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Hire Flutter App Developer Expert

Build Robust Mobile Applications Loaded with Next-Gen Feature. Hire Dedicated Flutter App Developers in the UK!

Shape cross-platform, future-ready mobile applications to boost your ROI and drive business engagements. Come across Flutter mobile developers at Plus Promotions, whose smart combination of tech skills and business logic promises nothing less than consistent customer success, irrespective of your industry vertical.

Hire Flutter App Developer Expert

Enjoy Highly-Flexible Hiring Models Only at Plus Promotions!

Discover the best-fit engagement models in Flutter & Dart development for building iOS and Android apps to fulfil your distinctive business needs. From Fixed Cost to Hourly/ Time and Material to Dedicated Resource Hiring, we accept every model to help you meet your strategic goals.

Starting price £ 30-40 per hour

A Brief Introduction to Flutter as a Framework

Given shape by Google, Flutter is an open-source UI framework that allows businesses to enjoy multi-platform and native mobile apps by leveraging a single code base. The most popular apps widely used – Google Pay, Google Ads, eBay, and Alibaba are all works of Flutter. Its top-notch performance, better productivity, lower costs, ability to customise and hot reload features are some of the prime reasons why this novel framework has successfully replaced React Native, Cordova, and Xamarin. The seamless execution of applications created on Flutter on various platforms is due to Dart – the framework’s programming language.

Who is a Flutter App Developer?

A Flutter programmer is a specialist who leverages the open-source UI framework to deliver cross-platform applications. At Plus Promotions, we have a dedicated team working on such applications to run on both Android and iOS apps. They all have the following set of skills:

  • Strong know-how in native languages like Swift in the case of iOS applications and Kotlin and Java for Android versions.
  • Savvy in Dart – a scalable programming language ideal for writing simple scripts.
  • Knowledgeable in widely accepted software development methodologies, namely Agile and Waterfall.

Plus Promotions houses a team of accomplished Flutter mobile app developers who are ready to work even at a short notice. We are reliable, tech-savvy and leave clients in awe by delivering a terrific performance. Till now, we have already delivered 100+ projects, served the industry for a minimum of 5 years and generated 90+ happy clients.

Roles and Responsibilities of a Flutter Programmer

Plus Promotions bags a prestigious position in the list of top Flutter app development companies in the UK. We cater to business’s Flutter requirements through top-notch app development by utilising the framework’s wide range of widgets and libraries. Even the most complex issues appear simple as we deliver reliable development solutions to create apps with intuitive UI and engaging UX.

Here is the list of things we do as professional Flutter mobile developers:

  • Code applications by maximising the potential of Flutter SDK.
  • Test applications to ensure a crash-proof app that obeys user and system requirements.
  • Deliver applications by involving ourselves in their deployment on Google Play and App Store for Android and iOS versions, respectively.
  • Work on fixing bugs and resolving performance issues depending on user feedback.
  • Collaborate with the rest of the team to brainstorm novel features and functionalities.

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