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AngularJS Developers

Hire Talented UK-Based AngularJS Developers to Enjoy Dynamic & Multifaceted Web App Solutions!

Our AngularJS development company has the best Angular minds and is comfortable working with all its versions to deliver interactive, dynamic, and scalable frontends. Hire us to leverage the latest Angular skillsets and AngularJS web development tools and accelerate your frontend architecture cost-effectively.

AngularJS Developers

Vetted Angular Developers, Eager to Get Hired as Per Your Chosen Engagement Option

We acknowledge that every customer has different project requirements and work patterns. Therefore, create personalised engagement models to deliver the utmost satisfaction. Enjoy the flexibility by hiring our team for a fixed period, on an hourly basis or engaging a dedicated team, as per your choice.

Starting price £ 30 per hour

What is AngularJS, and What Makes it the Preferred Frontend Technology for Big Brands?

If there is a systematic frontend technology that has proven its design architecture of declarative UI, it is AngularJS. Developers love employing it to extend their HTML capabilities and enrich website components required for building scalable and interactive apps. Imagine doing all that with less coding! There is little wonder why developers prefer this technology so much!

Some of the biggest brands, namely Deutsche Bank, Forbes, Samsung, and PayPal have used it. Any idea why? It is because the technology offers a flawless user experience to the vast website traffic on their website. If you are up for strong client-side solutions and wish to improve your web app and make it more interactive, switch to AngularJS. Enjoy cutting-edge AngularJS web development services irrespective of your industry vertical by hiring Plus Promotions. Our pool of talent promises exclusive skills and in-depth knowledge.

Who is an AngularJS Developer?

An AngularJS developer is someone, who has a profound understanding of angular software engineering. The person is an experienced JavaScript programmer who makes the most of the powerful framework to create Single Page Applications (SPAs) or efficient web applications. Plus Promotions works with a team of AngularJS development services providers, who are always motivated and dedicated to creating innovative and interactive web applications to meet the desired business goals.

Here are some skills we are proud of in our AngularJS developers:

  • Has sound knowledge of Node Package Manager (NPM)
  • Familiar with HTML and CSS
  • Proficient in Angular CLI
  • Comfortable working with Git
  • Deep knowledge of programming
  • Proficient in testing and debugging
  • Adroit in using RxJS to best handle asynchronous data
  • Better understanding of responsive design

AngularJS Developer Responsibilities Played by Plus Promotions

At Plus Promotions, we have hired an extremely talented team of custom AngularJS development specialists, who all connect well with our web developers and backend engineers. They work closely to create highly responsive, interactive, and superb performing web applications. Here is a glimpse of the responsibilities they fulfil:

  • Developing and delivering reusable, testable, and self-contained modules and components
  • Make sure the app runs seamlessly on mobile and desktop
  • Guaranteeing a clear dependency chain from application logic and file relationship perspective
  • Running non-blocking codes and using multi-threading at the time of need
  • Optimising profile
  • Creating RESTful API by coordinating with backend developers
  • Keeping in touch with external web services
  • Making the best use of knowledge in ReactJS and NodeJS
  • Working with CSS3, JavaScript and HTML
  • Leveraging familiarity with ECMAScript to full advantage
  • Unit-testing codes and debugging applications

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