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Sliced – Sliced Digital Marketing& SEO – Case Study

Sliced – Sliced Digital Marketing& SEO – Case Study

Most companies use banners to portray information accurately. However, companies have their own branding rules that include colours, design styles, typefaces or typography, photo use, and so on.

Sliced is one of the leading restaurants in the city of Cork. They are well-known among Irish people for their food and quality of service. On their website, they have wonderfully described their passion for food: they believe they are salad when the customers are feeling like eating something healthy.

On the other hand, they also feel like a desert when visitors have their “sweet mode” on. In short, Sliced has a bit of everything for everybody, from healthy eaters to general foodies. The restaurant is one of those places that you should visit when you are around Cork.

Plus Promotions and Sliced have developed a good working partnership in just a few years. Their same business mindset is the driving force behind their successful friendship. They have collaborated on countless projects and overcome numerous hurdles. However, the following are some of the toughest obstacles that Plus Promotions faced when working with Irish Removals: Read the case study below for more information.


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Google Ads

After starting the Google Ads marketing campaign, the client got more calls than expected, but most of these calls were not from customers who wanted to order food or book a table. In fact, these were general queries about the restaurant or from people who wanted something completely different.

Another major challenge was that the conversion rate was significantly low compared to the number of clicks. The number of clicks indicated that we had used the right keywords. The client was worried as the lack of conversion was really concerning. Hence, we had to find the underlying reason behind this issue.

Social Media Promotions

The only issue we faced while working on social media promotions was choosing the right platform. Studies show that over 51% of consumers prefer YouTube to discover new brands, but only 35% of companies consider YouTube as an option for marketing. Our team knew that if we failed to restructure our marketing strategy, we would miss out on bankable platforms.

In addition, the team also knew that investing in the wrong platform could burn through the marketing budget. So, the team needed to select the right platform for social media promotions to make them effective and successful.

Banner Logo & Business Card Design

Most companies use banners to portray information accurately. Generally, companies have their own branding rules for colours, design styles, typefaces or typography, and photo use. So, developing a banner logo was certainly a difficult challenge since the team had to follow the branding rules set by the client.

A business card can frequently mean the difference between making a good first impression and losing business. This important piece of business stationery must be both eye-catching and instructive, but it must also express attention to detail and quality. The main issue that the team had was avoiding a generic approach during the design process.

Restaurant Menu Card Design

The menu card is probably the most effective communication tool for a restaurant. It not only introduces people to the restaurant and shows the food selections, but it also emphasizes the concept and personality of your business.

So, to do it efficiently, the menu must be constructed in a specific way. Reports suggest a client only spends 109 seconds looking at a menu before choosing what to get. The two main issues we had are listed below:

  • Creating a category for the food items
  • Lack of attention to details

Google Ads

After extensive research, the team found that the problem was with keyword selection. Here, the main trick was to fine-tune the keyword choices to move the marketing campaign from general ones to ones that best fit user intent. We knew that we had to make the most of our advertisement budget and bid on keywords that provided value.

The team found that the primary reason behind the low conversion rate was the landing page experience. We were getting the clicks which mean we have incorporated the right keywords. So, it was time to work on the landing page. We had to check a couple of things, which included:

  • Landing page load speed
  • Design of the landing page
  • Does it look and feel user-friendly?

Social Media Promotions

Through a market study and extensive research, the team found that the choice of social media platform entirely depends on the type of products and services the business is currently offering. Since our client was a restaurant owner, the team headed to Twitter to develop a personalized connection.

In fact, we also used Instagram to spread awareness about the restaurant locally. While working on this project, we came across a few steps that proved to be crucial for its success.

  • Know your audience.
  • The platforms they use for social media.
  • Their social media activities.
  • Discover audience demographics like gender, age, and location.

Banner Logo & Business Card Design

Before we started designing the banner logo, the team had to communicate with the client to understand their branding requirements. In fact, through this communication, we also came to know about their specifications regarding the banner logo. During the design process, our team kept in constant touch with the client to keep them informed and waited for their feedback.

The team knew that cheap business cards with laser-printed images and text might help them overcome the issue on a short-term basis. But the visitors would get the impression that attention to detail and quality are not important for the client. So, to avoid this generic approach, we decided to select high-quality cards and specialized printing techniques like blind embossing or letterpress.

Restaurant Menu Card Design

The team knew the importance of creating categories. Appetizers, soups, burgers, pizzas, and desserts, for example, should be served together and in the same order. Entrés, for example, should not be offered before soups and appetizers because the guests may be tempted to choose the main dish and skip the appetizers. Additionally, the team decided to display vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes on distinct pages.

To overcome the issues associated with a lack of detail, the team kept the following restaurant menu design tips in mind.

  • The menu should be simple and easy to read.
  • No matter how delicious your recipes are, choosing the improper font style, size, colour, and paper might make scanning the pages difficult.
  • Do not overcrowd the pages with elements or choose a background that is excessively dark and strains the eyes in low-light situations.
  • Nothing is more frustrating than reading a menu with mistakes. If you can’t spell a dish, it doesn’t give customers trust that you can cook it. As a result, double-check your menu.

We are extremely grateful to have a group of people who thrive on achievement. We never settle for mediocrity as a team. In reality, the team always finds a way to make the best of any given situation. We encountered various obstacles and bottlenecks while working on the above projects.

But we never gave up, and we believe that is the most important thing. You just have to continue with it, no matter how difficult the challenge is. There were times when we felt defeated, but our never-say-die spirit kept us going.


Sliced had the pleasure of working with Plus Promotions for the graphic and web design of our business. We are thoroughly impressed with the logo, banner, and business card designs as they represent our brand perfectly. We highly recommend Plus Promotions for their top-notch services.

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