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Midland Drama Schools – Web Development Case Study

Midland Drama Schools – Web Development Case Study

Plus Promotions and Midland Drama Schools have managed to create a good business relationship with each other within a short period of time.

Midland Drama Schools are one of the leading destinations for students from the age of 3 years to 18 years to interact and socialize with each other. Here, the students can learn a variety of performing art forms in a professional environment. These schools also support and assist students in their process of growth and development.
Lorraine Wynne, the artistic director of Midland Drams Schools, believes that their institution takes a well-balanced and practical approach by allowing students of all abilities to enjoy themselves. She also believes that is one of the best methods to get educated without false demands or expectations placed on students.

Plus Promotions and Midland Drama Schools have managed to create a good business relationship with each other within a short period of time. Together, the companies have worked on numerous projects and overcame various challenges. The main reason behind this good relationship was the similar mindset that both companies had in terms of business decisions. But the challenges that are listed below are the most difficult ones that Plus Promotions had to face while working on them. For more information, read the case study below!


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Developing & Designing A New Website

Developing and designing a new website was one of the first projects that our team had to complete when we started working with Midland Drama Schools. The client had some specific design requirements for the website based on their online brand.

So, some of the members of our team had to discuss this with Midland Drama Schools to understand their vision. Even though this sounds fairly simple and straightforward, in reality, things are quite difficult. See, you have to consider the fact that understanding and executing someone else’s idea resides on two completely different spectrums.

There were numerous challenges that we had to face while working on this particular project, like reflecting the client’s vision through the website, conveying the client’s requirements among all team members, and more.

Developing The Booking System

Developing a booking system with membership needs an honourable mention when talking about difficult challenges. Our team had to go through numerous hurdles and roadblocks while working on this particular project. The client wanted to have a booking system where students could book their respective online classes through the website. But the main problem with this particular task was the variety of services they offered.

So, our team had to analyse each service and therefore, present the available dates to the interested students. In addition, Midland Drama Schools also provides singing and voice lessons from Monday to Saturday at a specific time period. And our team had to gather all the information before developing the booking system with membership and special customize requirements.

Class Management

When talking about the most difficult challenge that we had to face while working with Midland Drama Schools, then there is probably one option which is class management. Needless to say, the team had the most sleepless nights while working on this particular project. Some of the major challenges that the team had to face are listed below:

  • Adding new classes based on the types of services the client offered
  • Creating a display that perfectly complements the class that Midland Drama Schools is offering
  • Building an interactive design with unique and engaging content that could potentially attract new students

Developing A Shop Section For The Website

The client wanted to develop a shop section to sell their official merchandise. So, the team had to step up their game to implement this functionality based on the client’s requirements. Unlike the other challenges mentioned in this case study, this one was particularly different and was not difficult as the rest.

However, the main problem was that the website was not meant for eCommerce as it lacked the major features and functionalities required by most eCommerce websites. While working on this project, our team had to face numerous roadblocks and hurdles. Some of the most notable problems that we faced are listed below:

  • Managing all the data, which includes both product data and customer data
  • Maintaining a proper eCommerce flow to make the website interesting and engaging

Developing & Designing A New Website

During the design and development stages, we had to properly communicate with the client for feedback. In addition, we also had to keep certain things in our mind during developmental stages, like image formatting, SEO compatibility, mobile responsiveness, menu architecture, navigation, and UX.

So, after analysing the client’s requirements, we designed and developed the website by incorporating the following rules during the execution process.

  • The website design should reflect company goals and objectives
  • There should be seamless navigation within the website
  • The products or services that the company is offering should be clearly visible
  • Use unique and engaging content with high-quality stock images
  • It should have a fast load time, and features and functionalities should depend on the requirements

Developing The Booking System

As we have discussed earlier, developing the booking system with an annual membership and specific requirements was one of the most difficult tasks that we had to face while working with Midland Drama Schools.

The very first step that the team took was to communicate with the client to understand their vision for this project. To have a much clearer direction, we listed down the requirements and started working accordingly.

  • Students should be able to register annually through the annual membership option.
  • They should have the option to select the services they are looking for like private online singing classes, group singing classes, singing classes, social skills, or group dance classes.
  • Then, the students should have the option to select their preferred date and time from the available options on the calendar.

By listing down the objectives, our team managed to solve the issues and develop a booking system with membership and customized requirements.

Class Management

As we have discussed above, class management was perhaps the most difficult challenge that we had to face while working with Midland Drama Schools. So, to deal with the issues related to class management, the team implemented the following changes to the system.

  • Create smart and clear goals for the project based on the client’s requirements to overcome the different roadblocks and barriers.
  • Organize an extensive program for our team to learn and adapt new skills to handle all the tasks related to this project.
  • Use appropriate technologies, techniques, and tools to support the project development, analysis, design, maintenance of the tool, and implementation.
  • Arrange meetings with the client at regular intervals for feedback and to avoid mishaps.

Developing A Shop Section For The Website

The challenges that we had to face related to developing a shop section on the website were nothing compared to other projects that the team had to complete. But that doesn’t mean we didn’t have to face any problems while working on it.

In fact, there were numerous hurdles and roadblocks that our team had to go through. To overcome the challenges related to developing a shop section for the website, we incorporated the following changes.

  • Understand the type of products that the client wanted to offer.
  • Develop a design blueprint for the shop section and get it approved by the client.
  • Create an “Add To Cart” system, where customers can add/delete products and proceed to final checkout.
  • We also developed a billing system where customers had to fill out the required information, and place an order with their credit card details.

The challenges that we have discussed above gave us numerous difficulties and tested us as a team. But thankfully, we had the right attitude and enthusiasm to face hurdles and roadblocks as it is extremely important. The team thinks that challenges create new opportunities to learn new skills and acquire new knowledge.
Yes, there were times when we felt extremely frustrated and almost gave up, but we used our determination, knowledge, experience, and problem-solving skills to overcome all of them. Moreover, the entire team helped each other at times when someone felt demotivated. And finally, the team managed to implement all the features and functionalities and complete all the projects for Midland Drama Schools.


What worked for us will certainly work for any business looking to develop an institutional website with online booking systems, membership programs, classroom administration, and events. The expertise and professionalism of Plus Promotions were commendable in meeting our diversified and customary requirements, helping us reach this level of success.

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