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SerpPlus: Bulk Keyword Ranking Checker Tool

SerpPlus: Bulk Keyword Ranking Checker Tool

Last Moderated on May 16, 2024

SerpPlus : Inexpensive Bulk Ranking Checker Tool - Your Pathway to SEO Triumph

SerpPlus stands as the most cost-effective solution for SEO specialists, digital marketers, e-commerce businesses, bloggers, and digital agencies aiming to track and enhance search engine rankings efficiently. This tool combines ease of use with comprehensive capabilities, making it not only the simplest but also the cheapest option among competing tools. Discover why subscribing to SerpPlus is a smart choice for those seeking practical and budget-friendly SEO tools.

This version highlights the key selling points—affordability and user-friendliness—while still capturing the broad appeal of SerpPlus to its diverse audience.

Wide Coverage Across Different Search Engine

Access Real-Time SEO Rankings, Not Outdated Database Stats!

Get Precise SEO Rankings: From Country to County to City Level!

Filter Rankings by Device Type: Desktop, Mobile, and Tablet

Explore Search Rankings in Over 125 Languages

Assess Localized Keyword Difficulty to Gauge Competition

Access Keyword Search Volumes by Location

Customize Automatic Ranking Refreshes to Fit Your Schedule

Compare Your SERP Rank with Competitors Stay Ahead in Search

Haven’t tried our SERP checker yet? Sign up today for free!

Maximize Your SEO with SerpPlus: The Ultimate Bulk Keyword Ranking Checker Tool

Free Account
for Life

Start with SerpPlus and enjoy free credits every day. Sign up for a lifetime free account and immediately access essential SEO tools.

Enhanced Features
with Paid Plan

Unlock the full potential of SerpPlus with our paid plan. Gain access to exclusive features such as competitor analysis, additional search engines, an increased keyword limit, and automated search project parameters.

Flexible Credit

Never worry about running out of credits. Easily top up your account to continue accessing our comprehensive SERP checking capabilities without interruption.

Powerful Keyword

Enter up to 100 keywords per project with our robust search functionality, designed for depth and precision in SEO management.

Exportable Ranking

Easily download and share your ranking reports in Excel format. Our user-friendly platform makes it simple to analyze data and engage stakeholders with actionable insights.

Rollover Unused

Manage your resources effectively with the ability to roll over unused credits for up to 120 days, ensuring you get the most out of every purchase.

How SerpPlus Works

Clueless about how the SERP checker operates? It’s simple and involves going through the six steps below:


Sign up

Join thousands of others by creating an account with us. Simply enter your details—name and email address—set a password, and you are good to go.


Add your project

Now add a fresh project, name it, narrow down on the desired keywords and mention the search engines you are targeting. Draw valuable insights thereafter.


Filter by your choice

Customise your project settings to meet your requirements. How about filtering by language, location, etc. to access accurate data representing your target audience?


Scheduled ranking refreshes

Keep your SEO strategy on track with automatic ranking refreshes. Set up your rankings to update daily, weekly, or monthly, ensuring you always have access to the latest data.


Save project configurations

Enjoy consistency and accuracy while putting in your tracking efforts by saving your project settings securely within our tool.


View and export results

Efficiently monitor the ranking and performance of your keywords through our intuitive dashboard. For seamless sharing and deeper analysis, easily export your real-time data exclusively in Excel format.

Frequently Asked Questions About SerpPlus

It’s an SEO tool by Plus Promotions UK to facilitate online visibility for businesses and individuals alike. The primary function of this checker is to find the positions of particular keywords, rivals and domains across different locations and search engines.

It’s as easy as signing up for the portal to enjoy 50 free daily credits, ideal for testing our features.

Of course, you may test the tool under its free plan and enjoy 50 credits daily to run prompt SERP checks. With this access, you can fulfil your SEO requirements without committing to an initial investment.

SerpPlus credits are your free tickets to perform SERP checks. Get 50 free credits every day. If left unused, they will expire by the end of the day. Enjoy extra credits and a 120-day rollover period by upgrading to the paid plan.

Unused credits, if not claimed, will expire daily. So, leverage them every day to maximise the perks of SerpPlus.

Track credit balance and usage records on your account dashboard. Constant monitoring will keep you informed about the credits used and those unclaimed.

There are two ways to enjoy additional credits. Either upgrade your plan or buy a credit top-up when you have an active subscription.

