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Magento Extension Development Company in London

Enrich Your Store’s Functionality with Magento 1 & Magento 2 Extension Development

Have our Magento extensions developers assist you in exchange for reasonable rates.

Plus Promotions: A Reliable Magento Extension Development Agency in London

Magento as a platform has simplified the task of store owners in offering shoppers a pleasant online shopping experience. Unfortunately, that is not sufficient to run an e-commerce business successfully. Improvising the store’s functionality is vital too. This is where a team specialising in Magento 2 extension development steps in.

For those unversed, a Magento extension is a directory comprising XML and PHP files in models, controllers, blocks and helpers, responsible for extending and customising Magento functionality. In layman’s terms, it refers to a packageable code component accountable for achieving a certain functionality in Magento. 

Plus Promotions in the UK, a Magento extension development services provider skilled in the incredibly popular CMS from Adobe Commerce, can help you maximise the benefits of this modular system through its off-the-shelf extensions. From choosing the right extension to customising the existing ones for heightening performance, you can find us at every step of your way.

We believe every business has a unique set of requirements. To achieve them, developing a custom extension with modules exclusive to it is necessary. Call Magento 1 and Magento 2 extension developers in the UK, and when you do so, you can dial our number. We are relied upon by most eCommerce business owners in London as we ensure the highest value for money. Equipped with the knowledge of advanced methods for Magento 1 and Magento 2 extension development, we walk you through all the stages to provide you with the best solutions.

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How We Proceed with a Magento 2 Extension Development Project

Plus Promotions


We begin by determining the right Magento plugin for an online store by checking out its virtual type, functionality, features and more.

Plus Promotions


We run rigorous end-to-end tests to discover the loopholes (if any) in our Magento 2 extension development process. Our purpose is to determine if your site still requires optimisation and if the checkout process could be more seamless.

Plus Promotions


We proceed by defining the project scope and setting the success criteria that a module must meet.


Ultimately, we proceed to deploy the module to your website and check for compatibility issues.

Plus Promotions


Next, we dive into the Magento custom extension development stage to meet certain default parameters and specifications. The time taken depends chiefly on the complexity of the new modules and the level at which Magento plugin development is necessary.

Plus Promotions


We go beyond Magento extension development to ensure your Magento 2 store is up and running all the time. Expect comprehensive support services during site maintenance and updating.

Why Choose Plus Promotions for Your Bespoke Magento Extension Development Project?

Why Choose Plus Promotions for Your Bespoke Magento Extension Development Project?

You may have heard about employee retention rates before, but have you ever encountered customer retention rates? We have a high CRR rate at Plus Promotions. It is primarily due to the genuine care we provide, followed by our in-depth expertise and years of experience in acting as the in-house developers for many eCommerce store owners. Besides, we strictly adhere to the best Magento extension development practices. 

Unlike other Magento extension development services providers, we do not test out the “next method” to keep up with the trend. Instead, we firmly believe in consistency and continually implement the standard Magento extension development practices to ensure top-quality work.

Read ahead to find out the key reasons why eCommerce store owners prefer to hire our Magento 2 extension developers:

How Can You Benefit from Investing in Magento Extension Development?

Have an Extension Requirement? Hire Magento 2 Extension Developers from Plus Promotions in London!

Does your Magento 2 store have a complicated requirement? Do you intend to add uniqueness to it? Find professional help from our Magento extension development company in London. Schedule a consultation at first and take baby steps towards improved store performance through custom-built extensions.

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