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The eCommerce Paradigm is Evolving Rapidly. So is Magento!

Plus Promotions offers full-service Magento web development in the UK [Adobe Commerce] through Magento certified developers.


Last Moderated on May 7, 2024

Call It Magento or Adobe Commerce - the platform manifests ultimate power to online stores with features of the future.

With over 270,000 merchants worldwide, and owning 10% of the world’s eCommerce Market, Magento is among the most powerful open-source eCommerce platforms in the world. Acquired by Adobe, the cloud-based platform of Magento Commerce got rebranded in April 2021, to Adobe Commerce.

Powered by the MySQL relational database and written in PHP, Magento web development incorporates the model-view-controller architecture and the best features of the Zend framework to impart multi-channel eCommerce experiences that aim for the skies.

Plus Promotions is a top-notch Magento Agency in the UK [Adobe Commerce Agency], that operates through Magento certified experts delivering custom eCommerce development solutions through all aspects of website development, upgrades, integrations, migrations, marketing and magnificence.

Call it Magento or Adobe Commerce - this eCommerce platform manifests ultimate power to online stores with features of the future.

Reasons to Choose Magento Web Development Services for Your eCommerce Project

Safe to Say: Magento is the King of Omnichannel PoS

Become A Stalwart of Digital Economy

Magento provides the best tools and resources to develop innovative brand experiences through the world's largest marketplace for self-contained module features and extensions.

Get Privy To The SEO Hierarchy

Integrated SEO capabilities in sync with Google Analytics and Google AdWords algorithms, Search-efficient URLs, optimised image & content, speed optimisations and much more.

Impart Dynamic Customer Touchpoints

Numerous features and tools are available with the Magento PoS system, to give your clients a more dynamic and personalised shopping experience, such as click-and-order, buy in-store, schedule orders, online gifting and lots more.

AI-Powered Intelligence

Adobe Sensei AI harnesses the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to enable the Data-driven AI capabilities of Magento, making merchandising smarter with each engagement.

Make Peace With Enhanced Security

Built-in security resources like DDoS services, Fastly WAF and PCI compliance proves Magento’s superior security standards are nothing less than the best.

Amazing Integrations

Integrate your in-store capabilities with a global community of implementation partners. Amazon, FedEx, and the majority of social networks are among the many extensions and third-party integrations available at Magento Marketplace.

Core Features of Magento Dev

From dorm-room-based startups to Fortune 500 brands – Magento features have something for everyone!

Centralised omnichannel retail for B2C, B2B, D2C models


Native Integrations for creating personalised experiences of a lifetime


Intelligent Commerce with AI-powered automated workflows


Convertible Content Management with streamlined WYSIWYG backend interfaces.


IoT focused Headless Commerce architecture


Adaptable ecosystem with modular core - integrate with new technologies and diversify touchpoints.


Smart Shipping provided by Magento’s Source Selection Algorithm


The Magento PWA Studio


Magento Page Builder with drag-and-drop pre-built features

Core Features of Magento Dev

Looking for the Best Magento Development Company in the UK?

You Found Us! Plus Promotions Magento Development Agency.

Full-Stack Magento Web Development

Our certified Magento 2 full-stack developer team offers custom development from scratch, set up your storefront, Magento extension development, UX/UI design, SEO & Marketing, and tech support.

Custom Backend Development

Our expert Magento backend developer team offers custom improvements to your server-side applications, run code audits, Magento payment-shipping integration, debugging and optimising performance.

Custom Frontend Development

Trust your PP UK Magento frontend developer to maximise the worth of your storefront with conversion-driven visual experiences, Magento theme development, managed SEO strategies and cross-platform operability.

Magento Upgrades

Magento 1 being obsolete now, Magento 2 users still need to catch up with the rapid software updates and migrate to the latest versions. Find Magento Developer in the UK to carry out database migration, design and extensions upgrades - without any downtime.

Migrate to Magento

Analyse and develop a migration plan, set up the hardware, clone Magento 2 website, conduct dry runs providing post-deployment support. No Data Loss. Zero Downtime. Guaranteed.

