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Email Marketing Specialist

Hire Email Marketers At Plus Promotions - A Reputable Email Marketing Company

Want to convert potential leads and recapture missed sales using direct e-mail? Leverage email marketing services from Plus Promotions UK to boost your customer retention, improve email conversions, grow your subscriber list, and increase your revenue per mail.

Email Marketing Specialist

An Overview Of Email Marketing

Email marketing, a powerful marketing channel, is the act of sending promotional messages to your target audience and customers. It is a form of direct marketing that makes people on your email list aware of special offers, new products, discounts, and various other services. Even though it is one of the oldest types of digital communication, direct emails still reign supreme when it comes to usage.

Starting price Starting from £ 200 per Campaign

Who Is An Email Marketing Specialist?

An e-mail marketing specialist is a digital marketer who focuses on creating compelling emails, building email lists, and nurturing leads through written communications. These experts work with email automation software, send out newsletters, email blasts, and much more to increase brand awareness and establish a brand’s presence in the competitive market. They manage all aspects of an email campaign, including market research, content creation, and dissemination of copy.

Some of the many skills of our email marketers are:

  • Direct mail marketing
  • Marketing automation
  • Campaign marketing
  • Web analytics
  • Communication skills
  • Email marketing strategy planning
  • Testing
  • Content creation
  • Template creation

Roles Played By Email Marketers At Plus Promotions UK

Our email marketers have expertise in all major domains and industries. From planning an effective marketing strategy to preparing a roadmap for promotional emails, our expert email markets excel in every job. The roles and responsibilities of our email marketing specialists include:

  • Developing an email marketing campaign that promotes business growth
  • Monitoring a range of email campaigns to ensure they boost traffic
  • Proofreading important messages in and out of email templates
  • Compiling email lists
  • Sending graphic requests to designers
  • Purging mail lists
  • Following up on mails
  • Securing databases for future email campaigns
  • Creating digital ads
  • Placing product orders
  • Tracking and analysing the results of the campaign

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