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Magento Pricing: The true cost of running a Magento website in 2023

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Magento Pricing: What’s The True Cost Of Running A Magento Website In 2023?

Magento (now known as Adobe commerce) is an open source and scalable e-commerce platform that is widely used by many companies for creating their online storefronts. This platform is recommended for the development of virtual stores that will offer prospective customers a huge amount of products. Magento website is the ideal choice for every eCommerce business looking to develop a professional site.

Grow your business with Plus Promotions – the best Magento development agency in the UK. We pride ourselves on our ability to offer affordable Magento web development services to a range of clients across the UK. Our dedicated team of Magento developers have vast experience in services related to Magento development and enterprise ecommerce solutions.

This global ecommerce platform is a popular choice for online stores because of its excellent flexibility and customisation. So, if you are after an e-commerce website, it’s likely you will find yourself asking – “How much does a Magento website actually cost?” The post below will give you a clear idea of Magento costs so that you can see the elements you need for your website.

Main Elements Of Running A Magento Website - Magento Pricing Breakdown

Main Elements Of Running A Magento Website - Magento Pricing Breakdown

1. Domain Name Prices

The domain name is typically the address of your website. It is what you type into a web browser for accessing your website instead of typing a full IP address. Since your domain will be the face of your brand online, you must spend time finding a memorable brand-oriented domain name.

After selecting your preferred name, you can buy it through reputable websites. Generally, the cost of purchasing a domain name is very affordable. Prices start from as little as £15 annually for the version and from around £22 for a .com.

2. Magento Hosting Cost

It is the web host where you store all data of your website. Since it allows your file to be available for viewing online, it is a crucial part of building an online website. By opting for a top-notch web host, you can boost your site’s performance, improve your rankings on SERPs, and do much more.

With the Magento Commerce Cloud version, you do not have to bother about costs since it already provides automated and managed hosting in the license. But, it’s a vital question for Magento Open Source & Magento Commerce users. Depending on the size of your website along with the necessary performance and functionality, prices range around £15 to £100.

3. SSL Certificate

You need to buy and use a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate to boost the reliability of your Magento site and enhance your information security.

Having SSL certificates give your websites a padlock that’s displayed in your browser bar, thus reassuring your visitors that they are safe on your website. What’s more, even Google favours secure websites, helping you improve your search engine rankings too. Generally, the cost of SSL certificates range from £15 to £162 annually.

4. Magento Web Design Cost

When it comes to designing your Magento site, you will have 2 options – apply a ready-made Magento theme or design a custom-made theme.

The eCommerce website design price for a Magento theme varies from one site to another. You need to hire a professional Magento web developer for creating your own design. Remember; the cost of Magento web design depends on what you expect from your custom design theme.

5. Extensions

The Magento eCommerce platform offers you the basic functionalities to run an online business smoothly. But, many Magento storefronts still use additional extensions for:

  • Advanced search
  • Customer support features
  • Better layered navigation

These extensions can be easily found and added from the Magento marketplace to your store.

24/7 Magento Support & Maintenance Services For Your Online Store

Magento eCommerce website maintenance is crucial for business success. With our professional Magento support services, you can count on us for ensuring your store delivers an engaging shopping experience consistently. Our support and maintenance services are carried out by trained Magento experts who go the extra mile to put your brand on par with today’s consumer expectations and the competitors.

Reasons your Magento site needs continuous support and maintenance:

Magento Prices: FAQs Answered By Plus Promotions

Top features of Magento eCommerce Platform are:

  • Site Management
  • Marketing, Promotional, & Conversion Tools
  • Product Browsing
  • Catalogue Management
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Order Management
  • One-Page Checkout
  • Payment And Shipping
  • Mobile Commerce
  • Analytics & Reporting
Magento open-source eCommerce platform is widely known for being the most adaptable eCommerce platform available. The major reason for the same is that Magento development is costly. This is because it necessitates the use of skilled professionals who can make sure the delivery of a top-notch end product.
Magento Open Source is a special version of Magento that’s available for free download. Even though the program is free, you will have to pay for hosting, website development, and other essential integration charges to establish and manage your site.
Plus Promotions Magento development agency has the skills and experience to build quality online stores utilising the best industry practices. From developing themes to creating entire stores, we provide a range of Magento development services. Enlisting our professional services is worth it as our scalable Magento solutions grow with your business and offer you the right direction to keep Magento eCommerce applications running smoothly.
Magento implementation costs include everything from developing a comprehensive ecosystem for your ecommerce business to addressing the end-to-end customer journey. It covers:
  • Magento consulting
  • Website UI and UX design
  • Website development
  • QA and testing
  • Integration
  • Customer support
So, Magento implementation costs can vary, depending on the complexity and expectations of your website.

Why Choose Our Magento Agency?

Counted as the best Magento agency in the UK, we help businesses develop online stores using the best-in-class platform. We take every assignment as a project and follow a structured process for delivering cutting edge solutions to our clients. Every Magento website is created with flexibility, usability, and structure in mind while offering a seamless browsing experience. Our team strongly believes in superior quality, consistency, cost-effective solutions and fast delivery.

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