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How Much Does A WordPress Website Costs In UK

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How Much Does A WordPress Website Costs In UK

WordPress Website Development: How Much Does A WordPress Website Cost?

With WordPress being used by 43.2% of all websites on the internet in 2022, it can be said that two out of every five websites now use WordPress. Initially launched as a blogging platform in the year 2003, WordPress has gradually evolved into a great content management system with thousands of themes and plugins. So, it makes complete sense to create a WordPress website for your business. But, the important question is – how much does a WordPress website cost? Plus Promotions, a leading WordPress development agency in the UK, can help you build a customised website that’s unique to your business and yet within your budget. Our vast experience in building custom websites for our clients means that we have the expertise to design, create, and scale your project with the dedication it deserves. We have in-depth knowledge to work with businesses of different sizes and offer bespoke support to take your online store beyond borders! Listed below is a handy guide that covers all you need to know about WordPress website costs.
WordPress Website Development How Much Does A WordPress Website Cost

WordPress Website Pricing: Factors That Determine The Cost To Build A Website

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Domain Name

When you use WordPress to build a website, a domain name is needed. If you do not already have a domain name, you should pay for one. The cost depends on where you buy your domain. So, ensure you consider the costs you need to pay every month to keep your domain.

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Storage & Bandwidth

Another key factor that determines the cost of WordPress website creation is the storage and bandwidth. Since each website is unique, there’s no way to pinpoint the price. For example, an eCommerce site will need adequate storage as you will be uploading your entire inventory of items. In contrast, if you use WordPress for your blog, you won’t require as much storage space.

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Website Hosting

Besides your domain name, you should have website hosting. You can choose from two options for web hosting – dedicated and shared. With a dedicated server, you will have a devoted server for your business. Even though a personal server will be pricey, you won’t have to share the server with others. Depending on the kind of website hosting you utilise and where you host the site, the cost will vary. With shared web hosting, you will have to share a server with other businesses. Although this option costs less since different companies use the server, it might not perform well.

Security Measures

Undoubtedly, security is one of the most crucial elements of a site. You want visitors to feel safe if they are visiting, browsing, or shopping on your website. So, you will have to ensure enhanced security and data protection to encourage visitors to remain on your website.

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WordPress provides numerous themes for the business, thus helping you to personalise your web presence. Although WordPress stocks numerous free themes, you can find free themes even from other third-party websites.

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Plugins are an essential part of your WordPress website because they add functionality and make it more professional. While some plugins charge a yearly fee, others charge a one-off cost. With more than 50,000 plugins available out there, you have a plethora of choices for your company. Some of the various types of plugins you can use for your website are search engine optimisation, anti-spam, as well as site maintenance plugins.

Is The WordPress Web Development Cost Worth It

WordPress is a great choice for building a website and attaining a strong web presence. But, are you confused about whether the average cost of website design for small business and large business is worth the money? Let’s check out some of the benefits of using WordPress to create your website


WordPress builds SEO-friendly websites right from the start. While you can surely add plug-ins to help with search engine optimisation, the site structure of WordPress makes it very SEO-friendly. It is this structure that helps you to achieve better rankings in the SERPs and drive better traffic for your business.

Plethora Of Options

With our WordPress web design services, you get the freedom of building any website for your business. Be it a basic blogger site or a complex eCommerce site, you have the chance to create exactly what your business needs. With a myriad of plugins available out there, we can help you to expand your site continuously as your website grows.


Another major reason many businesses choose WordPress for website creation is affordability. If you have basic needs for your website, building a site with WordPress can be very affordable. Regardless of the industry niche, WordPress is relatively affordable for businesses that require a standard website.

WordPress Website Development Cost: FAQs Answered By Plus Promotions

One of the most popular content management systems (CMS), WordPress is used by individuals, entrepreneurs, as well as big businesses. This is because of its vast online presence and shop features. WordPress is an open-source solution at the base level, meaning anybody can access the source code freely as well as tailor and develop it individually.
Yes and no. Technically, WordPress is free for users who choose the “Free” plan. However, most companies need to select one of WP’s paid plans to build a better and more functional website for their business.

You need to know the type of site you are building and what you require for the same as that will have an effect on your website creation costs directly. Websites can be divided into different budget categories like:

  • Building a custom WordPress website
  • Building a WordPress website with more features 
  • Building a WordPress eCommerce website
  • Building a WP site for a small business

Companies need to budget for ongoing WordPress costs. These include:

  • Web hosting
  • WordPress Subscription
  • Domain name
  • Website security
  • WordPress plugins
  • Regular maintenance & updates
  • Additional file storage

At Plus Promotions, WordPress website pricing starts from £30. However, the cost of building a WordPress website varies because the design and development needs of every business are unique. Website creation costs include designing, developing, and launching. Custom WordPress website costs will vary from one business to another as pricing depends on your unique needs. It may depend on the number of pages, the number of design templates you want, and if any bespoke functionality is required.

Why Partner With Our WordPress Development Agency?

Plus Promotions is the name to rely on for leveraging professional WordPress development services. We are a WordPress development agency with a proven record of delivering high-quality work to clients throughout the UK. Be it your need for a simple unique website or a feature-rich and user-friendly website, we cover an extensive range of portfolios. Our skilled WordPress developers follow the highest standards to develop the best WordPress themes and websites for the growth of our client’s businesses.

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