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Prestashop eCommerce Platform Is Designed

To Take Your eStore To The Next Level With Maximised YoY Growth.
Partner With Plus Promotions - Prestashop-Certified Developers in the UK!


Last Moderated on February 23, 2024

Prestashop is the most self-sufficient open-source eCommerce Development Platform supporting multistore channels and international transaction facilities.

What started as a student project in 2005, is now the platform behind 300,000 eCommerce stores worldwide and a community with 1Million+ members!

PrestaShop is a self-hosted eCommerce website development platform based on the Symfony Framework and hosted by IONOS. It employs the powerful Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture, with over 300 built-in eCommerce Development tools, 600+ features and 5000+ add-on modules. With all the arsenal, Prestashop emerges as a one-stop solution for building scalable online stores and imparting innovation.

Plus Promotions is a UK-based Prestashop eCommerce Development company that has been working with the software since the beginning. Our dynamic team of Prestashop certified developers carry out need-based services to impart and support the ultimate success of your project.

Prestashop is the most self-sufficient open-source eCommerce Development Platform supporting multistore channels and international transaction facilities.

Top Reasons For Building Your eCommerce Website Using Prestashop

By employing pre-built templates and the pivotal “add-on modules”, the Prestashop eCommerce platform enables users the complete freedom to customise store themes and add new features whenever they want, however, they want.

Top Reasons For Building Your eCommerce Website Using Prestashop-bg

Endless Design Customisation

There is no scarcity of new and innovative Prestashop themes and modules. The Prestashop Addons Marketplace allows third-party developers to sell new and innovative themes to eCommerce store owners who need them the most.

Self-Hosted Software

Any server could be used to run the decentralised Prestashop software. Developers are not required to use a certain web hosting provider. Simply download and go!

Cloud-Hosted Platform

Prestashop is also available on Google Cloud. This. version enables centralised services deployment without installing the software. Simply log in to your Prestashop account and go!

Prestashop Modules

Managing the eStore has to be hassle-free for the non-savvy website owner. The Prestashop admin dashboard makes it easy- from organising store inventory, tracking orders, site analytics to customer interactions - everything is close at hand.

Free Platform Means Reduced Development Cost

The unique add-on modules system increases the software's built-in capabilities. Modules are small programs for adding and customising functionalities and features to your website. Users can either download from the Prestashop Addons Marketplace or get the tools to create new ones.

All-in-One Cloud-Based Administrative Dashboard

The Freemium Prestashop platform is open-source!. The Prestashop themes and modules collections have both paid and free products. And since the platform is free, the development cost is reduced as well.

Remarkable Prestashop eCommerce Development Features

The full-stack Prestashop paragon is for digitising commerce methodically, supported by outstanding design flexibility, ease of use and affordability.

Prestashop eCommerce Development Services Offered by Plus Promotions

The Plus Promotions Prestashop eCommerce development UK team is focused on delivering on-demand bespoke solutions that do justice to your ambitions for exclusivity.

End-to-End eCommerce Store Setup

End-to-End eCommerce Store Setup

Create robust websites using Prestashop - custom development, on-brand marketing, app integrations and everything in between - we take care of the entire process.

Prestashop Integrations

Prestashop Integrations

Seamlessly integrate different business platforms in your admin panel - sync inventory, email & marketing services, ShippingAPI, Payment Gateways and third-party CMS and so on.

Deploy Prestashop Migrations

Deploy Prestashop Migrations

Migrate your existing web-store to Prestashop or clone Prestashop website to another platform. We ensure there is no downtime or data loss or unknown hazards.

Tech Support & Maintenance

Tech Support & Maintenance

Whether it is a tiny bug fix, or a major system error - the most pivotal phase of recovery need real-time support! And we never let you down.

Prestashop SEO Management

Prestashop SEO Management

The SEO expert Prestashop eStores need the most to ensure rapid results through page speed optimisation, image optimisation, compress JS, CSS, HTML codes, and increase consumer traffic.

Prestashop UX/UI Design

Prestashop UX/UI Design

Unique design carries the ethos of your brand. Takeaway hi-fidelity wireframes for Smart UX Operability and the Boom Factor!

Prestashop Module Development

Prestashop Module Development

Even with thousands of pre-built modules available, you might still need something new! We build Prestashop modules for out-of-the-box aesthetics and applications.

Prestashop Mobile Development

Prestashop Mobile Development

We develop Native and Hybrid Prestashop mobile apps for iOS, Android and Cross-Platform OSs via the latest languages of Kotlin, Swift, Ionic and others.

Site Analytics And Reporting

Site Analytics And Reporting

We offer analytics and reporting services for eCommerce stores, whether we create them or not. Get core insights. Minimise risks. Optimise performance. Simple.

The PrestaShop Development Lifecycle We Follow at Plus Promotions

Start your Prestashop project from scratch or get additional services for your live site. We administer a streamlined development process to ensure total clarity of your project at any given point.


Enquiries & Information

Talk to us about your Prestashop requirements. Get insights about possibilities.


Looks Like a Plan

Get started with a personalised project pipeline.


Project Implementation

Our Prestashop designers and developers start working according to the predetermined plan.


Assigning Dedicated Manager

Meet your project manager who keeps you informed about your Prestashop project.


Quality Assurance

Run essential Quality Control & Testing and security checks to ensure flawless applications.


Delivery & Feedback

Your Prestashop website is handed over to you with the commitment of post-delivery support for lifetime.

Plus Promotions Prestashop eCommerce Development Services in the UK

We are certified Prestashop experts, and through our services, we aim to bridge the gaps between innovation, quality, cost and long-term support.

Flexible Hiring Process

Flexible Hiring Process

Our versatile hiring model lets the client decide how they wish to partner with us. Pay-as-you-go or Ad Hoc-basis, hourly rates, or contractual agreements - everything works!

Results-Driven Approach

Results-Driven Approach

We deliver results-driven Prestashop solutions integrating best practices and cutting-edge technologies to ensure optimal quality, timeliness and increased conversion rate.

Cost-Efficient Long Term Support

Setting up your eCommerce websites using Prestashop is much easier, but it is hard to run it with equal ease! Get pivotal long-term support without breaking the bank.

White-Glove Customer Service

White-Glove Customer Service

Got an eCommerce Business idea? We got the perfect plan to make it click! You don’t need a big budget or past accomplishments - just call us and get started!

Frequently Asked Questions About Prestashop Website Development

Align with top-notch Prestashop Developers in the UK, to skyrocket your eCommerce project
Prestashop-certified developers like us undergo the specialised training conducted by Prestashop, proving them as experts in handling the software ecosystem and offering 360𝆩 support to clients.
We recommend Prestashop to small and medium businesses that are particularly looking for an affordable, open-source eCommerce platform to accommodate their growing needs for multi-store setup, international shipping and multilingual outreach.
A Prestashop service can start from as low as £15 for starters. Book a zero-obligation consultation with Plus Promotions to get a personalised price guide for your project.

Partner With the Best Prestashop Experts to Build Your Dream Store That Is Loved By All

With us, it is very flexible, affordable, and manageable for each client to continue with a Prestashop project. Try new ideas. Tap into the latest trends. Make innovations. Thus, we meet your needs in every aspect of industrial outreach, technical prowess, and design dynamics.

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