Magento SEO & Site Analytics

Our Magento certified experts can turn the SEO ecosystem on your side by configuring the Google Feed, arranging the right plugins, nailing the apt keywords, optimising content and running the pivotal SEO analytics to activate core web vitals.

Magento Extension Development

Need a Magento 2 Extension? Want to sell Subscription-based products? Our Magento Marketplace developer is among the leading providers of custom Magento 2 extension development in the UK to guarantee well documented clean codes that get approved at the Adobe Store.

24/7 Magento Maintenance & Support

Our Magento web development services go the long-distance to technical and non-technical support, emergency support, perform security patches, monthly site analytics and everything else. And the best part? We are available 24/7!

Our Magento Development Process That Keeps You On Top Of The Priority List

At our Magento Agency in the UK, we maintain a flexible yet methodical approach towards complex, big projects and indiscriminate attention to the small requirements of our clients. That is how we maintain a steady workflow at any given time.


First Meeting

Start with a Free Consultation with our Magento Agency in the UK- to exchange vital information relevant to your project.


Finalise the Project

Sign the agreement specifying the Magento web development services you need, the cost plan, terms & conditions and other prerequisites.


Getting Started!

Meet your Magento certified expert to take your project to the next level.


Quality Testing

At our Magento Agency we employ sophisticated analytics tools, and multi-level QA tests across numerous elements, including codes, functions, design, and mobile responsiveness.


Project Delivery

Your Magento Dev project is now complete and handed over to you with 100% Quality Assurance.


Get 30-days’ Post-Delivery Support

Our Magento developers help you get accustomed to the CMS and Software pronto.

Plus Promotions Magento eCommerce Agency Offers Sector-Specific Solutions for Businesses and Individuals.

Hire The Magento 2 Developer in the UK Who Truly Cares About Your Project.

Value-Added Services That We Offer

We Aim To Enlighten and Inspire Our Clients with Value-Driven Customer-Relations
First Batch Divi Professionals

In our Magento eCommerce development company in the UK we guarantee 99.9% uptime for Magento Websites.

On-time Delivery

In this Magento eCommerce Agency Clients decide the “Block of Time” they want to book for Magento web development services they need.

Top-Rated Divi Professionals

We bring you the best Magento 2 Developers in the UK with over 10years of experience.

Provide Constant Support & Maintenance

Every client gets 24/7 support at our Magento development agency to minimise technical disruption.

Frequently Asked Questions

At Plus Promotions Magento eCommerce Agency have no reserves for client base or industry domain. If you are planning to use the Magento eCommerce platform, whether you are an enterprise or an individual, whether it is a small startup or something out-of-the-box, feel free to talk to us!
A standard Magento web development cost in the UK can be somewhere between £16,000 and £30,000 for an end-to-end storefront setup from scratch. You can get a more precise estimation at the cost of one Skype call with our Magento 2 full stack developer.
Of course, you will. As mentioned in our Contract Agreement and Policies, we never store or share your source codes after your project is handed over.
If you want to speak directly to our Magento web developer, you need to raise a request first. We will arrange a meeting within 24hours in a working day.

We have ensured the finest 24/7 customer support and also provide a dedicated project manager if required – your queries are never unattended. However, we follow a Tier 1 and Tier 2 Tech Support system, and connecting with the developer is not always instant. Since our developers are busy doing the pivotal work, we try not to interrupt them. The Tech Support Executives at our Magento Development Agency are highly competent to resolve your queries, if you still need to talk to the developer, we might ask for the allotted time to connect you with them.

Join The Magento & Adobe Commerce Community of Successful Businesses

Discuss your Project with Plus Promotions Magento Web Development Company in the UK

Plus Promotions takes full responsibility for your Magento development project, using a proactive and personalised approach to every web service, assuring 100% client satisfaction. If you're considering a Magento project, start with a Free Consultation with our Magento experts.. Contact us via Skype, email, or phone call.

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