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Toddlertastic Website Design & Development – Case Study

Toddlertastic Website Design & Development – Case Study

Toddlertastic is one of the leading platforms for young parents and kids in Australia.

Toddlertastic is one of the leading platforms for young parents and kids in Australia. They support a collaborative teaching approach with organized play sessions that bring together specialized knowledge from the toddler niche. The platform also fosters collaboration among small companies to help them flourish. They source top-notch educational and plaything materials for parents and young children to explore! Toddlertastic encourages teamwork in the classroom. The platform organizes play sessions that bring together professional experts from within the toddler niche to provide teacher-led and stimulating play experiences.

In a short period of time, Plus Promotions and Toddlertastic have developed a successful commercial relationship. The companies have worked on numerous challenges and overcame most of them. Both companies share a striking similarity in terms of business outlook, which is the main force behind this great connection. However, Plus Promotions found it quite challenging to fix the issues listed below while working on them. To learn more, read the case study below!


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Logo Design

Logo design is one of the most crucial elements in creating a brand’s identity. Additionally, it aids in making a good initial impression in the digital world. According to experts, the client and the designer should both approach the design process with an open mind. The misalignment of the logo’s components was the biggest problem we encountered with the design.

Our team’s graphic designers commonly use letters or other design elements to create flawless logos. Even if they have the power and influence to align things, there is a danger that they won’t always align perfectly.

New Website Design

Creating a new website was one of the first projects our team had to complete when we started working with Toddlertastic. The customer expectations and requirements for the website’s design entirely depend on the products and services the client is offering. For example, any company selling lingerie products won’t use bright and happy colours while designing their website. So, we have to discuss this matter with the client to understand their vision.

The main problem we encountered with web design was device compatibility. The team had to make sure that the website loaded quickly and looked great on all platforms and browsers. Customers expect websites to function well and present a professional image on all platforms. However, misaligned or distorted graphics and text on mobile might tarnish the brand’s reputation.

New Website Development

Developing a consistent and controllable web development technique was one of the problems the team encountered.

Some businesses are unable to stick to a common plan and suffer losses. They constantly experiment with different approaches that may achieve their goals in the near term but are bound to generate unexpected shortcomings in the long run. This technique increases the time to market while also making maintenance more complicated and time-consuming.

Micromanagement is often prioritized over maximizing development stages in many firms. They create nonsensical methods to speed up the process while failing to see the negative repercussions. This results in a host of web development problems that necessitate regular pivoting and iteration.

Event Ticket Booking System Development with Payment Gateway

Perhaps the most memorable challenge we faced while working for Toddlertastic was developing an event ticket booking system with a payment gateway. The client wanted to organize a play session for kids (of a specific age group). Our team’s work was to create an event on the website where parents could book tickets for their children.

Since we had to deal with online money transfers, we had to be extra careful and protect the personal information shared by the parents. We also had to use a secured payment gateway to eliminate any chances of a security breach. The team knew that one small security breach could lead to drastic consequences.

Domain Transfer and Hosting Setup

Transferring your domain name from one registrar to another is known as a “domain transfer.” Since ICANN enforces a 60-day change of registrant lock, a company must have been with their current registrar for at least 60 days to be qualified for a domain transfer. The client might desire to start a domain transfer for numerous reasons, such as:

  • The price of the existing registrant has suddenly gone up.
  • The website is loading slower.
  • The client has discovered a better offer elsewhere and would like to combine several names under a single DNS registrar.

So, the team had to conduct a proper meeting with the client to find the underlying reason.

The primary challenge we encountered was navigation speed and slow website loading for web hosting setup. Businesses pay a very high premium for websites that take a long time to load. Users are unlikely to return when a website takes a long time to load or has sluggish interior navigation.

Websites that take longer than four seconds to load lose three out of every four visitors. To make matters worse, slow website loads hurt Google rankings, sending them spiralling lower.

Logo Design

Understanding the brand standards was the main area of attention for our team. All brands, as we are aware, have unique specifications when it comes to their corporate policies. As a result, some members of our team had to plan a meeting with the client to learn about their policies. Then, this information and rules were shared with other team members to prevent any internal errors.

