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Cohalan Downing  Website Design & Development – Case Study

Cohalan Downing Website Design & Development – Case Study

Cohalan Downing is one of the leading boutique firms that consist of chartered surveyors and property professionals in Ireland.

Cohalan Downing is one of the leading boutique firms that consist of chartered surveyors and property professionals in Ireland. The company’s members are extremely passionate about real estate and offer high-quality consulting services for various types of residential and commercial properties. The company is not a financial consultancy or mortgage broker, nor does it have any hidden agendas.

The company was founded in 1979 by John Downing, Maurice Cohalan, and Malcolm Tyrrell. Cohalan Downing is considered one of the most successful property firms based around Munster, with their second generation in charge of the company. Experts consider that the professionals working for the company have the required experience in the property market around Cork and Munster.

Cohalan Downing and Plus Promotions have been able to establish a productive working partnership in a short amount of time. In terms of business mentality, both companies have a similar mindset. But the challenges listed below were some of the most notable ones that Plus Promotions had to face while working with Cohalan Downing. For more information, read the case study below!


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Shifting to A New Server That Supports Adobe ColdFusion

One of the significant challenges we encountered while working with Cohalan Downing was shifting the entire system from its old server to a new server. The main underlying reason behind this migration was that the old server didn’t support Adobe ColdFusion.

So, the client wanted us to shift to a new server that could support Adobe ColdFusion effortlessly. Some of the major roadblocks and hurdles we had to face are listed below:

  • Maintaining the Content Management System (CMS) and keeping all the features of the website functional
  • Avoiding the risk of any possible data loss while shifting from an old server to a new server
  • Dealing with the inaccessibility of the website during the migration process
  • Avoiding the risk of any possible security breach

Website Maintenance

Another big challenge that gave our team some significant difficulty was website maintenance. The main reason behind this was the web application platform, which is Adobe ColdFusion. Our team didn’t have much experience working on platforms such as Adobe ColdFusion.

So, the entire team had to put in the required effort and hard work to acquire the skills and knowledge to work with this platform. The primary issue our team faced was maintaining the code and structure of the website.

Website Redesign

The website redesign was probably the most memorable challenge we came across while working with Cohalan Downing. There were numerous factors we had to consider during the execution process. The following list showcases some of the most notable problems the team encountered:

  • Understand the purpose of the website redesign.
  • Change the overall look and feel of the existing design.
  • Implement the colour combination as per the branding guidelines.
  • Create a design blueprint that is information-based instead of design-based.

Add New Properties and Manage Feeds

Adding a new property and managing feeds may seem rather straightforward compared to other challenges in this case study. But that doesn’t mean executing this particular task is easy.

The primary challenge our team had with adding a new property was precisely describing the listing’s features, including the price, location, size, and number of bedrooms and bathrooms it has. In addition, we also had to add features, high-quality images, and many more.

The challenges we faced regarding feed management led us to the conclusion that it was poor. So, the problems we were facing are listed below:

  • Failing to integrate data from multiple sources efficiently
  • Lack of essential attributes
  • Cannot support product feed building and syndication

Shifting to A New Server That Supports Adobe ColdFusion

There were various complications, as one small mistake could lead to enormous trouble. So, to solve all the challenges, our team decided to implement the following rules:

  • We incorporated detailed monitoring to eliminate any possibility of non-functional features.
  • For CMS maintenance, we kept everything up to date, made sure everything was compatible and did line checking.
  • Reduce the website’s downtime to reduce the chance of losing any potential customers.
  • Maximum protection to eliminate any risk of data loss.

Website Maintenance

Our team decided to incorporate the following rules to overcome the challenges related to website maintenance:

  • Acquire the required skills, knowledge, and experience to handle a website built on Adobe ColdFusion.
  • Gather the required experience to solve issues and maintain the structure and codes of the website.
  • Monitor the overall website navigation to avoid 404 errors and broken internal links.
  • Check the major browsers to monitor their compatibility with the client’s website.
  • Reduce the possibilities of server breakdown and constantly improve the website’s security to avoid cyber-attacks and data loss.
  • Monitor all the website’s features and functionalities to make sure everything is working.

Website Redesign

According to the client, the previous website design was not good enough as it failed to make the required impact among potential customers. So, the client wanted to have a complete brand overhaul. To overcome the challenges related to website redesign, we decided to incorporate the following rules:

  • Understand the client’s requirements to know what exactly needs to be done in terms of look and feel.
  • Analyze the previous website design to find the drawbacks and make the redesign much more effective.
  • Communicate with the client during the colour combination for constant feedback.

Add New Properties and Manage Feeds

To avoid the challenges related to adding new properties, we had to incorporate the following rules:

  • Collect the required details before uploading a particular listing.
  • Each listing should be approved by the client before going online.
  • Maintain proper communication with the client to avoid any mishaps during the execution process.
  • Use high-quality and interesting images for each listing to attract potential customers.

For feed management challenges, we had to follow the rules listed below:

  • Accurate monitoring of the product data for different sales channels
  • Create specific product feeds tailored to specific strategies and the unique requirements of certain platforms or distribution channels.
  • Control the performance of products and monitor specific sales or campaigns.
  • Optimize the structure of the product feed and its content, and then prioritize it.

We are really thankful that we have a group of individuals who thrive on success. As a team, we never settle for mediocrity. The team always finds a way to get the best possible outcome from any given scenario. While working on the above projects, we faced numerous hurdles and roadblocks.

We never gave up, as we thought that was the important thing. No matter how difficult the challenge, we must constantly persist in it. There were times when we felt down and out, but our never-say-never attitude helped to overcome that. In the end, we finally managed to complete all the challenges.


S Tyrrell

Cohalan Downing highly recommends Plus Promotions for website redesign and website maintenance. We are forever grateful for everything they have done for us. We are glad to have developed a strong business relationship with this team of experts.

S Tyrrell

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