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Wok N Roll – Web Development & Digital Marketing Case Study

Wok N Roll – Web Development & Digital Marketing Case Study

Plus Promotions and Wok N' Roll have worked on numerous challenges to overcome them.

Wok N’ Roll is a leading restaurant that offers authentic East and Southeast Asian cuisine in the Cayman Islands. They have managed to create a mouth-watering menu while combining all the regional flavours of Asian countries. From savoury soups and spicy noodles to dim sum and wontons, the restaurant offers an extensive range of dishes.

Visitors will also get an authentic range of Chinese, Filipino, Thai, Indonesian, and Malaysian dishes. The dine-in area of the place is quite cosy, with a small number of tables. So, the restaurant also offers a takeout and delivery option. The delivery service is free for up to 7 miles, but it is only available for orders worth more than $20.

Plus Promotions and Wok N’ Roll have worked on numerous challenges to overcome them. It helped both companies build a solid business relationship with each other over a short period of time. They also have a lot of similarities in terms of business mindset and operations. But the following challenges are some of the most difficult ones Plus Promotions had to face while working with Wok N’ Roll.This case study discusses all the challenges that Plus Promotions faced and how they overcame them.


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Website Maintenance

One of the major challenges we faced while working with Wok N’ Roll was managing the menu section of their website. Based on the client’s requirements, our team had to create a downloadable menu and redesign the menu page to make it more interesting.

Another major challenge was that while we were working on managing the menu page, we came across several errors. These errors created significant roadblocks in the process of updating the menu page. So, our team had to fix that too.

Digital Marketing

One of the most notable challenges we faced was SEO. The team had to optimize the website’s SEO to increase its visibility among locals. Here, the main problem for our team was choosing the right tool for SEO optimization. The team already knew one wrong move could adversely affect the visibility factor.

Another major issue our team faced while working on digital marketing was the usage of Google ads. The client and our team wanted some immediate results. During the launch, the expectations were too high regarding the first marketing campaign.

For email marketing, the primary issue our team faced was how to increase the rate of audience engagement. The following are the three underlying reasons behind this problem:

  • The subject of the campaign wasn’t resonating with potential customers.
  • Send too many or very few emails for marketing purposes.
  • The content was too vague for audience interaction.

The main issues we faced regarding social media marketing were defining marketing goals and understanding the target audience. Both points have the potential to make or break the marketing campaign. So, solving this issue was the main priority for our team.

Website Maintenance

While working on website maintenance, we came across numerous hurdles and roadblocks. Our team had to put in the required time and effort to solve the issues. For menu management, we created the following steps:

  • The design team created a downloadable menu based on the client’s requirements.
  • We linked the appropriate image with each cuisine for the menu page on the website. Users can see the cuisine’s photo as soon as they click on it.
  • For the website errors, our development team needed to analyze the underlying reason behind the problem. Once we identified the reasons, the development team fixed the issues and updated the menu within a short period of time.

Digital Marketing

To deal with all the challenges related to digital marketing, our team came up with the following rules:

  • Our marketing team analyzed all the tools to find the ones that could possibly benefit the client. The team decided to have a proper conversation with the client to discuss the company’s vision and scope. It helped us to eliminate all tools that don’t offer any functionality.
  • Our expectations regarding the first marketing campaign for Google ads were too high; that was our drawback. So, the team decided to give the marketing campaign some time to run effectively. Finally, the results started to show up, and we all learned patience is a virtue.
  • For email marketing issues, our team decided to send personalized emails to the customers and decrease the rate of automated transactional emails. For example, sending a wish email to the customers on their birthdays and anniversaries or providing discount codes helped grab attention.
  • Our team incorporated a SMART goal approach for each campaign. Here, SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time-Bound. To determine the target audience, we had a detailed discussion with the client to get proper clarity.

According to our team, obstacles, setbacks, and failures will enable them to develop distinctive abilities and skill sets. The team also believes that we should make new mistakes instead of repeating the old ones. This indicates we are improving as a team.

While working with Wok N’ Roll, there were moments when a team member felt lost and demotivated, but we never gave up on them as a team. We constantly tried to motivate them to overcome this phase. Finally, we have successfully implemented all the features and functionalities based on client requirements.


We are convinced that we had an exemplary experience working with the design, development & marketing teams at Plus Promotions. It was indeed a pleasure to witness our website revamped & optimised with the best SEO practices. They ran multiple marketing campaigns for us. The outcome was exceptional. The way they systematically ensued can only be expected of a seasoned web agency. We get more orders and recognition than before. Cannot be happier with everything they have done!

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