Of course, you can upgrade immediately or at the beginning of the next billing cycle. Downgrades are time-consuming. Taking effect from the next renewal date. Enjoy complete flexibility while managing your subscription according to your credit usage and requirements.

Your remaining credits will not expire the moment you cancel your subscription. They will stay valid until the 120-day rollover period. Nonetheless, users will fail to access features preserved for the paid version, like switching between search engines, adding rivals and choosing the preferred device type.

While checking SERP rankings, you may enter keywords, locations, countries and domain names to fine-tune your results. Upgrade to the paid version to enjoy extra features like the freedom to choose from various search engines and enter your preferred language and device type (mobile or PC). There is also the advantage of comparing your ranking with other competitors.

Apart from Google, the SERP checker supports various other search engines, like Bing and Yahoo. Switch to our paid plan to get an overview of your ranking across different search platforms.

You can enter up to 100 keywords in a single search or project entry. This allows you to extensively analyse your site’s performance across a variety of terms and conditions.

It’s a way to gauge the difficulty of ranking a particular keyword in the search engine. Normally, the score can be anything between 1 and 100. Less difficult are those between 1 and 30. It’s moderately challenging to rank a keyword that has a score between 30 and 60. Highly difficult are those with a score between 70 and 100. It’s a great way to formulate your strategy for effective results.

It is a tab in the SERP checker to save your ongoing SEO projects. It has to be set up first by upgrading your plan to track the rankings of keywords and particular domains over time. There is also the choice of refreshing data daily, weekly, monthly, or biweekly. You may also explore the manual settings under it.

Of course, check within each project, and you can manipulate the frequency at which the ranking data will be refreshed. By default, it’s set to daily, but the drop-down menu provides the option to select less frequent updates following specific monitoring requirements.

Why not? Download in CSV format for conducting a deeper analysis and storing the data to serve the purpose of reporting.

Apart from the ranking data, there is the provision to attain keyword search volume with a picture of the difficulty level of your selected locations. Benefit from a thorough understanding of market dynamics and the chance to optimise your SEO strategy as per your choice.

There is always the option to top up your credits upon an active subscription. Monitor your account dashboard closely to explore our top-up choices and prices immediately.

Upgrading to a paid plan provides access to more credits and a rollover for up to 120 days. A free plan offers 100 credits daily. With the former version of the SERP checker, you can plan long-term SEO projects and strategise accordingly.

Every keyword searched for ranking consumes one credit, regardless of the project type. It could be a quick search or a detailed one with the facility to manage credits and maximise the benefits provided by our SERP checker.

It’s simple! Log in to your SerpPlus account and navigate until you reach the subscription section. When you land in that window, browse the various plans and understand their benefits. Now, choose the plan that best meets your specifications.

The higher-tier subscription plans provide credits in excess, extended rollover periods and a chance to utilise various advanced features, like competitor analysis and multiple search engines. The free version lacks these facilities.

Of course, you are free to switch between subscription plans. While upgrades to the premium version are instant, downgrades apply at the next renewal date for the user to leverage the plan until it’s paid for.

With a top-up, more credits are added to an account to allow the user to perform additional searches and analyses without the need for a plan upgrade. In other words, enjoy flexibility while meeting your temporary increase in demand.

At the moment, we have designed the SERP checker to renew subscriptions automatically based on your plan duration unless, of course, you have cancelled them. It is only in the case of credit top-ups that manual effort is needed.

Subscription cancellation is available in settings. Despite this, you are free to consume your existing credits until they expire. However, access to premium features stops the moment the subscription ends.

Yes. Click on ‘Forgot Password’ on the login page and reset your password easily. In the process, you may have to enter your registered email address and follow the instructions for password reset.

Of course, there is a provision to ensure accuracy. Remember to enter the right domain format, verify keywords and confirm your target locations. It’s important to input precise data and maintain consistency to achieve high-quality results.

Look for a dash (-) in your report to understand that your domain has not appeared in the first 100 results. It’s a hint for you to improve your SEO strategy for better visibility of your searched terms.

Yes, SerpPlus offers the provision of historical data tracking when you set the refreshment rate at regular intervals. With this particular facility, enjoy the chance to track and monitor changes over time.

At Plus Promotions UK, we welcome support-related inquiries. We have a dedicated customer support team. You may connect with them by visiting our support section on your website. We also solicit inquiries about our SERP checker through email and over the phone and provide live chat

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