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Rose Clinic – Web Development & Digital Marketing Case Study

Rose Clinic – Web Development & Digital Marketing Case Study

It has not been that very long since Plus Promotions and Rose Clinic decided to join hands and start working together.

Rose Clinic is one of the leading destinations for people who are suffering from skin-related health issues like moles. The clinic consists of an experienced group of medical professionals who can provide services like mole mapping. They also use Artificial Intelligence (AI) screening programs to provide the best treatment in Ireland.

The founder of Rose Clinic, H. Paul Redmond, was a chairman and a professor in the department of surgery at Cork University Hospital Group. He had a special interest in surgical oncology. Through the years, Professor Redmond has had a growing interest in spreading awareness related to skin cancer along with its screening and prevention. This ultimately gave birth to Rose Clinic.

It has not been that very long since Plus Promotions and Rose Clinic decided to join hands and start working together. They have managed to build a strong business relationship with each other. Over the years, they have worked together on numerous challenges and conquered all of them. However, the following are some of the most difficult challenges that Plus Promotions had to face while working with Rose Clinic. For more information on this topic, read the case study below!


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SEO-Friendly Website Design

A major challenge we came across while working with Rose Clinic was creating an SEO-friendly website design. There were numerous hurdles and roadblocks during the development stages. Our team already knew the importance of creating an SEO-friendly website.

SEO can make or break any business in the digital world. It aids in increasing the visibility and ranking of the website among interested customers and search results. The main problem we faced was incorporating the medical terms while maintaining the SEO-friendliness of the website.

Structuring the Menu and Banner & Working On Colour Combinations

Structuring the menu and the website’s banner was one of the early projects that Plus Promotions and Rose Clinic worked on together. The client had some ideas for the menu and banner design. So, they conveyed their idea to our team.

Another major challenge we faced while working with the client was working on colour combinations. The client had a specific requirement regarding the colour combination. They provided our team with their requirements.

Developing A Patient Referral Form

Developing a patient referral form certainly deserves mention when discussing the memorable challenges we encountered while working with Rose Clinic. The idea behind developing a referral form was pretty simple, as the client wanted a system that could help them attract more customers and generate leads.

So, in order to reimburse a patient for referring another successful patient, our team had to create a referral form. While working, we also had to deal with the issue of how to inform people about this referral scheme. We knew that without any website traffic, this referral form would fail to make an impact.

Website Maintenance

While working on website maintenance, there were numerous challenges that we came across. The main reason behind the maintenance work was the slow load time of the website. One of the major reasons behind this problem was high-resolution videos and their sizes.

Our team knew the importance of videos, so we had to find an alternative way, as removing them was not an option. Another major challenge we faced during the website maintenance work was high-quality images, which slowed down the website.

SEO & Google Ads

In this case study, we are only discussing the most difficult challenges. And when talking about the difficult ones, working on SEO and Google Ads gave us the most sleepless nights. This has to be one of the most difficult challenges that we had to face while working with the Rose Clinic.

The main problem was that no matter how hard we tried to strategize our marketing campaigns on Google Ads, they didn’t approve of them. This problem really took a toll on our team, as we were almost on the verge of giving up.

SEO-Friendly Website Design

Creating an SEO-friendly website design was one of the biggest challenges we came across while working with Rose Clinic. In order to overcome this challenge, we had to play the waiting game. The main problem was using medical terms in the website’s content while working on the SEO.

The team experimented with different permutations and combinations to get the desired results. In the end, we successfully built an SEO-friendly website while using the appropriate medical terms in the web page’s content.

Structuring the Menu and Banner & Working On Colour Combinations

Our team had to undergo some significant modifications to overcome the challenges related to structuring the menu and banner. At first, we had to organize meetings with the client to understand their specific requirements. Then, we kept in touch with the client while arranging the menu and banner for constant feedback.

To overcome the issues related to colour combination, we followed the same principles as we did while structuring the menu and banners. We had to mention that the client helped us a lot while the team were working on the colour combination. This helped us to solve this issue.

Developing A Patient Referral Form

To effectively develop a referral system, the team created and implemented a form on the website. Here, the patient had to fill up the form by providing details like name, DOB, relevant medical history, and more. It helps the admin to maintain a journal of all the successful referrals.

For the promotion of this referral system, we mainly used two methods to attract more and more customers and make it a success:

  • We introduced offers and coupons for patients who could manage to bring a successful referral. It encouraged our existing customers to bring in new leads.
  • Secondly, we started promoting the referral form system through Google Ads and social media advertising to reach more people.

Website Maintenance

To overcome the challenges associated with high-resolution videos, we optimized the videos to improve the website’s load time. For video optimization, we incorporated the following steps:

  • We used data compression tools to decrease the size of the videos.
  • Stream the videos directly from the server.

For problems related to high-quality images, we incorporated the following steps:

  • Use compression tools to reduce the image size while maintaining the quality.
  • Ensure proper sitemaps for each image available on the website.

SEO & Google Ads

Working with SEO and Google Ads was probably the biggest challenge we had to encounter while working with Rose Clinic. After a detailed analysis, our team finally came to the conclusion that Google was not approving the ads due to the use of medical terminology.

So, we had to structure our campaigns according to the guidelines. It took almost a month before Google finally decided to approve our marketing campaigns.

Our team truly believes that difficulties are a necessary component of learning. We even think that if we can identify the root cause, we can resolve any problem. The team takes inspiration from notable personalities and how they overcame their hurdles.

The team feels inspired and motivated to push their limits after reading their autobiographies. In addition, facing challenges helps us acquire new skills, knowledge, and experience. We finally managed to overcome the above challenges, which made us and the client happy!


We highly recommend Plus Promotions for all web design, SEO optimisation, patient referral form development & website maintenance-related tasks. They have been OUTSTANDING in boosting our visibility on the web. They were constantly in touch with us for feedback while structuring our menu and choosing the colour combination. Despite shouldering all these responsibilities at once, they charged reasonably and covered everything within our budget.

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