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Getsickcert Website Design & Development – Case Study

Getsickcert Website Design & Development – Case Study

Getsickcert is one of the leading companies that offer online medical certificates and medical assessments in Ireland.

Getsickcert is one of the leading companies that offer online medical certificates and medical assessments in Ireland. So, if an employee needs to provide a medical certificate to his company, Getsickcert can easily help with that. They can provide effective solutions that can save time and money for Irish people. Any individual seeking a medical assessment can fill out a questionnaire. Then, this questionnaire will be assessed by the company’s registered doctors. If the result shows that the person is unfit, the individual will receive the medical certificate within 24 hours via email.

Getsickcert and Plus Promotions have managed to build strong business relationships with each other over the years. They have worked together on several challenges and overcame most of them. While working together, both companies discovered that they shared many similarities in terms of business ethics and mindset. The challenges listed below are some of the most difficult challenges that Plus Promotions faced working with Getsickcert. For more information, read the case study below!


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Concept Planning

Concept planning was one of the first duties Getsickcert assigned to our entire team. The client had their own set of inputs, such as concept designs and outline drawings. Our team had a lot of challenges, one of which was keeping the team motivated while we were planning. As we all know, conceptual planning is quite time-consuming and requires several rounds of brain storming.

Another major issue we had to face was getting over our past mistakes. We had written down their concept plans but failed to accomplish the goals in the past. So, the team felt a bit demotivated thinking about that, as it took a lot of time to create and work on a plan.

Layout Design

One of the biggest issues we had with layout design was handling navigation. The website’s navigation menu acts as a map, indicating where to go on each page. Although responsive navigation shouldn’t have a distinct layout, it should scale proportionally to the related screen size.

If the development team had created custom navigation for individual devices, visitors using different devices would have had a perplexing and irritating experience.

Another major issue we faced was regarding desktop and mobile views. For example, if a website has 200 pixels of padding, it may appear to the user to be appropriate on the desktop version. But when the same website is accessed on a mobile device, it may appear shoddy and confusing.

Development of Lead Form Functionality

Developing the lead form functionality was one of the significant issues the team faced. Lead generation is about reaching the right individuals with the correct message, not just reaching people.

Getsickcert sought to create a system that would increase client attraction and lead generation. So, our team had to step up to develop a lead form.

Making people aware of this lead form was another significant obstacle we had to overcome. Our team was aware that this lead form would be ineffective without any website traffic.

Payment Gateway Integration

One of the major challenges that our team had with payment gateway integration was preventing fraudulent activity in international payment transactions. Businesses risk disclosing sensitive information without a single payment gateway to unauthorized authorities and becoming targets of advanced and powerful scams.

Another major issue the team faced in this era of digitalization was effectively integrating a payment gateway into a tech platform. The goal of doing this was to enable efficient automation of all financial transactions involving our client, Getsickcert.

Concept Planning

To overcome the challenges related to team motivation, we had to acknowledge certain facts. The first was that, along with being time-consuming, concept planning also required training, creative thinking, and focus. So, the team had to allot a significant amount of time for planning. To avoid all the issues related to time constraints, we scheduled 4-6 weeks for just planning. This gave us enough time to work.

The major issue we faced was getting over past mistakes. To begin, the team had to accept that just because their prior project objectives and planning fell short of their expectations, this did not mean that this would happen again in the future. A lot of time has passed, and the team has worked on various projects and gained experience, knowledge, and skill.

Layout Design

The primary goal for our team was to make the navigation menu more understandable and simple for tiny screens. So, users might be able to make an informed navigation selection with the help of the website’s information architecture and data exploration.

In addition, conducting responsive testing online across a variety of devices will assist the team in getting insightful data for significantly better site accessibility. The issues related to desktop and mobile views were solved by ensuring that the website has a responsive web design. The best solution for the above example could be to use “percentage” instead of “pixels”.

The “Percentage” option will display the content based on the size and resolution of the screen. If the size of the screen is small, the content of the screen should be adapted automatically according to the screen size and shrink in size.

Development of Lead Form Functionality

The very first step that we took to overcome this challenge was to design and develop a lead form for the website. Here, the customer must complete the form by entering their name, phone number, and email address.

Keeping track of all the recommendations that were successful helps the administrator. Additionally, in order to successfully market this lead form and draw in new clients, we primarily employed a strategy:

In order to expand our audience, we started advertising the lead form on social media and through Google AdWords.

Payment Gateway Integration

To prevent fraudulent activity in international transactions, our team had to use fraud monitoring tools like customer accounts, validation services, and purchase tracking.

For an additional level of security, the team mandated the establishment of the level 1 PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) protocol to use services like point-to-point encryption, tokenization, and fraud management filters.

For the effective integration issue between the tech platform and payment gateway, our team introduced seamless synchronized transactions with accounting, CRM, and other software that are central to our client’s business operations.

We have encountered numerous difficulties while working with Getsickcert, but we have been able to overcome them all. These difficulties are perhaps the most memorable ones. Like any effective team, we relish overcoming obstacles. We also believe that it supports our development and learning.

Whenever we encounter a really challenging situation, we always prefer to return to our roots. Believe us when we say that finding a glimpse of optimism always helps. Finally, we successfully implemented all of our client’s specifications and overcame all the challenges.


Getsickert is grateful to have worked with Plus Promotions for web design and development. We are especially impressed with the way they have integrated our brand image into our website’s layout design. We can’t thank them enough!

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