most of them. So, in this case study, we will learn about all the challenges that Plus Promotions faced and how they overcame them. Read on!


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Creating a User-Friendly Layout

Our developers had to make necessary changes when Mackin decided to change the layout of their website to make it more user-friendly. One of the primary roadblocks we faced while working on this project was reducing the gap between design and development.

In the process of developing a user-friendly layout, both the designer and developer teams had to work together, and we knew that. However, the main problem over here was the lack of communication from both sides.

Another issue was implementing seamless navigation throughout the website to enhance the user experience. While working on it, our developers had to consider the scalability of the respective screen sizes.

Creating Online Video Course for Booking System Development

Creating an online video course for booking system development was certainly one of the most memorable challenges we faced while working with Mackin. The following list contains the issues we encountered:

  • Hosting large files
  • Course booking system development
  • Membership functionality development
  • Maintaining the loading speed

Video Protection and Security Server Setup

The major challenge we had to face while working with the client was setting up video protection and the security server. When it comes to security and protection, we had to be extra careful, as one wrong move could be a big disaster.

In addition, it requires special skills, knowledge, and patience to work on this type of crucial project. There were various challenges, but the following ones are the most memorable.

  • View restricted content by purchasing a course membership.
  • Protecting the entire video course from hackers
  • Preventing the offline download facility

Digital Marketing

The road to digital marketing for generating sales and web traffic was never easy. One of the most significant challenges we faced with digital marketing was developing an effective content strategy.

Our team knew that we needed special creators to publish the right content. It can be the most cost-effective way to drive a large sales volume for the website.

Another significant challenge that we had to face was adapting to digital trends. Even though it looks easy, understanding the new algorithms, government regulations, and new competition in the market takes a lot.

Creating a User-Friendly Layout

The best solution to overcome any differences between designers and developers is to incorporate effective communication. To overcome any project-related challenges, each team should discuss everything with each other. So, our team also implemented the same rules for this challenge.

The primary motto of our team was to incorporate the following rules to ensure seamless navigation.

  • Self-explanatory and intuitive navigation menu design
  • Using information architecture and our own creativity to create a good navigation
  • Testing the layout of the website across multiple platforms
  • Maintaining effective communication with the client for constant feedback
  • Studying the company’s marketing strategy to identify the target audience

Creating Online Video Course for Booking System Development

Solving the challenge of developing an online video course for booking was certainly not easy. We had to take note of every step to avoid any further escalation of the problem.

However, we overcame the challenge of hosting large video files by incorporating cloud storage functionality. It also helped us maintain the loading speed of the website.

For the course booking system and membership functionality, our team decided to implement the following steps:

  • Prepare a list of requirements to identify the scope of the project.
  • Analyzing the potential budget required to complete the project
  • Then, starting with the course design process based on the client’s requirements
  • Incorporating the membership plan for the course for customers
  • testing the total project for a couple of weeks and taking feedback from the client

Video Protection and Security Server Setup

We used a cloud storage functionality called AWS S3 Bucket for video protection and security server setup. It has numerous security features that allow us to overcome this challenge.

  • While using the AWS S3 bucket, we can restrict access to the course for users without membership.
  • To monitor the files, AWS CloudTrail logs, AWS config, S3 server access logging, AWS identify, and Access Management (IAM) Access Analyzer, among other tools, can be used.
  • Finally, we used AWS S3 Bucket’s encryption service to keep the files safe from hackers.

Digital Marketing

To overcome the challenges related to developing an effective content strategy, our creators had to acquire skills and knowledge while keeping in mind the time constraints. The team also experimented with different types of content, like infographics, blogs, and videos, to see which one worked best with the customer base.

For adapting to digital trends, our team knew that the key to learning about all the trends was routine. So, the team developed the following rules and regulations that every member must follow:

  • Reading online blogs and others on digital marketing news sites
  • Analyzing the competitor’s market
  • Sharing the gathered knowledge with other team members
  • Notifying Google Alerts of relevant topics

Work-life without challenges is boring. Most importantly, the challenge lies at the root of gathering knowledge, as it helps to learn new skills and acquire experience. At times, we felt like there was no way out, but we never gave up. The team believes every challenge can be conquered with the required dedication and skills.

Our team loves to take on different kinds of challenges. They think that it is part of their learning experience. This positive attitude towards every hurdle and roadblock helps us overcome it. Finally, we successfully completed all the challenges, which eventually helped the client achieve new heights.


We are very pleased with the new design and UI of our business website. The professionalism, dedication, and expertise of Plus Promotions were commendable in meeting our requirements. From developing an effective content strategy to adapting to the newest digital trends, their experts have always put in their best efforts for us. The team is highly recommended for website development and digital marketing services.

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We can create bespoke solutions that give your business an edge over your competitors. Our skilled team of experts can build you the website you want. We set realistic expectations – for our clients and ourselves – and leave no stone unturned to stick to them. Our team constantly gives you updates as we progress and ensure to deliver the project on time. We take immense pride in our customer support capabilities. Whether it’s something persistent or urgent, we provide round-the-clock assistance.

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