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Toy and Games Website Design & Development – Case Study

Toy and Games Website Design & Development – Case Study

The company offers a wide collection of toys, including games, educational toys, wooden toys, and many more.

Toys and Games is one of the leading online stores in Ireland that helps customers find the right toy for their toddlers and kids. The company offers a wide collection of toys, including games, educational toys, wooden toys, and many more. The brands they offer include Egmont, Melissa & Doug, Janod, Djeco, Galt, Pebble, Small Foot, and more.

Suzie, the owner of Toys and Games, started the business in 2014. The main inspiration behind the toy shop was her 3-year-old child. The main issue was that her children wanted to acquire heavily advertised, expensive, plastic, noisy toys that she knew they’d get tired of in a matter of days. So, with her family’s support, she opened her online shop for toys and games.

Toys and Games and Plus Promotions have established a positive working relationship in a short amount of time. They have collaborated on several projects and overcome numerous difficulties and hurdles. It aided in the development and strengthening of their connection. However, the following problems that Plus Promotions faced while working for Toys and Games were the toughest: So, in this case study, we’ll go through all the significant problems that Plus Promotions faced and how they overcame them.


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Team Size

New Website Design

One of the most difficult issues that the team encountered was creating a uniform and readily manageable web development methodology. Some businesses are unable to adhere to a common plan and hence incur losses.

They frequently experiment with various ways that may fulfil their goals in the short term but are certain to develop unexpected weaknesses in the future. This process lengthens the time to market and makes maintenance more difficult and time-consuming.

Many businesses prioritize micromanagement over maximizing their development stages. They devise illogical techniques to hasten the process while failing to see its harmful consequences. This causes a slew of web development issues that need frequent pivoting and iteration.

E-Commerce Website Development

The development of robust e-commerce security is vital to the company’s success. One of the most important e-commerce difficulties is the rising usage of technology, which presents security concerns. Hackers and scammers threaten to assault the host server, steal valuable data, and infect it with malware.

Debit and credit card data breaches have become widespread, and such mistakes have a direct influence on a consumer’s confidence. Phishing is another risk that hackers offer to businesses by requesting sensitive data from their consumers. Several people are growing concerned about e-commerce websites’ capacity to adequately safeguard their identification and transaction data.

On-Page SEO

In this era of the digital boom, every business understands the importance of on-page SEO. On-page SEO assists search engines in analysing the website and the information associated with it in order to determine whether a searcher’s search is relevant to our client’s website.

Google’s algorithm is continuously updated in order to better comprehend a user’s intent and produce search results that fit that user’s demands.

The website should evolve in tandem with Google’s algorithm. But here, the issue was completely different, as we had to maintain the on-page SEO while transferring the web content from the old website to the new one. Some of the main issues we had to face while working on this project are listed below:

  • Images That Aren’t Searchable
  • Inadequate Navigation
  • Page loading time
  • Structured Data Mark-up and Local Search

Product Upload and Management

What is the most challenging aspect of product uploading and management? The role’s duties and authority are most likely out of balance. This is a global obstacle since you are likely to experience it regardless of your nation or sector. As a project manager, an individual is responsible for the total product, just as the company’s management is. The main distinction is that you do not have the same level of authority as the other managers.

Another major issue we had with product upload and management was product roadmap prioritization. The process of producing the perfect product takes a lot of information. But it may get problematic if all the data inputs stimulate numerous amazing ideas, which even the product manager would want to include in a product roadmap.

Another big challenge with road mapping involves rapid changes and poor levels of predictability. PMs will find their roadmaps interrupted by unanticipated events and factors.

New Website Design

To overcome the challenges related to designing a new website, the team decided to implement the following:

Proven Strategies: As a team, we decided to use popular software development methods such as Agile, Scrum, XP, and others. This will enable the team to work in short sprints and complete tasks on time. Furthermore, tracking project development in real-time becomes simple.

Adopting DevOps: DevOps improves communication across teams and throughout all elements of the project life cycle: development, including testing and QA, and operations. You may use top software development firms’ DevOps automation services to lower the number of failures for new releases, shorten the time between patches, and enhance time-to-market. E-Commerce Website Development

Outsourcing Resources: The team decided that if the current members didn’t have the required qualifications to get the job done, we would hire new members. It can be both contractual and permanent. But these professionals should have skills and experience in web development roadmap planning, execution, and optimization. We knew that it would speed up the web development process, improve cooperation, and get the project up and running more quickly.

Centralization: Follow a systematic procedure that emphasizes consistency and ongoing development. This procedure should be simple to comprehend, forecast, and sustain. To meet various criteria, all developers should work together but independently.

E-Commerce Website Development

Every business working in the digital world must emphasise security in order to retain the brand’s image and attract repeat consumers. In fact, security was one of the most important factors to consider during the development process. But there were numerous issues we had to face while working on it.

Switching to HTTPS protocols, utilising reliable third-party payment processing systems, and gaining Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) accreditation are all actions that may be taken to secure the company’s data and clients.

Firewall software and plugins that defend against SQL injections and cross-site scripting aid in the avoidance of questionable networks while allowing consistent traffic to the website.

On-Page SEO

Our team was aware that redirections to the new site could be set up using a variety of tools, including plugins and the .htaccess file. In reality, we knew that no matter what choice we made, the outcome would be the same.

As a result, we decided to set up redirects using the .htaccess file and would suggest that others do the same. To merge data from three cells, we used the formula =CONCATENATE. Then we merged strings to include in the .htaccess file. After adding the .htaccess file, we would save the changes and update the file on the network.

The most important things we kept in mind were:

  • Make a backup of the .htaccess file first.
  • Use FTP to update the file.
  • Double-check the .htaccess file on the website after we’ve edited it. So, if something went wrong, we would return the old .htaccess file and analyse the new one to determine the issue.

Product Upload and Management

This product management and upload dilemma have no silver bullet. But the team improved their interpersonal abilities. It assisted us in influencing individuals without official power over them. As a team, we developed ways to assist and create value without having any team members report to anyone.

That is why there is dual support for our function. On the one hand, we established our own authority by leading with influence and setting a good example. On the other hand, authority was the outcome of our team’s empowerment and support.

The first step in prioritizing the product roadmap was to back up the hypothesis with consumer data. Following that, the team created a data-driven strategy while keeping the client’s requirements in mind. After that, we informed the client regarding our strategy to prioritize the product roadmap. Since every business is unique, so are its requirements. So, we created a customized strategy for the product roadmap to complement our client’s business goals and objectives.

The above challenge gave us some of the most difficult times we had to face as a team. But the primary idea behind overcoming any challenge is to work until you find its root cause. Yes, the path to discovering the underlying issue was certainly not easy. We had to acquire new skills and knowledge to work around it.

While working on these difficulties, we noticed that they helped us strengthen our team relationships. However, there were instances when we felt unmotivated, depressed, and sad. But, with sheer persistence, we always found a method to get around it. Finally, we completed the tasks effectively, which pleased both us and the customer.


Plus Promotions excels at turning your website vision into reality. We are immensely proud of the incredible work they have been doing for us. The specialists handle things very efficiently and are always available for any questions or queries we have. Our website has completely transformed the image of our company and is now the key introductory point for new and prospective customers. Thank you Plus Promotions for a job well done!

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