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Great Island Production Website Design & Development – Case Study

Great Island Production Website Design & Development – Case Study

Great Island Productions: Great Island Productions and Plus Promotions have managed to create a great working relationship within a few years.

Great Island Productions is a TV production company that specialises in creating high-quality video content for companies and individuals. The Vancouver-based company offers a variety of services, including post-production, pre-production planning, filming, editing, and scriptwriting. Their expert professionals use modern equipment and technology to make captivating videos that captivate and educate viewers.

The company has worked with numerous clients, including non-profits, government organisations, educational institutions, and businesses. They take pride in offering exceptional customer service and collaborating closely with clients to guarantee the realisation of their vision. They have the knowledge and experience to make any video project come to life, from corporate films and promotional content to documentaries and social media campaigns.

Great Island Productions and Plus Promotions have recently formed a business alliance, and despite its brief duration, both companies have managed to cultivate a shared understanding among their team members. Together, they have successfully navigated various challenges, surmounting them with ease. The challenges mentioned below are some of the most memorable challenges that Plus Promotions faced while working with Great Island Productions. For more information on this subject matter, read the case study below!

New Website Design

Offering a seamless user experience was a top priority for the design team, as it could attract and retain customers. Achieving this goal was, however, not easy, as there were several challenges the team had to overcome. The following list shows some of the major challenges we encountered:

  • Designing a responsive website that looked great and worked well across various devices, from desktops to smartphones
  • Ensuring the website was easy to navigate with a clear information hierarchy and intuitive menus.
  • Accessibility was another major challenge, as we had to ensure the website was accessible to users with disabilities.
  • The team had to ensure the website content was informative, engaging, and easy to read and scan.
  • Finally, we had to consider the website’s loading speed, as slow websites frustrate users and lead to high bounce rates.

New Website Development

One of the most prevalent and important web development difficulties our team encountered was platform compatibility. In the digital market, high mobility and cross-platform compatibility are crucial for boosting user engagement and productivity.

For our client to provide consumers with a really engaging experience, the website should function across a wide range of browsers, operating systems, devices, and platforms without a hitch. The team knew creating such a website or online application was time-consuming and required skilled web developers.

Another major issue we had with web development was external integration. Our developers knew that dynamic and feature-rich websites required external and third-party integrations to function. These integrations have become quite common since they improve end users’ experiences and provide layered functionality. However, securing effective and safe third-party integrations is critical to a website’s goals and performance.

Website Hosting

Website hosting presented various challenges to our team, particularly in terms of reliability, security, and scalability. The primary issue was ensuring that the hosting provider could handle the traffic and the website’s bandwidth demands, particularly during peak periods. In addition, the team had to ensure that the hosting provider offered adequate security measures to protect against potential cyber threats.

Another major challenge was to ensure that the hosting provider offered the necessary scalability to accommodate growth and expansion over time. It involved selecting a hosting plan that could handle increased traffic and resources as the website grows. Other challenges our team came across were ensuring uptime reliability, backup and recovery options in case of data loss or website downtime, and support for various programming languages and technologies.

New Website Design

To create a fantastic user experience for website design, we had to consider a number of aspects. The team ensured the website looked fantastic and worked well across all platforms by developing a flexible design that could adjust to various screen sizes and devices. We also concentrated on developing an easy-to-use navigation mechanism to help people discover the content quickly.

The team adhered to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) and made sure the website was compatible with assistive technology like screen readers to increase accessibility. We improved the website’s content by utilising clear and simple language, breaking up text with photos and videos, and organising the material with bullet points and headers.

The team had to reduce the file sizes of the website’s graphics and videos, use caching and compression methods, and use a content delivery network (CDN) to speed up load times in order to optimise the website’s performance.

New Website Development

Our team implemented comprehensive testing to ensure the website supported cross-platform compatibility and worked with various systems. The developers performed numerous automated and manual tests and used cloud-based browser testing tools to guarantee that the website ran smoothly across several browsers.

Some of the cross-browser cloud technologies our team used were BrowserStack, TestingBot, TestGrid, and LambdaTest. The team also tested the website’s code to ensure it complies with cross-platform features through advanced libraries and frameworks.

To ensure third-party API integrations, the team simplified the architecture to make it compatible and sync with the API code. The developers decided to release updates regularly and adapt effective code maintenance to improve overall web development production. Our developers took help from the QA team to monitor third-party integrations for a more effective web service fusion and fluid experience.

Website Hosting

To overcome the challenges of website hosting, our team incorporates the following several steps:

  • The team selected a reliable and trustworthy hosting provider with a good reputation in the industry. We also ensured that the provider offered adequate resources and bandwidth to handle peak traffic requirements and offered scalable plans that could accommodate future growth.
  • We also prioritised website security by selecting a hosting provider that offered robust security features such as SSL certificates, firewalls, and regular malware scans. The team also had to adopt strong password restrictions, enable two-factor authentication, and routinely update software and plugins to avoid possible security breaches.
  • To ensure uptime reliability, the team selected a hosting provider that offered a service level agreement (SLA) that guaranteed uptime and included backup and recovery options in case of data loss or website downtime.
  • Finally, we had to ensure the hosting provider supported the required programming languages and technologies for the client’s website, such as PHP or MySQL databases. The team knew that if we implemented the best practices, we could ensure the website remained reliable, secure, and scalable over time.

Although we faced some challenging times due to the above obstacles, we worked together as a team, drawing on our collective knowledge and experience to overcome these hurdles and discover a glimmer of hope.

Our primary objective was always to identify the root cause of the problem, as doing so enabled us to approach the issue from a different perspective and analyse it more effectively.

Ultimately, our team of skilled developers successfully overcame the challenges, allowing us to acquire new knowledge and experience in the process. Most importantly, the client expressed high levels of satisfaction with our work.



Our company, Great Island Production, worked with Plus Promotions UK recently for the new website design, development, and web hosting requirements, and we couldn't be happier with the results. The team at Plus Promotions UK was professional, knowledgeable, and responsive throughout the process. They ensured the website was user-friendly and functional, and the new design perfectly captured our brand's essence.
They also supplied dependable website hosting services, ensuring that our site remained up and functioning at all times. We strongly suggest Plus Promotions UK to anybody looking for website design, development, or hosting services. They absolutely exceeded our expectations, and we look forward to working with them again in the future.


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