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Custom PHP Full-Stack Developers

Hire Remote Custom PHP Full-Stack Developers from the UK

Offshore PHP developers at Plus Promotions are proficient in all the top PHP frameworks, including Zend, Symphony, CakePHP, and Laravel. We offer full-service PHP website development services for clients across the world.

Custom PHP Full-Stack Developers

PHP Development Resources on Demand

A practical and flexible way to hire a remote PHP developer team of your choice. Pay as you go and only for the services you need. No extra cost, only results that guarantee maximum ROI.

Starting price £ 20-40 per hour

Plus Promotions, which has been a PHP and MySQL web development specialist since the early 2000s, can help you find a skilled PHP developer offshore for just about any project. In the recent past, we have also gained the recognition of a reputable Laravel development company in the UK for delivering cutting-edge custom web applications.

With the assistance of our skilled PHP designers, programmers, and software developers, along with effective processes and methodologies, we create future-proof PHP applications and websites and offer custom PHP development services. Get a richly experienced and equipped professional backup for organising and scaling different types of PHP projects with essential time and cost management.

An Overview Of PHP

The general-purpose scripting language, PHP, has been around since the late 90s and is still the most powerful and standard choice for building high-fidelity web pages, web portals, and applications, as well as feature-rich landing pages. PHP can easily create large-scale e-commerce sites and handle anything from dynamic content to vast and sophisticated databases, and session monitoring.

It is often referred to as “core PHP”, which doesn’t require external libraries or customised functions; instead, a variety of PHP frameworks, including Laravel, Codeigniter, and CakePHP, are available to extend the functionality. It is simple to interface with both rational and non-rational databases, such as MySQL and MongoDB, and content management systems. (CMS), such as WordPress and Drupal, which collectively allow developers to eliminate the need to write code from scratch. PHP is a pivotal part of high-profile tech stacks like LAMP and MAMP.

What is a Custom PHP Developer?

A custom PHP programmer is someone who can write, maintain, and test application logic on the server side. They can link programs with back-end components as well as other (often external) online services seamlessly. They can also have an adept understanding of front-end development and be able to integrate different frameworks with specific applications. At Plus Promotions, we can align you with a core PHP developer in the UK who will be proficient in all the following qualities:

  • Following design patterns like MVC (Model View Controller),
  • Be an expert in programming languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  • Provide Laravel module-based development
  • Creating reusable, maintainable, and organized code base
  • Working with built-in tested code blocks
  • Adept in tool stacks like LAMP, MAMP, and others,
  • Have a core understanding of PHP rapid action development.
  • Prioritise and organise SEO factors for custom websites.
  • Have excellent business communication skills to help clients understand the technology and be more independent with their choices.

What Are the Roles & Responsibilities of a Custom PHP Development Company?

In reality, while looking for a PHP developer, most businesses seek a strategy or a vision that will save them time, money, and essential resources while achieving all of the goals of a web or application development project. Most customers are neither selective nor knowledgeable about the PHP ecosystem and its frameworks.

Plus Promotions custom PHP development company in the UK, can make a difference in that situation with our offshore custom PHP development services, where we assist our clients in designing, creating, and innovating cutting-edge web experiences, apps, and technology by bringing out the most recent PHP programming approaches and frameworks.

As we work with our clients, we hope to educate them on how to use PHP to its full potential. To deliver the best results to our clients, we carry out the following roles and responsibilities…

  • Offer bespoke engagement strategies prioritising business requirements, in-house team resources and budgets
  • Custom PHP Development solutions for eCommerce websites, online booking systems, online portals and web-based CRM systems.
  • Create dedicated PHP teams and align the best talents for specific project needs.
  • PHP API integration solutions.
  • Custom PHP software development for the web, mobile web or database management.
  • PHP solutions for cloud-based platforms
  • PHP project maintenance and support
  • Augment in-house teams by offering an extension of skills through dedicated support, hiring a symphony developer, a Laravel developer, or building a full-stack LAMP developer team as you need.

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