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Experienced Laravel Developers

Hire top Talents from Our Pool of Best & Most Dedicated Laravel Developers!

Meet trusted professionals with decades of experience in delivering SEO-optimised, secure, dynamic and highly scalable Laravel-powered web applications.

Experienced Laravel Developers

Engage Laravel Developers on an Hourly, Monthly or Part-Time Basis!

Enjoy the flexibility of our hiring model from agile Laravel service providers who perfectly understand the core technology needs of businesses and vouch for result-oriented Laravel-based services by keeping the best interests of our clients in mind.

Starting price £ 20-40 per hour

What is Laravel, and Why is it Loved by Thousands of Developers Around the World?

Laravel is a PHP framework with an elegant and expressive syntax that empowers developers to load websites with amazing functionalities by keeping the code clean at all times. It’s open-source and a complete ecosystem on its own, allowing developers to leverage its built-in features, extensions and compatible packages to streamline the development process.

Packed with powerful database tools, including but not limited to Object Relational Mapper (ORM) and in-built mechanisms for database migration, it fulfils the objective of every Laravel developer – to bootstrap new models, application components and controllers to catalyse the application development process. There is little wonder why developers love it!

Who is a Laravel Developer?

Laravel developer is an expert, who specialises in Laravel framework and creates sophisticated web and mobile solutions. Being a veteran in this particular PHP framework, the person leverages rich, in-built features by manipulating ORM and engaging in server-side rendering. From ensuring the superior performance of Laravel apps to generating real-time, extraordinary UI/UX ideal for all types of businesses, the individual does them all and everything in between.

In other words, when vetting a candidate for Laravel website development or involving already selected candidates for your project, make sure the programmer is skilled in the following:

  • Web development with in-depth know-how in HTML, CSS and JavaScript
  • OOP & MVC with deep-seated knowledge of objects, traits, classes and methods
  • Communicative abilities and teamwork
  • Database management with a strong foothold in MySQL, Oracle 12c, Microsoft SQL, etc
  • Project management frameworks such as Waterfall and Agile

Key Responsibilities of a Laravel Website and eCommerce Developer

At Plus Promotions, we are a Laravel Framework Development Company with our developers working around the clock to provide comprehensive Laravel website development services. We have sufficient experience in helping start-ups, SMEs and corporates spanning multiple industries build scalable web apps to meet their need for customised, unique and highly professional business solutions.

How to know if we are the right fit for you? Partner with us and watch us shoulder the following roles and responsibilities:

  • Liaise with the team comprising of front and backend developers
  • Harness the Laravel framework to design and deploy web applications
  • Process front inputs to execute server-side logic
  • Identify bugs from codes and fix them immediately
  • Work together using SQL and other databases
  • Parameterise all inputs fed into a database
  • Implement suitable security standards
  • Ensure proper functioning of codes by writing unit test cases
  • Take responsibility for writing documentation for myriad components

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