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Priority Energy Solutions Website Design & Development – Case Study

Priority Energy Solutions Website Design & Development – Case Study

Priority Energy Solutions is one of the most prominent and competent solar PV panel installers.

Priority Energy Solutions is one of the most prominent and competent solar PV panel installers. The company has the required expertise to help its customers switch to solar energy. Since its establishment, the organization has been providing top-quality renewable energy solutions to Irish homeowners at reasonable rates.

They offer an extensive range of solar panels that help homeowners save some money on their electricity bills. In addition, solar energy experts will ensure that the transition to clean energy is as smooth as possible. Priority Energy Solution mainly specializes in four departments: solar PV, heat pumps, heat recovery, service and maintenance.

It has been a few years since Priority Energy Solutions and Plus Promotions decided to join hands and start working together. During this short period, they worked on numerous issues and managed to build a strong business relationship with each other. The following challenges are some of the most difficult ones that Plus Promotions has faced while working with Priority Energy Solutions. For more information, read the case study below.


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Designing and Developing a New Website

Developing and designing a website comes with numerous challenges. The first challenge we had to overcome was setting up the project goals. Our team already knew the importance of setting up goals, as it can largely affect the quality of the website. Some of the most notable issues we had to face are listed below:

  • Designing and user-interface issues
  • Speed and performance problems
  • Growth and scalability issues
  • Safety and security-related problems
  • Understanding different programming languages and frameworks

Selecting Product Images Based On Its Supplier

Selecting local images of the product based on the supplier is probably one of the most memorable challenges we came across while working with Priority Energy Solution.

The client wanted to use local installer images to prove their authenticity as the local service provider. Some of the major problems we came across are listed below:

  • Find adequate images based on the client’s requirements.
  • Cross-checking those images to make sure they are local.
  • Arrange those images according to the service provider.

Developing A Contact Form Functionality for Enquiry

Priority Energy Solutions wanted to develop a system through which they could attract more customers and generate leads. The primary purpose of this functionality was to provide customers with a quote. Our team had to step up and gather the required skills and knowledge to complete this task.

The primary challenge we came across was regarding informing the customers about this form system. Our team knew that without any website traffic, this system would fail to make an impact.


One of the main problems we had while working on SEO was identifying the target keywords. The team already knew that most people target low-priced keywords, so targeting them does not make any difference. On the other hand, high-priced keywords are so hard to reach that no one bothers about them.

Designing and Developing a New Website

To overcome the challenges related to designing and developing a new website, we decided to incorporate the following rules:

  • Communicate with clients to understand their vision for the website and, based on that, set the project goals and objectives.
  • Keep a simple yet unique approach to make the website’s design and user interface attractive.
  • Ask the client to clarify their long-term vision for the website. It will help understand and shape the scalability factor.
  • Use SSL certificates and multi-layer authentication to ensure the safety of the website.
  • Gather the required knowledge to work with different frameworks and programming languages.

Selecting Product Images Based On Its Supplier

We decided to incorporate the following rules to solve all issues related to selecting product images based on their supplier:

  • Use images of local Irish homes and installers to prove their authenticity as the local service provider.
  • Categorize the images based on the service provider and product manufacturer.

Developing A Contact Form Functionality for Enquiry

To develop the functionality of a contact form for inquiries, our team decided to organize a meeting with the client to understand their vision, objectives, and goals for the project. Based on that, the team decided to set their own short-term and long-term goals.

During the execution phase, we kept on communicating with the client to provide them with updates and get feedback accordingly. To overcome all the issues, the team decided to develop a form where customers would need to provide some information to get a quotation.

Here, the customers have to fill up the form by providing details such as their name, Eircode, email address, phone number, and a message section (to type their inquiry). It helped the client maintain a database for all the inquiries and grab any possible leads.


Digital trends and search engine algorithms are ever-changing phenomena. So, we had to adapt to these market changes to make the SEO strategy more effective. To solve all the issues related to website SEO, the team decided to incorporate the following rules:

The team will avoid high-volume keywords because they are usually overpriced. Most importantly, their success rate doesn’t live up to their price.

  • Communicate with the client to determine the SEO budget.
  • Create unique, interactive, and engaging website content.
  • Monitor the impact of the SEO efforts and make changes accordingly.

Our team faced numerous challenges while working with Priority Energy Solution. We have managed to conquer all of them. Like any good team, we look forward to facing challenges as it helps us grow and learn new things.

Some of these challenges help us realise our loopholes and work on rectifying the same. Whenever we faced a substantial roadblock, the team used their knowledge, skills, and experience to overcome it. Finally, we managed to overcome the above challenges for our client.


Priority Energy Solutions is immensely grateful to have worked with Plus Promotions for SEO, website design and development. Their team of specialists went above and beyond to meet our needs and offered excellent services.

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