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NoSQL Database Developers

Hire A Top NoSQL Database Development Company To Transform Your Business

Look no further than Plus Promotions UK for powerful and customizable database solutions. Our no SQL experts provide database development services to both start-ups and enterprise-level clients in a highly skilled and competent manner. We understand NoSQL as no one else does and that’s why we deliver only the best.

NoSQL Database Developers

An Overview Of NoSQL Database

No SQL or NoSQL or non SQL can best be defined as a database design technique that helps accommodate a myriad of data models. Non SQL databases are for Big Data and real-time web applications. In simpler words, NoSQL DB is a database where data is stored more like a document instead of being stored in a tabular format. Abbreviated as ‘not only SQL; this database acts as a substitute for traditional relational databases.

Starting price £ 20-30 per hour

Who Is A NoSQL Developer?

NoSQL developers are IT professionals with expertise in NoSQL technologies and database architecture. From dynamodb and Cassandra to Mongodb, our developers have expertise in various no SQL technologies.

Skills of our No SQL database developers:

  • Knowledge in deployment, configuration, and monitoring of server health and databases
  • Ability to work in challenging environments and deliver quality work
  • Expertise in designing solutions with a high volume of transactions and huge data sets
  • Capability to keep a light mood and accomplish work within the deadlines

Duties And Responsibilities Of NoSQL DB Developers

At Plus Promotions UK, we have a talented pool of skilled developers of NoSQL who can accomplish all your tasks efficiently through our professional database services.

Some of the many NoSQL developer responsibilities are:

  • Research, evaluate, and recommend NoSQL products and solutions
  • Install, patch, configure, and upgrade database applications
  • Manage the operations for development as well as production databases
  • Create, apply, maintain, and automate the backup & recovery architecture as required
  • Help development teams to create, model, and authenticate solutions for their apps
  • Work with various internal teams to effectively plan and schedule app upgrades
  • Troubleshoot NoSQL issues as well performance bottlenecks
  • Handle the day-to-day duties efficiently while receiving modest direction and supervision

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