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Divi Builder

Divi Website Builder Plugin - Enliven Your WordPress Theme To Inspire Awe

Make The Most Of Divi With A Specialist Divi Web Developer By Your Side

Divi Builder

Last Moderated on May 2, 2024

Now you can use Divi Web Developer as a plugin to customise any WP theme and make it stellar with the help of Plus Promotions’ Divi web development services!

Divi website builder is a WordPress plugin that was released in 2015. It is developed by WP’s renowned theme store Elegant Themes. Previously available as a built-in UI kit exclusive to Elegant Themes’ premium WP themes Divi and Extra, it is now also available as an independent website theme builder that can be used with all other WordPress themes, whether or not built by Elegant Theme Developer.

If you currently hold a Divi licence but want to use a non-Elegant WordPress theme, you may install the Divi Builder plugin on the theme itself and it will function like voila!. Alternatively, you may just contact us to make the process easy and quick. Additionally, with the Divi plugin, you will have a variety of choices for customising your site, including the logo design, customising Divi website templates, Google Analytics integration and custom CSS styling. We can help you use it all up to your best advantage.

Plus Promotions is among the first web agencies to offer Divi WordPress builder development services in the UK. Whether you want to build from scratch or enhance an existing WordPress site, we have the highest level of expertise to make the project a total stunner!

Now you can use Divi Web Developer as a plugin to customise any WP theme and make it stellar with the help of Plus Promotions’ Divi web development services!

Introducing You To The Divi Website Builder Features And Capabilities

Divi Theme Developer has grown more dynamic, apart from being the all-in-one WordPress theme. It is also an all-in-one website UI designer and sophisticated visual development technology that is capable of doing the job of both WordPress features, Post Editor and the Visual Editor.


Sophisticated WYSIWYG Editor

Simple drag & drop building and global elements make Divi web development projects a breeze.


Access to Divi Library

The Divi Theme customiser doesn’t have Divi Library access to Divi website templates and pre-built layouts, the Divi website builder does!


Divi Role Editor

Simple visual controls and authorisation settings for each WordPress User Role ensure to protect the design after client handoff.


Divi SEO

Divi offers plenty of SEO-friendly prowess. Core web vitals. Real-time speed: Responsive design. And supports Google Analytics, Yoast SEO and Divi setup!


Divi Module Development

There is a module for everything. Shop, toggle, countdown counter, filterable portfolio, and many other Divi modules help you design opulent webpages bang on!


Inline Text Editing

React-based visual builder allows click and type functions! Clients may write web pages with different fonts and styles, on the frontend. without depending on the developer.


Responsive Editing

With Hover Editing available to all Divi content options, clients decide how their website appears on different devices aborting additional mobile development costs


Divi Custom CSS Inputs

Divi developers can extend responsive design capabilities while also visibly adjusting the style for different device displays with reduced design errors and gaps!

Introducing You To The Divi Website Builder Features And Capabilities

Benefits of Choosing Divi Web Development

With a single Divi licence or Elegant Themes Subscription, you can have access to Divi’s extensive library and marketplace. And with help from Plus Promotions’ Divi theme designers, you can take your brand image to the next level by adopting the Divi ecosystem – that is portable yet powerful.

Both Frontend & Backend Support

Developers can design gorgeous layouts in real-time using the Divi web developer platform, which allows for both front-end and back-end development.

100% Customisation

Our Divi WordPress developer can transform the total look and feel of your bland WordPress site into a crisp, superfast and dynamic powerhouse.

Organised Workflow

Get unlimited design customisations. Save and manage your work seamlessly. Tweek and reuse designs. Create complex designs systems with simple operability and higher efficiency.

Complex Design. Simple Projects.

The Divi WordPress developer can add complex features and designs simply and quickly. The time and effort are both reduced while designing unique, catchy visual experiences.

Global Elements & Styles

Having multi-page updates with a single global module, Global Elements speeds up web design operations. Add a single global module to many pages, and any changes made to one page are instantly reflected on all others.

