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Irish Removals Website Design & Development – Case Study

Irish Removals Website Design & Development – Case Study

Irish Removals is a cost-effective solution for people looking for moving services that cover the whole of Ireland and the United Kingdom.

Irish Removals is a cost-effective solution for people looking for moving services that cover the whole of Ireland and the United Kingdom. The company offers a variety of top-quality and reliable relocation services for both domestic and commercial purposes. Along with these services, they also specialize in moving antique goods and musical instruments like the piano.

The company has more than 30 years of experience in the removal industry. They also offer packaging materials, like bubble wrap, packaging boxes, and packing tape, through their official website. Their experienced professionals have the required experience to provide local, national, and international relocation services through personal care and attention.

Irish Removals and Plus Promotions have managed to build a strong relationship with each other in just a few years. The main underlying reason behind their strong relationship is their similar business mindset. Together, they have worked on various challenges and overcame them. But the following issues were some of the most difficult ones that Plus Promotions had to face while working with Irish Removals. For more information, read the case study below!


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Developing & Designing A New Website

Developing and designing a new website was probably one of the earliest challenges we had to face while working with Irish Removals. Before the team started their work on the project, the client mentioned all their particular requirements for developing a new website.

So, our team members had to organize a meeting with the client to understand their vision. The major issues we had to face during the execution phase are listed below:

  • Developing and designing a website that aligns with clients’ vision and requirements
  • Keeping the same level of enthusiasm among all the team members during the development stages
  • Providing the client with constant updates will help avoid any mishaps.

E-commerce Shop

The client wanted to develop an eCommerce section on their website to offer products. So, our team had to step up their game to implement this functionality on the website. eCommerce websites need to have certain features and functionalities that are quite different from those of other websites.

The primary difference between a normal website and an eCommerce website is that eCommerce allows you to conduct online transactions. Thus, customers can browse items, add them to their shopping carts, and make purchases without ever having to step foot in a physical store.

Developing an eCommerce section was certainly one of the most memorable challenges we faced while working with Irish Removals. Some of the main issues we had to face were:

  • Manage customer and user data, which includes login details, usernames, passwords, and many more.
  • To keep the website interactive and engaging, we had to ensure there was proper eCommerce flow.

Developing A Quotation Form

A major challenge we faced while working with Irish Removals was developing the quotation form for business removals. The client wanted to create a form that would allow them to provide a quote to customers who wanted to relocate their business from one location to another.

During the execution process, we had to consider various factors, as one wrong move could eventually turn out to be disastrous. Some of the most notable issues we faced are listed below:

  • Understand the exact vision of the client.
  • Gather the required information to create the form.

Digital Marketing

The main problem we faced while working on SEO was identifying the target keywords. The team knew low-priced keywords would not make any difference as everybody targets them. Simultaneously, the high-priced keywords are so hard to reach that no one bothers about them.

Our primary problem with Google ads was adapting to digital trends. We had to consider certain facts like understanding the new algorithms, government regulations, and new competition in the market.

Developing & Designing A New Website

To avoid the challenges related to developing and designing a new website, our team decided to incorporate the steps listed below:

  • The website should have a fast load time, and overall navigation among web pages should be seamless.
  • The website’s new design should reflect the objectives and goals of the client.
  • The website should clearly mention the services offered by the client.
  • The team should only use high-quality, engaging, and interactive content with high-quality stock images.
  • The client’s requirements should determine the features and functionalities of the website.
  • Update the client at every stage of development for constant feedback.

E-commerce Shop

Our team decided to incorporate the following guidelines to overcome the issues related to an eCommerce shop:

  • Communicate with the client to understand the type of products they want to offer customers through their eCommerce store.
  • Discuss with the client to understand their vision regarding the design of the eCommerce section of the website.
  • Know the types of payments they are willing to accept. In fact, the team should also ask the client about the payment gateway.
  • Obtain all the details about the products that are required to be shown on the eCommerce site, such as the product description, price, quantity, sizes, etc.
  • We have to develop a billing system to acquire necessary information from the client, like the shipping address, phone number, and many more.

Developing A Quotation Form

To overcome the challenges related to developing a quotation form for business removals, our team decided to have a long discussion with the client to understand their vision and the purpose of this project. Then, the team decided to collect the following information to provide the quotation:

  • Name
  • Current address
  • Current location of the business
  • Destination
  • Type of removal
  • Contact number
  • Moving details and special requirements

After analyzing all the details provided by the customers, Irish Removals would send the quotation to their email addresses.

Digital Marketing

To solve all the problems related to SEO, our team incorporated the following rules.

  • Use high-volume keywords along with personalized descriptions.
  • Create unique and original content to grab the audience’s attention.
  • Write catchy meta descriptions while incorporating keywords.
  • Focus on the Local SEO.
  • Fill up the ALT attributes.

The primary step we had to take to learn about digital trends was maintaining a routine. So, the team developed the following rules and regulations:

  • Read online blogs and articles on digital marketing news sites to gather information about the latest trends.
  • Study the competitor’s markets.
  • Share the gathered knowledge with other team members.
  • Notify Google Alerts about relevant topics.

Our team believes that life without challenges is basically boring. Facing unexpected challenges helps to acquire the much-needed skills, knowledge, and experience in life. There were times when the team felt demotivated and disappointed. We even felt like giving up, as there was no possible way out.

We never gave up. We believe that sticking together in difficult times is the main difference between an average and an excellent team. The team also believes that every challenge can be conquered with the right presence of mind, knowledge, and dedication. Ultimately, we managed to overcome all the challenges, as requested by the client.


Our partnership with Plus Promotions for website design and development has helped our business stand apart. We at Irish Removals couldn’t be happier with the results and gladly recommend Plus Promotions to anyone seeking top-notch web development services!

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Plus Promotions can be a valuable partner to your business. From digital marketing to mobile application development to graphic designing, we can help your business grow and thrive. We strive to generate a productive online presence for you. As an all-encompassing website design and digital marketing agency, we have a range of services to offer. Some of our high-quality services include SEO, SMO, web design, web development, mobile app development, third-party integrations, and eCommerce platform services.

We can create bespoke solutions that give your business an edge over your competitors. Our skilled team of experts can build you the website you want. We set realistic expectations – for our clients and ourselves – and leave no stone unturned to stick to them. Our team constantly gives you updates as we progress and ensure to deliver the project on time. We take immense pride in our customer support capabilities. Whether it’s something persistent or urgent, we provide round-the-clock assistance.

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