Our team first failed to detect this mistake of incorrect alignment of the logo pieces because of their smaller sizes. This issue became glaringly apparent when the logo was enlarged. Our graphic designers employed a snap-to-grid or snap-to-guide tool from Adobe Creative Cloud software to fix this alignment issue.

New Website Design

As a team, we had to work together to accomplish the following to solve the problems with website design:

  • Consider responsiveness when designing. Before implementing, create wireframes and mock-ups for several devices and three to four breakpoints (screen widths).
  • Make the navigation menus intuitive to use and self-explanatory on any size screen. To prevent customers browsing on different devices from becoming confused, they must have the same appearance and scale according to the screen size.
  • Choose which items should be seen on small screens and which ones could be hidden to prevent visitors from being overburdened with information. Avoid making your audience scroll down to get important information.
  • Utilize tools like Google Mobile-Friendly Test to test a website’s responsiveness across a range of platforms and browsers.
  • The design’s separation into blocks will make switching to a mobile view a breeze.
  • Check that all browsers supported the media types we were using.

New Website Development

To tackle the difficulties associated with creating a new website, the team chose to implement the following:

  • Successful Strategies: As a group of experts, we opted to adopt well-known software development methodologies such as Agile, Scrum, XP, and others. As a result, the team would be able to work in short sprints and accomplish projects on time. Furthermore, real-time project development becomes straightforward.
  • Adoption of DevOps: DevOps enhances communication between teams across the project life cycle, including development, testing, QA, and operations. DevOps automation services from leading software development businesses can help you reduce the number of failures for new releases, cut the time between patches, and improve time-to-market.
  • Outsourcing Resources: The team decided to hire new employees if the current members lacked the necessary qualifications. It can be both temporary and permanent. However, these experts should have knowledge and experience in web development roadmap planning, implementation, and optimization. We thought it would expedite the web development process, boost collaboration, and get the project up and running faster.

Event Ticket Booking System Development with Payment Gateway

First, the team decided to create an event on the website as per the client’s instructions. This event would contain all the necessary information, which includes ticket prices, the event date, the age group of the children that could participate, timing, and location.

Now, if anyone wants to book the tickets, the person needs to provide the following information:

  • First, he needs to select the ticket quantity, like one or two.
  • Then, he needs to provide the parent’s name, contact email, phone number, child’s name, child’s age, and the number of siblings attending the event.
  • Ultimately, the checkout option would take the user to a new page where the team incorporated a payment gateway. It ensures hassle-free payments and eliminates any risk of security breaches.

Domain Transfer and Hosting Setup

The two main steps we took for the domain transfer are listed below:

  • • Request an Authorization Code
    The team required a code of authorization to transfer the domain (also called an Auth-Code, Auth-Info Code, or AuthInfo Code). This code prevents an unauthorized entity from transferring the domain. This code must be sent within five days at the client’s request, generally via email, and acts as a link between the client’s former registrant and the new provider. Direct code generation from control panels is permitted by some registrars.
  • • Authorize the Domain Transfer
    Both the client’s previous registrar and their new provider would get in touch with them once they’d submitted the permission code. The client’s contact information would need to be verified, and they would need to authorize the transfer officially. So, the team had to make sure the contact information the client had given to both registrars was accurate and be ready to discuss their reasons for leaving the current service if necessary.

To avoid websites loading slowly, our team employed several strategies:

  • Locate redundant servers everywhere. The actual location of the data centre that houses the website severely impacts how quickly pages load. The website loads more quickly the closer the data centre is to the user’s location, where the server is housed.
  • Utilize high-end technology and infrastructure to decrease network latency as much as feasible. The amount of time it takes for a data packet to get from one location to another is known as network latency.
  • Supply a content delivery network (CDN) to many places. So, it makes cached versions of the static parts of the website available at optimum rates.

The above challenges gave us some difficult times. But as a team, we never gave up. We constantly used our knowledge and experience to overcome the hurdles and find a ray of hope. The one thing that we always aim for is to find the underlying reason behind the problem.

It helps to understand and analyze the problem differently. Finally, our group of expert developers completed all the projects. It helped us gather new knowledge and experience. Most importantly, the client was quite satisfied with our work.


Working with Plus Promotions has been a fantastic experience. Their team of experts are experienced, knowledgeable, efficient and yet friendly. Toddlertastic highly recommends Plus Promotions for its top-notch services. We cannot recommend them enough!

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