Incredible Cost-Efficiency

Divi has a broad range of prices for various Divi Website Builds. Elegant Themes Developer subscribers may use Divi Builder for free with access to advanced WordPress design tools.

All That We Offer - Plus Promotions’ Divi WordPress Builder Development Services in the UK

Love the Divi features, but having trouble putting your site together? Don’t worry, Plus Promotions can assist you in various ways. Get in touch with our Divi website theme designer at any stage of your project. Whether you need to build from scratch or remodel an existing WordPress theme or need B2B Divi support to deliver to a client, get the best resources all in one place

Divi Development Consultation

Divi Development Consultation

Understand the technology and plan your project.

Divi B2B/White Label Services

Divi B2B/White Label Services

We extend our expertise to other agencies, experts, and freelancers to help them deliver Divi projects with more efficiency.

Divi Website Design

Divi Website Design

Create unique visual experiences using Divi website templates

Custom Divi Module Development

Custom Divi Module Development

Our Divi website designer can create your world, your way! With custom modules, extensions, and Divi plugin support - tailored to your needs.

Divi eCommerce Solutions

Divi eCommerce Solutions

Get professionally designed storefronts using the Divi Ecommerce child theme.

Custom Divi Solutions

Custom Divi Solutions

If you ever get stuck with a Divi project, we can help you solve it. Ask for anything. Learn to manage your own site, Divi integrations, Divi theme migration, training your in-house staff, and more!

Why Choose Plus Promotions UK As Your Divi WordPress Developer

Trust Plus Promotions Divi Developers for Unbeatable Quality, Precise Results, Timely Delivery and Prompt Support. As you trust us with your web projects, rest assured it is in the safest hands.

First Batch Divi Professionals

First Batch Divi Professionals

Get the Best Price, Always.

Get the Best Price, Always.

Top-Rated Divi Professionals

Top-Rated Divi Professionals

Delivered 100+ Divi Designs

Delivered 100+ Divi Designs

Wide Range of Divi Solutions

Wide Range of Divi Solutions

What A Divi Web Development Cycle Looks Like at Plus Promotions

Regardless of the uniqueness and diversity of your projects, we always follow a common process flow for our client lifecycle to efficiently start, deliver, and support your cause. The following steps are commonly included in our methodology for delivering effective Divi development services.



Identify objectives. Illustrate strategies. Estimate expenses. All you need to get started!


Initial Phase

Get design mockups. Competitor analysis. Market research. And visualise your project.


Sign the Contract

Start with a partial payment and sign the contract as an agreement of all services, prices and policies.


Design & Development

Start the development according to the initial blueprint. Add or edit elements according to your needs.


Final Testing

Run Q/A Tests before the site goes live. Run client review. Add final touches. Get ready to publish.


Deployment & Client Handover

Publish your site. Run Google indexing. And get accustomed to the CMS.


Support & Maintenance

Get 24/7 Tech Support complimentary with every Divi Development project handover for 30-Days.

Frequently Asked Questions About Divi Website Builder and Plus Promotions Services

We recommend this website theme development plugin for all WordPress users. Hotels, technology-based websites, eCommerce sites, membership-oriented sites and websites that require multiple fields, boxes, sections, rows, and modules.
Divi is the all-in-one developer theme with which you can create an entire website, landing pages, blogs, online directories or eCommerce storefronts with amazing UI designs.
Divi is launched as a very cost-effective portable WordPress theme developer. At Plus Promotions we offer a wide range of price models and hiring processes to make it affordable for everyone, including startups and individuals.
We have created single-page websites using Divi in just 1-day. We have also created eCommerce stores within days. But there are many sites that took us over 3months to finish. Usually, Divi web development projects are completed quickly. If you have an idea in mind, get in touch with us to get a stipulated time frame.

Impressed with Divi’s Web Development Possibilities? Make it Awesome with Our Expert Touch

Plus Promotions is one of the top web agencies in the UK providing world-class Divi WordPress Builder development services to clients all over the world. Contact us for full-stack or on-demand Divi website design, development, support, and maintenance, as well as B2B requirements.

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