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CakePHP Developers

Hire Dedicated CakePHP Developers from Plus Promotions!

Are you searching the web for highly experienced and certified CakePHP developers to bring a level of professionalism to your application? If you nodded your head to a ‘yes’, then you are in the perfect spot. We are a team of CakePHP professionals waiting to reunite and craft end-to-end solutions to meet your business needs by keeping the CakePHP industry standards in mind.

CakePHP Developers

Enjoy Flexible Hiring Models on CakePHP Development Services

We are well-recognised for offering flexible engagement and pricing models to meet the personalised needs of our clients. We are comfortable working for a dedicated pricing model as much as we are happy with a fixed price and time & material pricing models. Enjoy completion of your project within a limited timeframe without compromising on the best quality standards!

Starting price £ 30-50 per hour

What Makes CakePHP the Best PHP Framework?

For those who are new to CakePHP, this one is for you. It is an open-source PHP framework that saw daylight in 2004. Based on the Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture, it handles every specific development task by involving each of its components. Despite its existence for years, it still manages to maintain its relevance today. All thanks to the continuous evolution that it has undergone since its inception!

CakePHP, as a framework, is popular among developers due to its advanced modularity that enables them to create standalone libraries. Besides, you could enjoy top-notch security with trending features like cross-site request forgery, SQL injection prevention and scripting protection. Plus, CakePHP experts have access to a range of components, which promises broad functionality. Lastly, it only demands a copy of the CakePHP framework and a web server to get started. It is as simple as that!

Introducing an Ideal CakePHP Developer

A CakePHP development services provider is someone who shoulders the responsibility of writing server-side web application logic. The individual is thoroughly familiar with the CakePHP framework and engages in a string of functions: develops back-end components, links applications to third-party web services and guides the front-end developers during the integration of work with the application. Now, this was just a glimpse of the day-to-day operations performed by a CakePHP developer.

What do you think sets a good CakePHP developer apart from others? It is the inherent interest and keenness to leverage the framework when approached with a PHP-based product. At Plus Promotions, we work with a team of passionate professionals with the following skills:

  • A strong knowledge base in PHP with ample know-how of its quirks
  • A clear understanding of CakePHP from inside-out, including its extensive features
  • Familiar with object-relational mapping (ORM) of CakePHP
  • Acquainted with the approach of Fat Model, Skinny Controller
  • Adept in JavaScript, CSS3 and HTML5 as the front-end technologies
  • Proficient in code versioning tools like Git
  • Expert in SQL/ NoSQL databases
  • Acquainted with CakePHP’s suite of helpers

Roles & Responsibilities of a CakePHP Developer

Plus Promotions is a gold mine of talented CakePHP developers who all embrace open-source technology to deliver result-oriented web solutions. We are responsible for the exemplary business growth of many enterprises. By curating web solutions of varying complexities, we help our corporate clients to overcome tough business challenges. Trust our CakePHP developers! We have years of experience in delivering tailor-made web solutions to meet business-specific requirements and assure you the same.

You can assess our worth by checking out the responsibilities we shoulder only for our clients:

  • We integrate user-facing elements that are developed by our front-end developers
  • We help overcome architectural challenges
  • We resolve the complex performance problems
  • Integrate data storage solutions
  • Ensure a glitch-free performance of the deliverable
  • Design reusable CakePHP components and implement them for efficiency

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