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USA-LTD & USSR-LTD – Website Redesign & SEO Case Study

USA-LTD & USSR-LTD – Website Redesign & SEO Case Study

The relationship between Plus Promotions and USA-LTD has always remained strong since they started working together.

USA-LTD and USSR-LTD are the two names that pop into the minds of the Irish people when it comes to pipe renovation, pipe repair, drain and pipe surveying, and pipe inspection. USA-LTD provides a wide range of services, including CCTV drainage mapping and surveying in Ireland.

USSR-LTD is well-known for the new techniques they use for repairing new and old sewer systems. Founded in 1993, the group has managed to grow substantially over the years. Their range of expertise includes underground pipe repair and underground pipe surveys within the utility and water industries.

The relationship between Plus Promotions and USA-LTD has always remained strong since they started working together. Over the years, both companies have managed to build a strong bond with each other. They have worked on numerous challenges and conquered most of them. The challenges mentioned here are some of the trickiest ones that Plus Promotions faced while working with USA-LTD. To find out more,read the case study below!


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Website Redesign

The first major challenge regarding website redesign was creating a design that served the business’s vision and provided information about the business. Our team knew that the redesign should be information-based rather than design-based.

For example, we have seen websites with many pages. In reality, these pages are nothing; but links that take you to a different section of the same page, and we strictly wanted to avoid that.

Another big challenge we had to face was identifying the purpose of a website redesign. We knew we had to identify the purpose, as it would help us redesign. Moreover, the design drawbacks of the previous website will help the team compare their progress.


While improving the SEO of the website, our team had to face many hurdles and roadblocks. One of the major problems that we faced was identifying the target keywords. The team knew that going for a low-priced keyword would not make a difference as everybody was going for it.

On the flip side, high-priced keywords are so hard to reach that no one bothers about them. Another major challenge we faced while working on SEO was the meta description. We knew the importance of the meta description, as it helps establish a great first impression and draw readers.

Website Maintenance

After an initial discussion with the client, we understood that the client wanted us to create a news section for the website. They wanted this news section to be relevant to their business. So, our team had to step up and acquire the required skills and knowledge to develop this functionality.

While working on maintenance, the client informed us they wanted to make certain changes to the website. The process may look easy and straightforward, but understanding the exact requirements and executing them flawlessly are two different things.

Website Redesign

While working with USA-LTD, redesigning the website was one of the most difficult jobs we had to complete. Regarding the design approach, we created the design blueprint based on the information that the client wanted to portray. Meanwhile, we kept in touch with the client for feedback. We took a custom approach to redesign the website according to the business requirements.

To identify the purpose of the website redesign, we had to discuss everything with the client. Through communication, we listed all the drawbacks that they were facing. Hence, our design approach also included these drawbacks to make the redesign even more effective.


To solve all the problems related to SEO, our team incorporated the following rules.

  • Use high-volume keywords with personalized descriptions.
  • Create unique and original content to grab the audience’s attention.
  • Write catchy meta descriptions while incorporating keywords.
  • Focus on local SEO
  • Fill up the ALT attributes.

Website Maintenance

Our team implemented the following methods to develop an effective news section for the website.

  • Look for news articles about your industry.
  • Provide additional links for further reading.
  • Add a sharing option for all social media outlets.
  • Take constant client feedback for any possible improvements.

Regarding the website changes, we decided to implement the following rules:

  • Understand the exact requirements of the client.
  • Create a blueprint of the design before sending it to the client for feedback.
  • Maintain proper communication within the team to avoid any confusion.
  • Keep constant contact with the client to inform them of the progress.

Our team has managed to push their limits, all thanks to the above challenges. Of course, there were numerous hurdles and roadblocks. The team has the right attitude and will take these challenges as an opportunity to learn new things.

We used our gathered knowledge, skills, and experience to overcome all the frustrating moments during the execution phase. Finally, we have managed to conquer all the challenges and implement the functionalities mentioned by the client.


They have been stupendous from initiation till completion of our project. From identifying the drawbacks of our previous site to taking a custom approach while redesigning & improving our ranking in the local search results, they have aced everything like a true web professional. The outcomes left us ecstatic! A 200% increase in the number of clients filling up our contact us form is not a matter of joke. Profoundly overjoyed by their service.

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Plus Promotions can be a valuable partner to your business. From digital marketing to mobile application development to graphic designing, we can help your business grow and thrive. We strive to generate a productive online presence for you. As an all-encompassing website design and digital marketing agency, we have a range of services to offer. Some of our high-quality services include SEO, SMO, web design, web development, mobile app development, third-party integrations, and eCommerce platform services.

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