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Miss Mop Website Design & Development – Case Study

Miss Mop Website Design & Development – Case Study

Miss Mop is one of the leading companies that offers customized commercial and domestic cleaning services in Ireland.

Miss Mop is one of the leading companies that offers customized commercial and domestic cleaning services in Ireland. From cleaning toilets and floors to glass and deep kitchen cleaning, the company is the one-stop solution for people who are looking for cleaning services.

They believe in professionalism and punctuality. In fact, they are willing to offer competitive rates and flexible scheduling to build long-term relationships with customers. The organization trains their employees with the recent health and safety requirements, allowing them to provide excellent customer service while also providing consumers with peace of mind. They also provide them with effective cleaning gear and supplies in order to provide a higher degree of service.

Plus Promotions and DL Supplies & Safety Equipment have developed a strong commercial connection in just a few years. They have collaborated on several projects and overcome numerous challenges. However, new website design, website development, web hosting setup, and so on were among the most difficult ones. So, in this case study, we will learn about all of the key challenges that Plus Promotions encountered while working with DL Supplies & Safety Equipment.


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New Website Design

One of the biggest challenges we faced during the website design process was making the website easy to navigate. We all know that if a website is difficult to navigate, customers will leave as soon as they arrive. Generally, users are a diverse mix of people.

Thus, the client’s website should be easy for everyone to use. In fact, the information they need should be easily accessible, and secondary navigation should be set up to make it easier for users to navigate the website.

This presents a problem because navigation calls for a set structure and order, but different user needs don’t necessarily follow a logical progression. Companies with large product catalogues or services that can be customized may find the navigation design particularly challenging, as users may become overwhelmed and confused by overlapping information across the site.

Users must be able to begin their journey based on a single word in the navigation menu. Hence, we must build the navigation so they know where to go.

Website Development

One of the major issues that we had to confront was creating a web development process that was consistent and simple to maintain. Some websites fail because they are unable to adhere to a predetermined roadmap. They frequently experiment with various methods, which can temporarily satisfy their needs but are certain to bring unforeseen vulnerabilities in the future.

As a result, maintenance tasks become more complicated and time-consuming, which extends the time to market. Many companies prioritise micromanagement over streamlining the stages of development. They adopt ill-defined tactics to quicken the process but fail to recognize its detrimental effects. This causes a lot of issues with web development that necessitate frequent pivoting and iteration.

Web Hosting Setup

An ecology that is very unstable is ideal for web hosting. Server outages and other problems are common occurrences. However, downtime can spell disaster for a client’s business and is lethal to the web hosting industry.

The minimum uptime requirement for web hosting businesses is 99.9%, which is accepted as standard. Hence, our team knew that downtime of more than ten minutes each week could be fatal. Software or hardware failures, security lapses, and administrator mistakes are the main causes of unanticipated emergency downtime.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

One of the major challenges we had to face with SEO was the old CMS systems. In case you don’t know, they are extremely problematic and cause various issues. The team discovered that some departments lack access to these systems, that some will have SEO skills whereas others do not, and that these platforms have a steep learning curve.

Another important difficulty we faced was decreasing the possibility of using the wrong instruments for the job, which is frequently the result of false promises from sales teams. Many tools, however, lack the polish required to perform successfully across several teams.

Google Ads

When compared to the other initiatives covered in this case study, working on Google Ads was definitely one of the simplest challenges. But it doesn’t mean we didn’t encounter any difficulties while working on this project. Understanding digital trends was one of the most difficult challenges we encountered.

The team recognised the significance of digital changes in marketing campaign strategy. You must consider the reality that learning new algorithms, government rules, and market rivalries takes time. Another problem was determining the PPC (pay-per-click) for the Google ads.

New Website Design

The team took the steps listed below to overcome all the challenges related to creating clear website navigation.

  • Use categories and menu names that are pertinent to your business and products that are straightforward and descriptive. Use “about,” “services,” and “contact” labels and other web design conventions to let users know what to expect.
  • To make it simple for visitors to go back and retrace their steps, use a search bar, navigation footer, logical internal connections, and “breadcrumbs.”
  • The entire web design process should communicate with the customer in their own language. The team decided to conduct a thorough market survey to understand their demands and the current shortcomings in the market.

Website Development

Our group had to make use of well-known software development approaches like Agile, Scrum, XP, etc. This made it easier for our team to work in short sprints and finish assigned projects on time. Moreover, it becomes simple to view project progress in real-time.

Collaboration between several teams and throughout all phases of a project’s life cycle, including testing and quality assurance, development, and operations, is improved by DevOps. We used DevOps automation services provided by leading software development firms to lower the failure rate for fresh releases, shorten the gap between fixes, and accelerate time-to-market.

We adhered to a set procedure that emphasised consistency and ongoing development. This procedure ought to be simple to comprehend, predict, and keep up with. To meet various criteria, all developers must cooperate while taking a solo approach.

Web Hosting Setup

It is recommended to carry out necessary maintenance during off-peak or evening hours when the number of website visitors is often at its lowest. Our team works to reduce downtime and maintain high uptime by:

  • Deploying reliable software and keeping it updated on a regular basis to avoid software failure
  • Utilizing reliable and tested hardware components
  • Periodically auditing hardware and software to avoid obsolescence
  • Providing customers with online service on a 24/7 basis to quickly address their questions and problems
  • Providing FAQs, user forums, and other forums so that knowledge can be exchanged, problems may be solved quickly, and problems can even be avoided by prompt client response.
  • Securing networks with solid security
  • Ensuring effective defence against dangers like fire and flooding at the actual location of the data centre

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Discover the capabilities of the system, then begin detailing how to carry out these activities. A few topics to research include the ability to alter header data, internal link options, template designs, site-wide edits, and structured data redirect possibilities.

The team was aware that if they were unable to complete these duties, we should think about updating the system or possibly switching to a new content management system.

The team had to evaluate all of the tools in use to determine which ones serve the organisation and which are holding us back. Then, meet with suppliers to review corporate choices and eliminate products that do not provide the capabilities that businesses require for search engine optimization.

Google Ads

We decided to boost the total budget for online marketing in order to overcome the obstacles associated with PPC (pay-per-click).

Furthermore, the team members opted to grasp keyword match patterns and include negative keywords to avoid problems such as utilizing too many keywords. To combat the obstacles of digital trends, the team agreed to adhere to the guidelines outlined below.

  • To obtain information, read internet blogs and other digital marketing news sources.
  • Analyse your competitors’ markets to obtain a sense of digital trends.
  • Share the information you’ve acquired with the rest of your team.
  • Notify Google Alerts about relevant subjects.

The team faced various difficulties while working on the projects mentioned above. In fact, there were some instances where some of the team members almost gave up because the problem was so intense. But the main thing is that we never gave up.

Just like all good teams, we also believe that challenges make us stronger. It creates opportunities to learn and acquire new knowledge, skills, and experiences. And most importantly, any life without hurdles and roadblocks is basically boring. However, in the end, we finally managed to solve the issues and complete the above projects.

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