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Payment Gateway Integration Specialist

Hire the Best Payment Gateway Integration Specialist Today!

Want to build trust around your website to encourage your customers to make more purchases from you? Secure it by taking the help of developers, consultants and experts from Plus Promotions.

Payment Gateway Integration Specialist

Hosted, Self-Hosted or Non-Hosted, We Do it All!

Starting price £ 40-50 per hour

Payment gateway integration services can branch out to all three and even cover local bank integration. Luckily, Plus Promotions enjoys the expertise in all four divisions and protects your customers from fraudulency. Our solutions can bring comprehensiveness with the same, irrespective of your sector, be it shipping and logistics, retail or e-commerce.

What is Payment Gateway as a Service?

It’s a transaction medium connecting a merchant to a consumer. It’s usually the banks – both issuing and receiving, the customer and the merchant involved in the process. As a customer swipes a credit/ debit card, he/ she transfers personal and financial details to the merchant. The security layers here encrypt them to prevent sensitive information from leaking and approve or decline the transaction.

Who Do We Call Payment Gateway Integration Specialists?

Payment gateway integration specialists are people who enjoy expertise in equipping an online store with payment gateways to facilitate sales and safe transactions anywhere across the world. In simple terms, they help e-businesses reap benefits linked to easy orders and payments. They adhere to high standards and leverage a variety of technologies to ensure prompt and secure payment transactions.

Check out the skills possessed by such experts:

  • Familiar with payment processing terms
  • In-depth knowledge of the payment industry
  • Satisfactory communication skills
  • A deep understanding of all the payment gateways, their features, functions and configurations
  • Ample expertise in developing strong RESTful APIs
  • Proficient in handling databases, both SQL and NoSQL
  • Experienced in CLI and Linux OS scripting
  • Solid command over programming languages
  • Expertise in handling DevOps tools with profound knowledge of modern networking

You would be surprised to learn that Plus Promotions operates with a team of the best payment gateway integration specialists. We promise you an extensive portfolio of integrated solutions to most fulfil your unique requirements. Enjoy deliverance of tremendous value to your e-commerce site as we sensibly integrate payment gateways into your UK site.

What Role Does a Payment Gateway Integration Expert Play?

At Plus Promotions, we take great pride in fulfilling the needs for payment gateway integration through specialists who understand web technologies backing up an online store, have a cybersecurity background to conduct penetration testing on payment gateways and work on the feedback shared by clients.

Enlisted are the responsibilities shouldered by e-commerce payment gateway specialists:

  • Works with a range of payment gateway providers, including PayPal, Stripe, worldpay, etc, and integrates them to third-party APIs to enable smooth transactions on website, web app and mobile app.
  • Customises EMV-compliant software, migrations and integrations and provides certification services.
  • Integrates POS system by leveraging the robust SDK to ensure seamless EMV payment processing
  • Promises reliable communication between a payment gateway and merchant account through smart integration of Value-Added Reseller Sheets with third-party payment processing software or any of those secure payment gateway systems.
  • Design custom white-label payment gateway systems for e-commerce stores from every industry vertical.
  • Enable retail operators to accept payments in preferred foreign currency through custom multi-currency payment processor integration.
  • Create payment processing platforms for the Global Marketplaces and a wide range of business models.
  • Integration of out-of-scope payments like EBT cash, ACH, EMV chip card, etc.
  • Fixes bugs within existing software.
  • Collaborates with software and API engineers.

To know more and in detail, get in touch with our payment gateway integration experts at Plus Promotions.

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