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MyGug – Web Deign & Development Case Study

MyGug – Web Deign & Development Case Study

The whole purpose of MyGug is to solve all the problems we face with wasting resources in this modern world.

MyGug is a digester that uses the natural process of anaerobic digestion to convert food waste into usable biogas and a liquid bio-fertilizer. The biogas can be used directly in your home or business for cooking or heating, and the liquid bio-fertilizer can be used for growing food.

The whole purpose of MyGug is to solve all the problems we face with wasting resources in this modern world. The company thinks that with the rise of climate change, now is the perfect time to realize the nature of the crisis and act accordingly to find solutions.

MyGug and Plus Promotions have managed to create a good relationship in a short period of time. They have worked together to overcome several obstacles. It helped them develop and intensify their relationship. The following challenges listed here are some of the most memorable ones that Plus Promotions had to face while working for MyGug. For more information, read the case study below!


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Designing A New Website

Designing a new website was probably one of the earliest challenges that we came across while working with MyGug. The client mentioned all their requirements for a new website design before we started working on it. Some of the major issues that we came across during the execution phase are listed below:

  • Designing a website based on the client’s requirements.
  • Maintaining the same level of enthusiasm among all the team members during the development stages.
  • Providing constant updates to the client for feedback, thus reducing the possibility of mishaps.

Developing eCommerce Shop

The client wanted to develop an eCommerce section on their website to offer products. The main problem was that the website was not meant for eCommerce, as it lacked the majority of the features and functionalities required by most eCommerce websites.

Developing an eCommerce section was one of the most memorable challenges we faced while working with MyGug. Some of the main problems we had to face were:

  • Manage customer and user data, which includes login details, usernames, passwords, and many more.
  • To keep the website interactive and interesting, the team had to make sure there was sufficient eCommerce flow.

Designing A Custom Page for Product Details

After developing the eCommerce section of the website, our next challenge was to design a custom page for product details. The client wanted to provide the details of their products to make their customers more knowledgeable and informed.

There were numerous roadblocks and hurdles we came across during the execution process. The main challenge was gathering and organizing the necessary product details and descriptions. Another major challenge we had to encounter was designing the custom page itself.

Developing A Custom Shipping Rate

Developing a custom shipping rate was another major challenge we faced while working with MyGug. After working on the eCommerce shop section and adding product details, developing the custom shipping rate was the final step to complete the entire process.

The client wanted to develop a functionality where they would provide a custom shipping rate based on the customer’s location. The primary reason behind such functionality was that the company allows International shipping. They only provide free shipping in Ireland. So, outside Ireland, there would be a lot of factors that could determine the actual shipping rate.

Google Ads

Another problem that we faced was understanding digital trends. The team knew the importance of digital trends as they helped strategize marketing campaigns. Our team had to consider numerous factors, like understanding the new algorithms, government regulations, and new competition in the market. Another challenge that we faced was determining PPC (pay-per-click) for the Google ads.

New Website Design

To avoid the challenges related to developing and designing a new website, our team decided to incorporate the steps listed below:

  • The website should have a fast load time, and overall navigation among web pages should be seamless.
  • The website’s new design should reflect the client’s objectives and goals.
  • The website should clearly mention the services offered by the client.
  • The team should only use engaging and interactive content with high-quality stock images.
  • The client’s requirements should determine the website’s features and functionalities.
  • Update the client at every stage of development for constant feedback.

Developing eCommerce Shop

Our team decided to incorporate the following guidelines to overcome the issues related to an eCommerce shop:

  • Discuss with the client to understand the types of products they want to offer to customers through their eCommerce store.
  • Communicate with the client to understand their vision regarding the design of the eCommerce section of the website.
  • Know the types of payments they are willing to accept. In fact, the team should also ask the client about the payment gateway.
  • Get all the necessary product information from the client to display them on the eCommerce store, like product description, price, quantity, sizes, etc.
  • Develop a billing system to acquire necessary information from the client, like the shipping address, phone number, and many more.

Designing A Custom Page for Product Details –

To solve all the issues related to designing a custom page for product details, our team decided to have a long discussion with the client to understand their vision and the purpose of this task in detail.

It helped our team members to know the exact design requirements and other factors related to this project. The team decided to collect all the necessary information from the client for the product details. Then, the team decided to categorize the collected information based on product images.

Custom Shipping Rate Development

Developing a custom shipping rate was one of the major challenges we faced while working with MyGug. There were numerous factors we had to consider during the execution process. To overcome all roadblocks and hurdles related to this project, we decided to incorporate the following rules:

  • Communicate with the client to know how they want to calculate their shipping charge.
  • For custom shipping charges, develop a functionality where customers could have enquiries via email.
  • The website admin should handle these emails to answer all customer enquiries.

Google Ads

To overcome the challenges related to PPC (Pay-Per-Click), we decided to increase the overall budget for digital marketing. In addition, the team members also decided to understand keyword match types and add negative keywords to overcome issues like using too many keywords.

To overcome the challenges of digital trends, the team decided to follow the rules listed below:

  • Read online blogs and others on digital marketing news sites to gather information.
  • Analyze the competitor’s market to get an idea of digital trends.
  • Share the gathered knowledge with other team members.
  • Notify Google Alerts on relatable topics.

Our entire team loves to take on difficult challenges. We believe that it helps to learn new things and acquire new skills and knowledge. Yes, the above challenges gave us hurdles and roadblocks. At times, we felt like there was no silver lining to this, but our team’s fighting spirit helped us to continue and conquer the challenge. In the end, we successfully implemented all features and functionalities, which helped the client to achieve new success and expand their business horizons.


As our business involves promoting a novel product and carving out a market niche, the approaches of Plus Promotions are perfectly in line with our priorities. They helped us design our business website with a shopping cart and devise a practical SEO and Google Ads strategy, which effectively earned us plausible website traffic, and we even started getting orders through the site! Although there is still a long way to go, we are happy to have Plus Promotions on our side.

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