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Hire Certified Magento Extension Developers

Hire Our Team of Certified Magento Extension Developers with Over a Decade of Experience

Planning to bring your eCommerce dreams to life? Partner with our Magento extension development services providers with a record of rendering 100+ extensions to date and develop the next module of your business.

Work with Magento Extension Developers Hourly, Monthly or Part-Time!

We are happy to announce that our Magento extension developers have flexible availability so that you can hire them hourly, monthly, or part-time to suit your business requirements. Well-versed in Magento, all our resources have proven track records of customising and installing Magento 2 extensions on multiple stores to achieve specific functionalities within the discussed timeline.

Hire Certified Magento Extension Developers

Looking for the Right Extension for a Desired Functionality?

Talk to Our Magento Extension Developers to Explore Custom Packages.

Starting price £ 20-40 per hour

An Overview of Magento Extensions

Magento extensions are code packages aimed towards rendering desired capabilities to Magento. From a technical standpoint, they are directories with XML and PHP files organised into controllers, models, blocks and helpers to serve particular business functions. Alternatively called modules, they are packageable components that extend the functionality of Magento. To achieve specific capabilities, extensions are typically distributed and installed in several stores.

Wondering what’s the logic behind extensibility? All these years, the primary focus of Magento has been to maximise its extensibility. It is implemented by replacing the core code to preserve Magento’s integrity and presenting developers with an opportunity to customise Magento to their requirements.

Who is a Magento Extension Developer?

A Magento extension developer is a programmer enjoying specialisation in creating custom plugins for an open-source e-commerce platform. The individual aims to enrich the platform with novel features and functionalities. From developing custom themes, plugins and modules to integrating third-party extensions to the Magento platform, the techies nail everything.

Put differently, a Magento extension developer is a programmer with a strong understanding of the Magento platform and its architecture. Look for the following when you seek a professional Magento extension developer:

  • Skilled in PHP programming
  • Familiarity with the Magento development environment
  • A keen understanding of the Magento architecture
  • Profound knowledge of third-party API integration
  • Versant in MySQL, necessary for creating extensions capable of storing data in the Magento database and retrieving information
  • Endowed with the knowledge of version control tools
  • Acquainted with the Magento marketplace, a place where extensions are published and promoted
  • Strong communication skills, crucial for collaborating with project managers, designers and testers

Core Responsibilities of a Magento Extension Developer

At Plus Promotions, we build an extension from scratch or cater to the requirement for a unique functionality that might be missing in the existing extension collection on the marketplace and beyond. In other words, our team of certified and custom extension developers render a full spectrum of Magento extension development services.

Wondering if we are the right team of Magento 2 extension developers for your company? The following roles and responsibilities served by us can make it easy for you to decide:

  • Build custom Magento plugins to add the otherwise missing functionalities to a store as per the business requirements.
  • Increase visits from online shoppers to your eCommerce store, improve sales and render a satisfying experience to them.
  • Integrate ready-to-use Magento extensions to eCommerce stores to equip them with desired functionalities.
  • Upgrade existing Magento extensions to lend value to stores and improve their performance.
  • Ensure the compatibility of custom-built extensions with an eCommerce store to serve the purpose.
  • Test the performance of custom extensions to prevent them from interfering with store operations.
  • Develop Magento payment gateway extension modules to facilitate eCommerce with a safe portal where payments are seamless.
  • Resolve issues with Magento extensions by offering troubleshooting services.

A Rich Magento Extension Development Portfolio to Browse Through

Are you in a dilemma, wondering whether to hire Plus Promotions as your chosen Magento extension development company? We’ll make it simple for you to decide. Our team of well-vetted Magento extension developers enjoy a strong portfolio, highlighting their experience in developing extensions for internal and third-party requirements. Hence, we are conversant with the ins and outs of the entire process and are enthusiastically awaiting the opportunity to offer our expertise to you. How about getting started today?

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