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Siohma Music SEO –  Case Study

Siohma Music SEO – Case Study

Siohma's debut album, "Infinite Space," was a great collection of Irish and English songs.

Siohma is an Irish independent singer and guitarist. She beautifully mixes different genres of music in her soulful melodies, which take the audience on an unforgettable and unexpected journey. She draws her musical influence from jazz, neo-soul, and folk. Siohma’s debut album, “Infinite Space,” was a great collection of Irish and English songs.

According to The Irish Times, the album is a well-executed and self-assured debut. Siohma began her musical journey at an early age by listening to jazz and folk legends. By the age of 10, she started strumming on her first guitar. By the age of 10, she started strumming on her first guitar. Her own compositions are influenced by jazz’s harmonic structure and soundscape.

Siohma Music and Plus Promotions have managed to create a strong business relationship within a few years. Together, they have worked on various challenges and overcame most of them. Both companies also have similarities in terms of a business mindset. The challenges listed below are some of the most difficult challenges Plus Promotions faced while with Siohma Music. For more information on these challenges, read the case study below!


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Google Search Indexing Issue

When the client explained that they were facing Google search indexing issues with the website, our team knew that this challenge would get complicated.

Even though the Google search indexing issue was not uncommon, identifying the exact reason behind it was quite taxing. Some of the common issues for which Google stops indexing a website are listed below:

  • The website does not have a domain name.
  • The website is not mobile-friendly.
  • The code used on the website is too complicated for Google to understand.
  • The website loads slowly.
  • The site lacks well-written and engaging content.
  • The website is not user-friendly and fails to generate any engagement among the audience.
  • It uses plugins that block Google bots from crawling the website.
  • The website uses JavaScript to render content.
  • The website does not have a site map.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Building and establishing an online brand is the core goal of SEO, and it is a lengthy project. The team had to overcome various obstacles while avoiding short-term thinking. We were well aware that many businesses wasted their prospects in an effort to achieve quick success.

Many businesses adopt a typical attitude when launching an SEO effort, but our team knew they had to avoid this mindset. In the digital world, personalized connections are everything. We were aware of this, but still, there were several difficulties in the implementation phase.


Establishing an online brand in today’s world is not easy, especially when considering the competition in the market. Creating a recognizable brand is an essential part of any marketing strategy. Some of the major issues we faced while working on the branding of Siohma Music are listed below:

  • Recognize the significance of branding in today’s digital world.
  • The branding campaigns should not have a short-term strategy or a quick fix.
  • Treat branding as an asset for the artist.
  • Approach the process of creating a brand proactively and with a story.
  • Maintain relevancy with digital trends.
  • Not pushing the brand of Siohma Music in the digital sphere.
  • Maintain consistency and handle negativity.

Google Search Indexing Issue

The team used the URL inspection tool found within the Google search console to submit it for indexing. The following steps helped us index something that the team thought was missing from the index:

  • Go to the Google Search Console.
  • Go to the URL-checking tool.
  • Copy and paste the URL you want Google to index into the search bar.
  • Wait for Google to validate the link.
  • Choose the “Request Indexing” option (if not already indexed).

But what if the entire website disappeared? As with our client, it’s most likely due to a configuration on the site related to the robots.txt file or meta tags. If Google was not indexing the entire website, it might be because of a crawl block in a file called robots.txt.

After searching, our team found these two lines of code:

  • User-agent: Googlebot
  • Disallow: /
  • User-agent: *
  • Disallow: /

Both of these lines of code inform Google’s crawl bots that they are not permitted to crawl any of our client’s pages. We just removed them to resolve the issue.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

To overcome the issue of having a traditional mindset of short-term thinking, we considered the long-term benefits of building an online brand for the website. Our marketing team started to implement and audit the setup of analytical tools to build an SEO strategy. The team even performed a competitive analysis to conquer this challenge.

For building an online brand with SEO, we started by identifying the immediate opportunities present in the market. It helped us overcome the challenge of having a traditional mindset and helped us improve the SEO of the website.


To handle all the issues related to branding, our team decided to incorporate the following steps:

  • Work on the process of creating an identity for the customer to establish a connection.
  • The branding strategy should have a lasting impression on viewers and listeners.
  • A long-term strategy helps to create an image that can be considered a valuable asset.
  • Work hard behind the scenes to build a unique story for the image.
  • Keep in constant touch with the customers by replying to their messages and feedback.
  • Use social media platforms to reach a diverse audience and maintain a real-time connection with existing users.
  • Work on the branding strategy with consistency and handle negativity with respect.

The team loves to work on difficult projects as they help create an opportunity to gain new experiences. In addition, challenges also help to develop new skills and acquire knowledge. Yes, there were numerous problems we had to face during the execution process.

Sometimes, we even felt like giving up. The fighting spirit of our entire team enabled us to persevere and conquer every obstacle. Finally, the team managed to overcome all the challenges, which helped the client reach new heights.


Siomha Music is impressed with the professional services provided by Plus Promotions. Enlisting their Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services have helped us grow our fan base. We recommend Plus Promotions to every artist looking for SEO or branding services

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