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Free WordPress Theme for ecommerce

Boost Your Business With The Best WordPress Themes

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Best Free WordPress Themes To Skyrocket Your eCommerce Sales

Do you wish to have an online store that attracts customers immediately? Well, using the best free WordPress themes can help you set up a professional and functional website as well as expand your reach to a global scale and enhance your online reputation. All you need to do is find a theme that looks great and reflects your brand – something that works to your store’s advantage and offers everything you need to boost your revenue.
Partner with Plus Promotions – a full-service WordPress theme development company in the UK to fuel the growth of your business. Our proven record of assisting clients transform a basic site into a brand image-focused website makes us experts you can trust to develop a unique business identity. We take pride in our team of specialists who have in-depth knowledge of WordPress eCommerce themes and can create an innovative website for you to amplify your web presence. With thousands of eCommerce WordPress themes existing on the market, choosing a great theme for your business can be challenging. Since each of them offers stunning designs and powerful features, you need to find the one that perfectly suits your needs. And this is precisely the main objective of this article. We have handpicked the best WordPress themes that are free.
Without further ado, let’s discover the most popular free WordPress themes.

Best Free WordPress Themes To Skyrocket Your eCommerce Sales
Why Do Online Stores Need The Best eCommerce Theme For WordPress?

Why Do Online Stores Need The Best eCommerce Theme For WordPress?

An eCommerce theme directly impacts your sales. Wondering how? It takes only around 0.05 seconds for a website’s visitors to decide if they wish to stay or leave your online store.
So, it’s important to impress them with a stunning design and a hassle-free shopping experience quickly. And, by using WordPress we can help you achieve both of these goals by installing an eCommerce theme. WordPress themes let you customise your website down to the colours and fonts. Once the installation is complete, you can change countless elements like the page width, the branding, the items in the header, the layout, and more. While having the apt theme can significantly increase sales, having the wrong one can have the opposite effect.
The good news is that with a myriad of options out there, you can easily switch a theme for another without losing your content.

7 Best Free WordPress eCommerce Themes To Enrich Your Business

WordPress eCommerce Themes: FAQs Answered By Plus Promotions

A WordPress business theme is a tool that helps you set up a professional website for your company in no time. Such eCommerce themes pay very close attention to the needs of all business niches. Since each theme has its own strengths and weaknesses, it’s essential to choose one that meets your needs.
Social media integration is very important in a business theme as it lets you link your social media profile with your website. Furthermore, this feature allows your visitors to share your content over several social media platforms. Eventually, this will boost the traffic on your website as well as help lead conversions.
To put it in a nutshell, free eCommerce WordPress themes offer limited features and functionalities. On contrary, the premium versions have extended features and no or little restrictions for customisation options. A pre-defined fee needs to be paid for getting premium themes for your business site.

Truth be told, it depends on what you expect from your business website. The free eCommerce themes listed above are more than enough for startup business sites. They provide a plethora of customisation options along with other functionalities for creating a site that stands apart.

However, as your business starts growing influences and receives more visitors, free business themes might not be enough. In such cases, you can switch to premium WordPress themes.

Firstly, log in to your WP dashboard. Then, navigate to Appearance > Themes from the dashboard menu and click on Add New. You will have to search for the theme that meets your needs. Once the theme of your choice appears, click on the Install button. Ultimately, click on the Activate button. Also, you can contact our specialists to install a free WordPress theme.

Are You Interested? Let’s Create A WordPress Website For You!

Plus Promotions is the name to rely on to find the perfect WordPress theme for your eCommerce store. Our rich legacy in helping clients create visually pleasing yet functional business websites means we can help you choose a theme that serves you well in the long run. We are cost-effective, put in our best efforts, and have the expertise to give you effective results. Let us help you add style to your WordPress site with a feature-rich eCommerce theme!

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